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Book Reviews of Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2)

Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2)
Dead Man Rising - Dante Valentine, Bk 2
Author: Lilith Saintcrow
ISBN-13: 9780316003148
ISBN-10: 031600314X
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 416
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 93 ratings
Publisher: Orbit
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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jai avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 310 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 5
This is the second book of the Dante Valentine series. If you haven't read the first one, I wouldn't read the reviews here, because the first thing that happens reveals the ending to the last book. So ****SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T READ BOOK 1 !!!! LOOK QUICKLY AWAY!!!*****: At the end of the last book, Dante has been changed to a part demon by her lover Japhramel - who was killed by Lucifer. Dante has been mourning over his loss for almost a year, throwing herself into her work and taking on one bounty after another. Through all of this, her ex, who still loves her and feels like he must atone for his previous actions, is by her side. This is some comfort to Dante, but she can never go back to a relationship with Jace, which causes an underlying tension between them. Her relationship with her best friend Gabe is similarly strained, as Dante isn't open about her feelings - both of her transformation and of her loss. Into this comes another trial for Dante - a string of murdered psions from her elementary school forces Danny to revisit her past in a horrifying institution where she lived in extreme fear, something she's been trying to forget. In the first book I felt that Dante often reacted extremely over certain things and this backstory of her past seems to explain some of it - she is a very tortured individual with a tough life. Actually I was beginning to feel wrung out over reading about her past and how many loved ones she's had die. In this book Danny seems to have grown a little bit, although her very headstrong attitude remains. Interesting read.. we get a chance to learn something about some paranormal races - Saintcrows versions of vampires and werewolves, which was very intesting (I wouldn't mind learning some more of their backstory).
zophine avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 59 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
I loved this book. This is the second installation of the Dante Valentine series...and I have to say it was even stronger than the first! Saintcrow really developed the characters in this novel, and her writing style drags you in to the emotional battles that are being waged. I laughed, I cried, and then I pouted when the book was done. I can't wait to read more in this series!
sarradee avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 47 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
A relative newcomer to the Dark Fantasy genre, Lilith Saintcrow pens a tale that will seem superficially familiar to the aficionado. Protagonist Dante (Danny) Valentine is a necromance, a half-demon and a bounty hunter. Beginning where Working for the Devil the previous (and first) novel in the series left off, we find Danny immersing herself in her work collecting bounties nonstop as a means to forget about the death of her lover. Japhrimel a full demon, is the reason that Danny now finds herself to be semi-immortal, inhumanly beautiful and nearly invulnerable.

Danny receives a call from close friend and fellow necromance, Gabe, who asks for her help in investigating a series of killings. The victims are seemingly unrelated, with two being psions and one a normal, until Danny using her talents calls back one of the murdered spirits, and is told Remember Rigger Hall. Remember. REMEMBER! Aided by former lover, Jace, the shaman who taught her almost everything she knows about bounty hunting, Danny begins an investigation that will tear her apart by forcing her to confront her tortured childhood at Rigger Hall.

When she starts receiving letters and phone calls from The Devil asking where Japhrimel is, since he can't seem to locate him in hell, Danny begins to wonder if she is losing it. She knows Japhrimel is dead she witnessed Lucifer kill him with her very own eyes. Now the voices in her head tell her she could have brought him back if only she knew how.

It's a story that melds a little bit of cyberpunk, with a dash of paranormal romance, and then brings that together with just enough thriller/horror elements to satisfy the reader. This reviewer would suggest reading Working for the Devil first for the full effect. Fortunately a glossary is provided, as the author not only uses Egyptian phrases, but also makes up many of her own names for common things such as werecain instead of werewolf or lycanthrope and nichtvren for vampire.

This series should be immediately and immensely popular with fans of Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris. A powerful urban fantasy, with a strong female lead wielding immense power, but who has the sensitivity to question her own humanity.
fsalc12 avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 9 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This book was sort of disappointing for me. I actually skim read most of the book. It was events that occurred in the last few chapters that lead me to buy and read the third book of the series which was much better. >.< I don't want to give away anything but it is worth reading for the ending. Ending was the best part of the book and I couldn't wait to read book 3 in the series.
pibblegrl avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 64 more book reviews
Loved it!
Zasu avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 12 more book reviews
Dark urban fantasy with a little bit of crime story.
reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 18 more book reviews
Second Dante Valentine novel, and every bit as good as the first!
solarawynn avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 724 more book reviews
Love this new series. Have bought four and am not dissapointed
reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 41 more book reviews
Lilith Saintcrow keeps getting better. Her Dante Valentine series is exciting. I can't wait for the next book.
daylilylover avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 768 more book reviews
Great book, can't wait for the next one!
VeganFreak avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on
Follow up to Working For the Devil and I recommend that you read them in order.

Dark, paranormal, action packed mysteries set in a unique future world, where an "awakening" has taken place in the human population and many have developed magical- or psionic- abilities.

There are non-human creatures such as demons and vampire-like creatures called Nichtvren. There are werewolf type creatures, but I forgot what they are called.

I really like the world that Saintcrow has created for these stories. I do have a harder time than usual getting into the stories at first, but that fades away and I get totally immersed in her fantastic world.

It's good fun and a great escape. I like that the protagonist, Dante Valentine is a tough chick who doesn't have any problem kicking ass. I wish more stories in the genre were like this one.
reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 68 more book reviews
Ok this one is only getting 2 1/2 stars only because it finally made sence in the end. But it was dragging like mad to get there! I enjoyed her first book, but this one was hard to swallow. Dante talks non stop about what she hates about being what she is, and I can't see anyone beating themselves up that badly. Talk about a mood killer. If I would have been Jace I would have walked out on her since she is too depressing for words.
But if i'm going to get through this whole series I had to read this one, I just hope the other's are as good.
mvtrekkie avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 231 more book reviews
Dante does a lot of soul searching in this book.
KellitaJ avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 550 more book reviews
This is the female bad ass James Bond, only her name is Dante Valentine and she's a bounty hunter. Girl works out, and has super poweres, a tatoo on her face, sparking gems, boyfriends, communing with the dead. Kinda like Anita Blake... Action packed, and when the first and second of her book ends, you look for the next one, they leave you wanting more.
rowanthea avatar reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 8 more book reviews
In this book Dante has to confront her past. It's a very emotional ride. The abuse that was heaped on the students of Rigger Hall was extreme. The students have spent their short lives trying to forget, Dante included. When a serial killer starts murdering members from the school the past starts to rear it's ugly head. The content is no pretty but well handled.
reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on
loved all the dante valentine books
reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 244 more book reviews
just found this author. this is not the first book to start with! I felt at a loss with the slang and storyline, but loved the book!
reviewed Dead Man Rising (Dante Valentine, Bk 2) on + 264 more book reviews
Saintcrow delivers! Great series!