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Book Reviews of Monica's Story

Monica's Story
Monica's Story
Author: Andrew Morton
ISBN-13: 9780312240912
ISBN-10: 0312240910
Publication Date: 1999
Pages: 288
  • Currently 3.6/5 Stars.

3.6 stars, based on 45 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Book Type: Hardcover
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reviewed Monica's Story on + 4 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 4
Seems to be told mostly from Monica's perspective; still, a good read. I think the poor, naive girl was really in love with Mr. President.
JoJo46580 avatar reviewed Monica's Story on + 65 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
A good read; opened my eyes to the other side of
the story. One of those books I could not put down.
jazzysmom avatar reviewed Monica's Story on + 907 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
"This is old news" you will say---BUT, it is not. This book was more than i expected --lots more and not at all what i expected. There is stuff in this book that i would never of thought about. The easy access to the President --so very easy, the ways of sneaking around and the amount of free time the President had. I was floored. I saw Mr Clinton as a regular man with many problems and learned of his real life "feelings" --or did i? i think i saw alot of real feelings in him--but i also saw that he was such a beautiful lier in ways i never imagined. I became to realize that Monica has a serious mental issue formed from wanting "her way" all thru life. She actually grew up quite privileged with wonderful parents, but she became quite the pest and possesive. I very much enjoyed this read, to the point of 3 in the morning still with the light on.
reviewed Monica's Story on + 588 more book reviews
Monica Lewinsky. You know her name, you know her face, and you think you know her story; the pretty young intern who began an illicit love affair with the President of the United States-a liaison that ignited an unprecedented political scandal and found Bill Clinton s the second U.S. president to ever be impeached. But there is much more o the Monica Lewinsky story than just that. Now, Andrew Morton, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Diana: her Tru Story, takes you beyond the headlines and the sound bites to discover the real Monica Lewinsky, a woman as interesting, intelligent, and misunderstod as they come.
reviewed Monica's Story on + 404 more book reviews
"But have we heard the true story?

Betrayed by Linda Tripp, Monica found herself a pawn in the power struggle between President Clinton and the Office of the Independent Counsel. As she waited to face the grand jury investigating the President, the media conducted its own trial of Monica, while her legal predicament prevented her from telling the world what really happened.

Monica's Story at last sets the record straight. Drawing on his exclusive conversations with Monica, her family, and her friends, bestselling biographer Andrew Morton paints a complex and compelling portrait of a generous-hearted but troubled young woman whose dreams of romance had unimaginable consequences.

Monica was compelled to answer the grand jury's questions, but it was to Andrew Morton that she unfolded the whole story of her experiences before, during, and after the White House scandal.

The result is a candid, intimate biography of a young woman whose life holds some surprising secrets--and whose public image is very different from the private truths revealed in these pages." amazon
reviewed Monica's Story on + 9 more book reviews
I am reading this one right now, and it's wonderful--- provides a very accurite and fun insight to the scandal of the President and Monica Lewinsky.
Kim1264 avatar reviewed Monica's Story on
I didn't remember a lot about this scandal. Hard to believe I know, but I just didn't follow it. Read the book just recently though and enjoyed it very much.
reviewed Monica's Story on + 35 more book reviews
At the center of one of the most sensationalized media stories, there was this naive, sweet young girl, who was targeted by her friend, the government, the FBI, and the media. After hearing her side of the story, I really felt bad for all she went through. She wasn't married, she broke no vows, she didn't secretly tape her friend, yet she suffered the most through that ordeal.
It's a good story, even if you think you've heard enough about Clinton's affair, this is Monica's perspective of the events. Well told.
reviewed Monica's Story on + 12 more book reviews
Interesting perspective from Monica's view point.
reviewed Monica's Story on + 12 more book reviews
This is a very interesting review of a young woman that we all know or have heard of, Monica Lewinsky and is written by an author who is famous for his book, "Diana: Her True Story"
reviewed Monica's Story on + 107 more book reviews
her true story
reviewed Monica's Story on + 151 more book reviews
I could not put this book down. I read it in 2015, a gazillion years after the scandal, and I have to say I have nothing but sympathy and admiration now for Ms. Lewinsky. Yes, she was naive and made a very poor decision to flirt with the President. Young and dumb, no question. But Bill Clinton was older, supposedly wiser, POTUS and a very married man when she came into his view--and he was the one who could have, and should have, stopped it before it all began, thereby averting tragedy. Alas.

Further, the avalance of public humiliation, scrutiny and outright terror Monica and her family experienced by the betrayal of her supposed friend Linda Tripp, and then at the demand of Kenneth Starr on behalf of the government, was revolting and eye-opening. She was effectively stripped of her rights as an American citizen--all very publicly for the world to see and ridicule. Tripp and Starr (and even Clinton himself) must fret daily, hourly, over the karma that will one day be their rewards.

Yes, this is "her side" of the events. But every annecdote was well documented, and the story unfolded logically and believably. I was fascinated.

****1/2 Four and a half stars!
buzzby avatar reviewed Monica's Story on + 6062 more book reviews
I can offer this in a 2-for-1 deal with The Starr Report.
cdayzee avatar reviewed Monica's Story on + 113 more book reviews
The author tended to repeat himself a bit but it was interesting to read her side of the story.
nuttmeg avatar reviewed Monica's Story on + 29 more book reviews
I found this book vapid. Here Bill Clinton gets (almost) impeached for extramarital sex in the White House, an affair that didn't hurt anyone but himself and Hilary (maybe. We don't know what kind of "arrangement" Bill and Hilary had)yet now we have a president who lied us into a war that has killed thousands, illegally spies on American citizens, gives tax cuts to the peopkle who need them the least and has a disdain for the Constitution, calling it a "godamned piece of paper".
I did not find this book interesting or enlightening. Nor have I found a reason why GWBush literally gets away with murder while Bill Clinton was stalked by the GOP every minute of his presidency! Go figure!
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