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Book Reviews of Nightseer

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780451451439
ISBN-10: 0451451430
Publication Date: 3/3/1992
Pages: 304
  • Currently 3.3/5 Stars.

3.3 stars, based on 321 ratings
Publisher: Roc
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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jai avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 310 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 13
Fantasy novel focussing on a young noble named Kelios with some very unusual powers, who is going to a place of learning for magic. A very big part of her life is a memory of her mother's death and a vendetta against her mother's murderer. I picked this up because I was interested to see Hamilton's earlier work. This has a very different voice from the paranormal/urban fantasy novels Hamilton is famous for. It's a straight fantasy, and the writing is in an easy to read style, but this book feels like the second book of a trilogy rather than the standalone it is - there are a lot of references to an adventure the heroine Kelios had before that sounds like it deserves it's own novel, and a lot of references to terms I had to guess at. For instance, I believe Kelios is both an Enchanter and a Sorcerer, but Hamilton doesn't explain the difference. It also felt like a third book could have come after this one because of left over plot strings, plus only towards the end do I feel that I am beginning to get into Kelios's character and a couple of other characters. Leaves me wanting. On top of that, there is a lot of battling and fighting in this book and very little explaining. I'd recommend this as light reading but with a warning that you may feel unsatisfied.
reviewed Nightseer on + 68 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 5
Is there another one after this book? Cause this one just dropped you off at nowhere! With as slow and hard as it was too read, it still should have been more at the end then that. There were several times I almost put it down but each time I came back and read the other reviews so I thought it might get better. It just got slower! But now that it just dropped off, I would like to know what happens to so many that they just said were missing in the end. That just sucked, you don't just drop a reader like that, even on a good book unless there is one after it.

I have read the entire Anita Blake series by this author and short of too much sex in some of them, they are really good. So to get my hands on this one and to expect the same was disappointing. She never even said what happend to the dragon teacher let alone if anyone else survives the keep attack, who does that?
reviewed Nightseer on + 9 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Definitely an early attempt by Hamilton. I enjoy her more experienced work more.
reviewed Nightseer on
Helpful Score: 2
Debut novel of the author of the Anita Blake series.

Not entirely horrible, but not as well-written as the more famous series. Hamilton's "noir" style doesn't work as well for sword-and-sorcery.
reviewed Nightseer on
Helpful Score: 1
I love this book, always have. It is a shame she never went back to the world or fleshed it out in anyway. I want as many people as possible to read it, because it was the first book for a very new author before she became to tired to write anymore.
reviewed Nightseer on
Helpful Score: 1
loved it!!! different tho
reviewed Nightseer on + 67 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
"In an epic battle of good versus evil, of enchanted swords and shapeshifting dragons, of unquenchable hatred and unlikely love, Keleios must battle her own demons before she can earn the most important power of all- the power to forgive."
AlisaLea avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 19 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
There's a lot of "story" in this one book, almost like you picked up one of a series in the middle of the run. I did enjoy it though.
read-sew-much avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 4 more book reviews
Laurell K. Hamilton is one of my favorte authors.
But NIGHTSEER is nothing like her other books.
This is a true Sci/Fi Fantasy taking place in a mid-evil style school of magic. There are mages, Elves, demons, witches, and magic relics. It is a battle between good and evil, with all the shades of grey in between. The book is slow to start but a really great read once you get into it. Now I am looking for a can't just leave us hanging like that Ms.Hamilton!
roisindubh avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 49 more book reviews
I liked this novel because Hamilton didn't use sex as a device to keep her plot moving as she does with Anita Blake and Merry Gentry. My only disappointment was that there was no real resolution...Nightseer needs a sequel!
gypsywidow avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 16 more book reviews
I usually love everything this author writes and I realize this was her first book - Thank the Godess she got better because this book was one of the worst books I've read. Hated it.
jck avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 13 more book reviews
As said by some others, it is hard to believe that this is a book that is not part of a series. So many characters and even subjects are brought in, and it is assumed we know something about them. And then there are so many loose ends when the story finishes. Also, there is fighting for most of the book...and do we ever really know why? There is so much left unexplained and I'm not sure how I feel about the book. Let's just say that while it entertained me, I will not be recommending it to others.
nelle41 avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 40 more book reviews
This was a hard book to read, it took a while to fighter out the chacters.
chefbeyerlein avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 53 more book reviews
In this fantasy book, Keleios is master enchanter and master dreamer who suddenly finds herself having to go back to magic school at twenty when she suddenly finds herself to have sorcery as well. A half-elf princess whose mother was murdered in front of her eyes at the age of five, Keleios has sought revenge against the witch for years. At seventeen, her thirst for revenge caused the capture of herself and her close friend Belor and ended with them having to survive a demon pit and the demon marks with which they came out of it. Now she finds herself and the others at her school the targets of political intrigue and revenge that may end with everyone she cares about dead and herself once again the tortured captive of the demons. She also has to deal with the black healer prince Lothor who wants to either marry or kill her.

