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Book Reviews of Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4)

Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4)
Ghouls Gone Wild - Ghost Hunter, Bk 4
Author: Victoria Laurie
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780451229410
ISBN-10: 045122941X
Publication Date: 3/2/2010
Pages: 314
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 160 ratings
Publisher: Signet
Book Type: Paperback
Reviews: Amazon | Write a Review

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reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 330 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Finally, Ms Laurie has gotten away from the whole Scooby-Do feel that the previous books in this series kept circling around. I hope that her new editor, whom she acknowledges graciously, has shown her the pitfalls of the previous books and together this series can blossom into what should be a very good reading adventure.

M.J., her best friend and business partner Gilley (whom I think is the best character in the whole series) and Heath Whitefeather travel to a haunted town outside of Edinburg, Scotland. Upon arrival to film an episode of their upcoming TV series, malevolent witch spirits that quite literally knock the psychics on their butts quickly confronts the gang. But there is more to this haunting and with the help of featherlight Gilley and his technical know how, not to mention his fire extinguisher, the dynamic trio, with the help of some new characters, set out to find out who called up these angry spirits and what they were hoping to accomplish by doing so.

This series takes an interesting turn when a romance starts to blossom between Heath and MJ, but life can't be that simple when Dr. Steve Sable makes a sudden appearance leading to an interesting fork in the road for future installments.

With this book, I can now say that I would recommend this series. It was a bit iffy with the previous books, but I really like the direction that this one has taken. Good luck in the future Ms. Laurie.
reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 119 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
I really like Victoria Laurie. I'm finding that I like her Abby Cooper books more though. This was a cute spooky read.
krissywhite avatar reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 4 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Another great turn for Victoria Laurie's Ghost Hunter crew! This installment of the series shows MJ's struggle with her relationship with Dr. Steven Sable and her maybe feelings for the new-to-the-group psychic medium Heath Whitefeather. The crew goes to Scotland to film a segment for their new cable show. The various characters they meet along the way provide for great fear and comedy.

A fast read, with all the spooks that go bump in the night!
myhotstylist avatar reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on
Helpful Score: 2
This series just keeps getting better and better!!

The gang has been cast in a Bravo Series called Ghoul Getters, where they travel to Europe and visit some creepy places. First up on their itenerary is Edinburg Scotland. Where it is rumored that Briar Street and and Underground close is haunted by and old witch naded Rigella.

They uncover a curse said that the witch returns every one hundred years to kill 7 decendents of the 4 families that murdered her and her sisters. Unfortuneately for Gilly, the Gillespie name has come to bite him on his butt, seeing as how the witch is 35 years early on her return!

Heath and M.J.'s relationship takes a new turn, and everyone must work together to solve 2 murders and uncover who released the witch!

The ending left a cliffhanger between MJ, Steven, and Heath. OH the drama!!!! LOL
Looking forward to the next release!
holly-berry avatar reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on
Helpful Score: 1
I loved this latest installment of the Ghost Hunter Series. Creepy and fun, I couldn't put it down!
Bernelli avatar reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 266 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I was disappointed in this book. I've enjoyed every other book V.Laurie has written so much, but her depiction of MJ is very unlikeable in this story. I tried to like her, but just couldn't do it. I hope the next book in the series doesn't disappoint like this one did.
reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 988 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I just read a review that said this book was horrible. I'm not sure that the reviewer was reading the same book. This is pure Victoria Laurie, either you like the genre or not. I do, it's a fun read and a great escape from today's world.

The plot summary: When M.J. and her friends travel to Scotland to film the first installment of their new cable TV show, Ghoul Getters, they find plenty of spooky action in a series of supposedly haunted caverns. But then they discover the body of a maintenance worker, and the cause of his death is reminiscent of an old legend. Centuries ago, a mob of angry townsfolk chased a witch, her lover, and her five sisters into the caverns and killed them one by one. Since then, it is said that every hundred years, seven of the town's residents will perish under mysterious circumstances--victims of the witch's vengeance.

Now M.J., Gilley, and Heath have to figure out whether the curse is just superstition or if something more sinister is at work--before anyone else falls victim to the witch's wrath.
reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on
Helpful Score: 1
I really, really, really didn't like this book. I found it to be extremely poorly written. The plot was laughable; the dialogue was incredibly stilted and the "bad guy" was blatantly obvious from the moment you first "see" him in the book. The whole witch ghost plot, and the effects she supposedly has on the external environment - nope, sorry, not even remotely believable. Yes I know this is a paranormal series, but still, you should try to relay SOME level of credibility. This was just a load of nonsense.

Victoria Laurie's prior Ghost Hunters books were great. This one was the pits and honestly, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to waste the money preordering the next book in this series on Amazon - I'll probably still read it, but I'll wait until I get it from the PBS Wish List.
moondance120 avatar reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 422 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Book #4 of the Ghost Hunter series. MJ, Gilley, Heath and crew are in Scotland to film a TV show for Bravo. This book is darker and more violent than the others in the series. Witches rise every 100 years to kill descendants of their murderers. The witches have risen early this centuary and are creating havoc on the team. 4 stars
annapi avatar reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 334 more book reviews
Ugh. This book was HORRIBLE. Now before I started my review I wondered how much the hullabaloo on Amazon about the very public tantrum Victoria Laurie pulled when she got a bad review on one of her books would color my opinion of the book. I tried very hard not to let it, but when you know that the author deliberately models a bad character after someone who gave her an honest but bad review just to spite them, then the whole tone of the book becomes one bitch-fest. And boy, is MJ Halliday channeling Victoria Laurie! I don't know which character, but I think it was this book. Regardless, from the very beginning I could not stand MJ. She had suddenly become a prima donna, complaining, demanding and outraged for most of the plot, and for the smallest reasons. Gilley was more annoying and exaggeratedly gay than usual. The plot itself was eye-rollingly unbelievable, even for a fantasy. Worst of all was the cheesy dialogue and dramatic prose. I felt like I was watching a bad play where the actors make an entrance with fanfare, sweep up to center stage and strike a dramatic pose, then proceed to flounce their way through the script with many dramatic pauses for applause, and finally go through a prolonged cringe-worthy dying scene. I just wish this did end with a dying scene for our protagonists so the readers would be put out of their misery. The attempt at inserting romantic tension was laughable, and I felt sorry for the way the author treated MJ's current and absent lover Stephen, because it seems like she's toying with discarding him. I only got through the book because I had spent a precious PBS credit on it and was determined not to waste it, but I wasted my time instead even if I skimmed much of it. It seems to me that as a professional psychic Laurie has just given skeptics a reason to be suspicious about her psychic abilities with this story. She seems to think she ramped up her style to a higher level with a more dramatic plot, but it fails miserably. I don't think I'll bother with the rest of the series.
Bizzy1 avatar reviewed Ghouls Gone Wild (Ghost Hunter, Bk 4) on + 59 more book reviews
While I loved the first three in the series I'm not quite sure I really cared for this one. I love Gilley and M J and her parrot Doc. I'm also a big fan of Dr. Steven Sable who was not really in this book and seemed to be replaced by Heath who M J keeps referring to as too young for her yet some how the story seems to be moving towards her and heath hooking up. This I'm not a big fan of so book five in this series my just be my last depending on where the relationships stand. If Steven goes I must go as well : (
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