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Treasure Island
Treasure Island
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
ISBN-13: 9780590445016
ISBN-10: 0590445014
Publication Date: 7/1988
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
  • Currently 3.6/5 Stars.

3.6 stars, based on 11 ratings
Publisher: Scholastic
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This a totally classic book!! a total must read for all kids.
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Just couldn't get into this story. Gave up 1/3 of the way through.
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This book is, in the words of G.K Chesterton, "The realization of an ideal, that which is promised in its provocative and beckoning map; a vision not only of white skeletons but also green palm trees and sapphire seas." G. S. Fraser writes, "There will always be a place for stories like this that can keep boys and old men happy."
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Even though I don't consider adventure fiction to be one of my preferred genres, this one held my attention and was fun to read. Maybe because of the 19th-cent. language? The story is actually a series of little adventures that play into one big scenario. Jim Hawkins, a boy who discovers a treasure map after a sea captain's death in his mother's inn, is the main character. I would expect the narrative to be more subjective because it's told by a kid, but the narration is pretty objective. This is typical of the time period for narration, I suppose. I was a little surprised to find Long John Silver to be such a smooth-talking, slippery fellow. This is the first time I've read the book, and he's generally portrayed in a more brutal, violence first way. Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was fun and adventurous without being over-the-top.
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Puffin Classics
Level 8.0 (12 points)
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Long book, full of adventure!
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a good book but a slow and very dry read
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My son LOVED this book. He has read it more than once and enjoys it every time. I think it's the pirates and adventures at sea that make it such a great read for boys!
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Abridged for easier reading and carefully rewritten, this classic novel is filled with all the magic and excitement that made the original story a beloved favorite.
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fantastic adventures
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A wonderful children's classic and a reading requirement in some schools.
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Just couldn't get into this story. Gave up 1/3 of the way through.
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First published in 1883, RLS transformed the Victorian adventure into a classic of its own genre.

A book for every one of us who ever longed for romance, treasure & adventure...

A sunning yarn of piracy on the firey tropic high seas - a tale of teachery embroiing a host of legendary swashbucklers. It is also a complex study of good & evil & all the merry unscrupulous buccaneer rogues whose greedy quest for gold will win the hearts of those who wish we could join them.

Now, I wonder who inspired Pirates of the Carribbean?
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Just couldn't get into this story. Gave up 1/3 of the way through.
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A classic story enjoyable for kids and adults. Its filled with fun, adventure, and pirates!
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Classic must-read adventure story.
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Although thought of as a "boy's story" for a long time, this is a great book for boys and girls of all ages.
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This is an amazing book that must be read by everyone!!
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a classic in great condition
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Climb aboard for the swashbuckling adventure of a lifetime. Treasure Islandhas enthralled (and caused slight seasickness) for decades. The names Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins are destined to remain pieces of folklore for as long as children want to read Robert Louis Stevenson's most famous book. With it's dastardly plot and motley crew of rogues and villains, it seems unlikely that children will ever say no to this timeless classic.
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A classic by a master storyteller.
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A classic ;)
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Ok, I could put it down.
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This classice tale of pirates and villains, maps and treasure.
Quote: When Jim Hawkins picks up the oilskin packet from Captain Flint's sea chest, he has no idea that here lies the key to untold wealth - a treasure map. He sails on the Hispaniola as cabinboy, with the awesome Long John Silver as ship's cook and the rest of the shifty crew, and embarks on an extraordinary and dangerous quest to find the buried treasure.

Complete and unabridged version
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Just couldn't get into this story. Gave up 1/3 of the way through.
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I have tried to read Treasure Island numerous times. A couple times when I was younger and once as an adult. Every time I found it to be a bit boring and ended up not finishing it. This time I was determined to make it through it. I made it, and the book was okay but I think compared to modern day adventures the adventure in this book was pretty tame. I read this on my Amazon Kindle

I think everyone knows the basic story. A young boy and some companions form a company of sailors and take off to find buried treasure on Treasure Island. Ends up part of the company are pirates and mutiny upon landing at the Island. Struggles on Treasure Island commence between the loyal sailors and the pirates.

The writing style of this novel has definitely aged with time. It isn't horrible to get through; it's pretty readable and the beginning of the story really grabbed my interest. As time goes on though the story gets bogged down with description and predictability. This isn't a story where characterization or action scenes are a strong point. It is an excellent adventure in the sense that they end up on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere; the struggles they face though are more related to dealing with the pirates than dealing with any trouble the Island throws at them.

Maybe this story is just too well known, but for some reason I found it very predictable and this made getting through the lengthy descriptions even tougher. This book does do a wonderful job describing pirates and personifying their characters, but it isn't much fun.

I think younger readers will find the story tedious and boring, they may also struggle with the stilted language. Older readers may appreciate the lush descriptions, but will ultimately find the action scenes lacking and the adventure to be not quite as adventurous as in modern day works.

Overall an okay novel. Not as exciting and engaging as I had hoped for. Now I can say I read it and move on. I don't know that this is one I will read to my son when he gets older, I think it would bore him. When compared to other classic novels I have read this year, this was my least favorite. I found both "The Left Hand of Darkness" and "Pride and Prejudice" to be more engaging and interesting.
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This is honestly probably one of my least favorite books of all time. I don't know why this is so, perhaps because of the circumstances surrounding it (our required reading of Something Wicked This Way Comes was controversial, so parents pressured the school system to change to this half-way through.)

But from the viewpoint of this girl, in 7th grade--No. I just couldn't get through it. I couldn't care less about the characters, or the subject matter. It got so bad that I started making up voices for each of the characters--I had the Captain speaking in a stereotypical, lisping, "homosexual" manner, & made everything he said into innuendo ("I'll lay to that," which he said frequently, took on a whole new layer of meaning), and STILL couldn't get through it. I tried everything.

I don't know. I'm sure a lot of people vehemently & violently disagree with me, but that's okay. I hate this book. :(
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A classic in excelent condition
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In very very good condition. hard back. appears not to have been read. beautiful book
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Never been read. Has a stamp on frond page that says "This book belongs to __________" I never filled it in, but you can if you'd like.