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The Eclectic Pen - How To Embarrass Yourself In Five Easy Lessons

By: Marla Maye L. (WalnutStreetBooks)   + 14 more  
Date Submitted: 1/7/2009
Genre: Humor & Entertainment » Humor
Words: 361

  I had put this in my Delighted thread on CMT. I don't really feel like changing it around at this point in time, but I may edit it a little better in the future.

WalnutStreetBooks (Marla Maye L.)

Date Posted: 1/7/2009 7:51 PM ET
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I got lost in the movie theater once.

This was when I was young and good looking. In my late twenties, I think.

My friend Becky and I went to see the first episode of Star Wars together.

She had brown, curly hair and was wearing a polka dot shirt.

I got a coke and popcorn on the way in, and of course had to run to the Ladies Room about an hour into the movie.

When I got up, I noticed that my car keys dropped out of my short shorts pocket.

I didn't worry about it then because I wanted to go pee and get back to see the movie real fast.

When I came back to my seat, I kept searching down each side of my seat, looking for those keys.

I had thought I had dropped them down the left side of my seat, but when I didn't find them there, I started reaching down around the right side of my seat.

I asked Becky what had happened onscreen while I was gone, and she told me in a few short words.

I kept talking (a little) and looking for my keys.

I thought Becky was acting kind of funny.

I didn't think that she was the kind of person who thought that you should absolutely never talk in a movie.

When the movie was over, I got up and turned around to look down in the seat to find my still lost keys.

Becky was leaving and I looked up to tell her, "Wait a minute, I can't find my keys and you know I'm driving."

Some brown curly haired guy in a polka dotted shirt was making tracks out of that movie theater row as fast as he could go!

Becky was 5 rows up.

When I laughed and told her what I had done, she said, "Well, I wondered where you went!"

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