Hamilton's debut novel is set in a fascinating world and is full of the action and complex twists and turns among relationships that you find in many other novels. Keleios is a complicated character, constantly fighting a battle between her desire to be good and the power she finds herself able to wield.
reviewed Nightseer on + 22 more book reviews
A very out there book that is a great read on a long night.
reviewed Nightseer on + 1113 more book reviews
Like other reviewers, I felt like this was good writing, intriguing world-building, and not enough information for a stand alone novel. I kept thinking it must be part of a series because there are so many unanswered questions. Sometimes it felt like the text version of a role-playing game to me - fight the demon, teleport to some where else, fight the monster. It's not a bad read, it just may leave you feeling like you've missed something.
icesk8tr avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 363 more book reviews
Very good and intriguing story! I really enjoyed this book!
tealily avatar reviewed Nightseer on
Good Book very different from her other works but still really good. I really wish this one was a series.
rxrcds avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 59 more book reviews
Definitely different than the Anita Blake series. A bit difficult to get through at times due to some of the vocabulary (unless you're used to reading fantasy novels). A good read nonetheless.
FriscoOBX avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 601 more book reviews
interesting story but not to my taste
reviewed Nightseer on + 119 more book reviews
I loved it. Hamiliton is at her best. I really hope she continues this as a series.
This is about a young girl who is gifted in sorcery and prophecy. Keleois wears the mark of a demon that can open the door to unknown powers or expose the soul to the most forbidden powers of sorcery. Now Keleois has the means to avenge her mother's death....
reviewed Nightseer on + 40 more book reviews
Definately a little different from LKHs other stuff, but I really enjoyed it. I hope she writes sequels eventually!
reviewed Nightseer on + 3 more book reviews
I'm a big Hamilton fan, but this isn't my favorite. The first half is pretty much like most other fantasy books - a girl who can use magic has an evil woman after her. But it does get better, and by the end it's a worthwhile read.
reviewed Nightseer on + 7 more book reviews
I usually enjoy her stuff but I couldn't get into this one.
reviewed Nightseer on + 53 more book reviews
Might have been a good start for a series but by itself it lacks pretty much everything you want in a book. It made me feel like I started reading it in the middle and like it stopped before it got to the end.
doctorslime avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 241 more book reviews
Sword and Socerery, Might and Magic, Demons & Devils this Laurell K Hamilton book is a Fantasy story and not her usual fair. She handles the subject very well. Excellent Book. More to the Middle earth Tolkien crowd than, to her other fans of Modern Fantasy, this one has an old world feel.
reviewed Nightseer on + 458 more book reviews
Early Laurell Hamilton that was a pleasant surprise.
reviewed Nightseer on + 5 more book reviews
Good read. Better than some of her newer stuff
reviewed Nightseer on + 25 more book reviews
I'm a huge fan of LKH. Having said that...I enjoyed this book, but not so much as the Anita Blake or Merry Gentry series. It seemed to be one lonnnnggg battle.
reviewed Nightseer on + 330 more book reviews
Very interesting read. I enjoyed it.
reviewed Nightseer on + 3 more book reviews
excellent read, exciting, riveting all around great!
reviewed Nightseer on + 114 more book reviews
A tale of a woman known as sorcerer, prophet, and enchantress.
The mark of a demon can open the door to undreamed-of powers and possibilities-or expose a soul to the darkness and most forbidden forces of sorcery. Now Keleios wears the mark-and the time of avenging her mother's death is at hand...
reviewed Nightseer on + 1568 more book reviews
From back cover: Author of the New Youk Times bestselling Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, Laurell K. Hamilton has brought the supernatural to light--and has given readers a vision of a world aflame with electrifying suspense and violent passions.
In this, her debut novel, her righ imagination spreads its wings in a tale of a woman known as sorcerer, prophet, and enchantress.
The mark of a demon can open the door to undreamed of powers and possibilities---or expose a soul to the darkest and most forbidden forces of sorcery. Kelios now wears a demonmark, and the time for avenging her mother's murder is at hand . . .
This is clearly an early book, not as polished a work as Hamilton's Anita Blake or Merry Gentry novels. But it's still a good and imaginative read, though the story leaves some loose threads hanging.
reviewed Nightseer on + 13 more book reviews
I know this is her first novel, but I wasn't impressed with the one fight scene that lasted almost a third of the book. Her later novels are much, much better.
reviewed Nightseer on + 27 more book reviews
Decent read. Obviously early work from Hamilton but not porn either.
bookluver-in-sc avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 229 more book reviews
LKH debut novel about a sorcerer, Keleios who has the mark of the demon and is out to avenge her mother.
reviewed Nightseer on
quick read, a must read for a Laurell K hamilton fan.
reviewed Nightseer on + 65 more book reviews
Interesting to see Hamilton's early work.
reviewed Nightseer on + 24 more book reviews
One of Laurell K. Hamilton's first books. Supernatural and sorcery.
madtex avatar reviewed Nightseer on + 40 more book reviews
The mark of a demon can open the door to undreamed-of powers and possibilities - or expose a soul to the darkest and most forbidden forces of sorcery. Now Keleios wears the mark - and the time of avenging her mother's death is at hand....
reviewed Nightseer on + 264 more book reviews
Great book
reviewed Nightseer on + 103 more book reviews
Did not really get into this book.
reviewed Nightseer on + 87 more book reviews
Laurell K. Hamilton's spellbinding debut novel.
reviewed Nightseer on + 2 more book reviews
Interesting, but not nearly as good as her more advanced works.