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 A requestor can change the mailing address attached to any request she or he has made by clicking on the active request.   This must be done before the sender prints the address to send a book.

Changing your account mailing address will NOT change the address on previously-submitted requests. 

  • This means that if you change the mailing address on your account, and have pending requests you have already submitted, all of them will have the previous address (your previous account address, or the alternate address you specified while requesting the book) already attached.

  • If you want these already-requested books to be sent to the new address:
    • You will need to click the button on each pending request to change the address to which those books will be sent. 
    • Again, this must be done before the sender prints the address to send the book.

If you need to change the mailing address for a book, and the sender has already printed the address:

  • click on the request and send a Personal Message to the sender, asking if the book has been mailed yet.
  • If the book has not been mailed, you can provide your new address in a PM
    • there is no guarantee that the sender will see this PM before she or he mails
    • even if the sender reads your PM and ships to the address provided in the PM, the "Details" on the request will have the address that was downloaded from the request by the sender.  A PM conversation about an alternate address will not change the address that has been attached to a request in the system.
    If the sender has already printed your address with Printed Postage, she cannot use that postage to send to an alternate address (the printed postage wrapper cannot be altered).  
    • She will not be able to recover the printed postage, since the funds will already have been transmitted to USPS. 
    • She will need to mail to the address attached to the request , and you will need to arrange for the package to be forwarded from that address.
  • If the book has been mailed, you should make arrangements to collect the book from the previous address.
    • You can also contact your previous PO to arrange for forwarding.  This may mean that the book will arrive postage-due, since Media Mail does not routinely include forwarding service.

It is the requestor's responsibility to provide a correct, dependable address to senders.

  • If you make an error and provide the wrong address, you should correct this as soon as possible, using one of the methods above.
  • If the book you requested is returned to the sender because of an incorrect address, the sender is not obligated to re-send the book to you.
  • If a requestor uses a nonworking address to request too many books, or makes this mistake too many times, this can jeopardize PBS membership. 


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