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The Eclectic Pen - The Night We Will Never Forget

By: Angela D. (jaylou)   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 10/31/2007
Genre: Humor & Entertainment » Humor
Words: 1,461

  It was a night just like any other night. The People’s Best Spot was a famous bar and grill. It had been around for years. There was NYbooks, who was a great bartender and cook. He served all the best of everything. None of us knew his name, and that was not because we didn’t try to figure it out. He would just sit there with his book and read, but also be paying attention to every one in the room. Down a bit from him was the coffee attendant, jaylou. She would serve the coffee to those who asked for it, and always had just a bit more to add. She was always telling everyone what the best coffee to drink was, and the best book to read to go along with the mood they were in.
Sitting around the room were the regulars. There was kss, who was always on the hunt for rare, expensive books about horses. She was a frantic little woman, overly eager to find the best of the best. She would pilfer through the bookshelves and read each one like it was the only thing in the room. Across to the other side of the lounge area, there was kmom, mommajohnson, and Katie1. Up to the normal evenings events. These three come in every night and talk about books, kids, husbands, and dogs. They are usually either telling each other how great the other one is or agreeing to disagree on something.
Sitting at the bar was a couple of regulars who always stood out amongst the rest. These two were known as Jery and goodfellow. Always at each other about something. No matter what the topic of the evening was, you could be sure these two had something to say. Cheri, a shy girl, sitting in the corner booth alone, most of the time, was as big of a book lover as the rest in the joint that night. She loved to read books about love and life.
Sitting at one of the smaller tables in the middle of the lounge was scamperfarms. No matter where she was, she had a book and her laptop. Always having her nose in the middle of something, she was rarely aware of all the events going on around her. One of the other corner booths was occupied by an odd pair. This was Mousey and Nora. These two ladies would always have something going on. Whether it is book discussion or just simply yakking the night away. Mousey and Nora were definite book lovers. No matter what they would be doing or talking about, they would both have a book open in front of them. Nevertheless, you had better believe that they would both be at all times aware of everything being said and done in the place.
Freaky was usually sitting by the coffee end of the bar. She wasn’t that big on coffee, but she and jaylou tended to talk most of the time about any and everything they could think of. When jaylou wasn’t sticking her nose into everyone’s business, she and Freaky would be sharing the day’s events with each other. Also, sitting at the bar was Sheyen. She was always talking about history, and cats. She was a big history nut, so most of the stuff she would talk about, no one else knew, but didn’t seem to mind paying attention so that way maybe they would learn something.
Well, now that you know everyone, I will get started telling you what happened on this particular night. I am jaylou, and what I am about to tell you might scare you. So be prepared.

The Night We Will Never Forget

It was a nice night. No clouds out, and the weather was perfect. There was a slight wind on occasion, but nothing that seemed to bother anyone. We were all just hanging out like normal. However, little did we know, there was a hero amongst us.
Everyone was sitting in his or her normal spots. Doing their normal thing. Until suddenly, there was a sound. No one was sure of what the sound was. It was an eerie sound that was not the norm of the lounge. Everyone turned to look in the direction from where the sound was coming. All of us in there realized it was the door. The door was making a terrible sound. It was screaming as if it was starving. This was not just any normal scream; this was an ear-piercing scream. Worse than the call of the female peacock, to alert the male she is near. No one could move. We were all just sitting or standing in the exact same spot, as we were when the sound first happened.
No one had paid attention to anything before this sound. So no one was aware of the fact that kss was standing very close to the door. She turned, but not soon enough. All of a sudden, the door grew arms. It grabbed kss and pulled her so fast, she dropped the book she had in her hand. Everyone screamed and ran to the bar. No one could move. It was as if we had all been frozen still. Scamperfarms started yelling, ‘what are we going to do for her?’ then, without a warning, the door reached out and grabbed Nora. It sucked her in so violently, her shoes fell off. Of course, we had all been telling her to stop wearing those slip on shoes. However, Nora never listened to any of us. Mousey screamed and ran toward the door. As fast as he could NYbooks grabbed for Mousey, but he was too late. The door took her in faster than anyone could blink.
Screams coming from inside the lounge and through the door. Suddenly it was quiet. Mommajohnson came up with a plan. “What if we all lock arms and make a chain to the door?” This seemed like a logical plan. Nevertheless, it was too late for ideas. The door came to life again. Whisking mommajohnson away faster than you can say sassafras. Katie starts to run after her. Barely Katie was able to grab mommajohnson’s leg. No one could move. Everyone was petrified. There was Katie, holding on to mommajohnson’s leg and screaming for help.
There was only one person who was able to snap out of the fear to rush to Katie’s aide. That was Jery. Suddenly, Jery springs from her seat as if she was thrown. She runs toward Katie and grabs her by the waist. With each step backward, Jery was able to pull Katie back. With Katie having such a tight grip on mommajohnson’s legs, everyone started to see her coming in through the door. Little did we know, after she was grabbed herself, mommajohnson found Mousey. As mommajohnson was brought out of the door’s grasp, Katie let go and fell to the floor. There was Jery rushing to grab hold of mommajohnson’s legs to help her pull Mousey out from the hold of the door. Jery struggles to keep her hold on mommajohnson and Mousey. As each one is free of the door’s grasp, one of the others would grab them and pull them quickly toward the bar. As Mousey comes farther out from the door, it is plain to see that she and Nora have their arms locked together.
With Jery pulling as hard as she can, some of the others in the bar come to her aide. Before long, everyone who had not seen the horror first hand of the door’s wrath was helping to pull. Nora comes out with kss not far behind. Finally, kss is out of the door. Everyone is back over by the bar. The door continues to growl. The frame of the door is moving in and out as if to be taking breathes.
Jery walks over to the door ignoring the others yelling from behind her to stop. She stands right in front of the door, not fearing its claws, and yells “I will never let you grab another member of The People’s Best Spot again!!!” Suddenly, the door retrieves. The sounds begin to slow and eventually cease all together.
As everyone slowly calms down and starts trying to figure out what caused this terrible thing to happen here, Jery announces, “Put me a table right here,” pointing to a spot right in front of the door, “and I will assure that I will do my best to make it safe for anyone to sit near the door.”
And that was the night we at The People’s Best Spot will never forget.

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Ronny S. (ronny) - 11/1/2007 12:53 PM ET
Good story!
Mary A. (missmary) - 11/19/2007 11:48 AM ET
bahaha, you have almost everyone in here! Fun times! Did this come from a conversation in chat? haha, nice story. I like it.
Emma W. (EmmyLou) - 7/8/2008 1:18 PM ET
I don't get it and you could really use a proof reader
Comments 1 to 3 of 3