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The Eclectic Pen - Some more poetry from me

By: DarkRaven - ,   + 2 more  
Date Submitted: 7/6/2009
Last Updated: 7/6/2009
Genre: Humor & Entertainment
Words: 497

  My soulís misdirection (poem)

my mind's disection,
my soul's reflection,
just one lecture,
lost to the future
the past a dirty suture,
scared and numb,
feeling dumb,
loooking for love where there is none,
feelings gone,
same old song,
runs through my head,
"I'm better off dead",
the words you say,
don't make sense anyway,
shards off glass,
your shattered past,
can'tget away,
can't let you stay,
want your heart,
mine's ripped apart,
adrift upon an open sea,
no one can feel as empty as me,
stare in your eyes,
hope in your lies,
cross my fingers,
from the hidden dangers,
my heart may break,
too much to take,
feels good to believe you're right,
never want to start a fight,
misdirection, misdirection,
you have led me astray of my own soul's reflection.

You were like the phoenix (poem)

I watch you rise like the phoenix,
out of the ashes of my sorrow.
Dusting off your dirty wings
you fly away,
leaving me to weep in my demise.
A single feather falls gently to my regret.
I watch as you disapear into the night
leaving me, once your fire, now cold and forgotten

Getting ready for war (poem)

To fight with you
is to put on armor and platemail
run charging into battle with eyes closed
armor gleaming dully in the shadow of my muddled thoughts
that I try to sift through
as you turn things around on me
and I am forced to defend my honor.
Your eyes spit hatred
like dragon fire to sear the air
I struggle to breathe, my love is burning
ashes in the wind......
Confused,when you surrender too soon
I know I may have won the battle
but it's far from over yet
You only give me time to gather my forces
and prepare to strike again.
This battlefield in my mind is littered with dreaded thoughts
and damnnations held hostage...
so long in a prison of silence.

Begin ( poem)

I sit here alone
always alone
watching, waiting,
to die, to begin, to live.

I cry here in the shadows
a painful weakness
I shove hatefully away,
watching, waiting,
for love to die, to live, to begin.

I the only one here listening
to the empty words
that spill from your lips
watching, forever waiting,
for you to die, for me to live, for new love to begin.

Mind games.....(poem)

Call me your little pet names
fuck with my head and play your mind games
take away all hope because you've caged me
I am damaged because you've changed me.

Hate me because I want your love
i knew I was right, there is no God above
you want to hurt me, and you don't care how
it has gone on too long, but I can't leave now.

I can't seem to leave you, no matter how I try
you hate to see my weakness but you love to see me cry.
You love to beat me down, until there is nothing left but sorrow
Everyday i wake up, hoping you'll die tomorrow.

Empty vessel...(poem)

I smell your need
these empty promises you think you can keep
and your seed is spilled upon my heart
while i pretend what you say is true
while it surges through me, hungrily
devouring doubt,
leaving superficial trust.
I hear your hollow words
as your breathing deepens and sings in my ear
I cannot feel the body you so (lovingly?) hold
using it for your pleasure.
I can read your dirty thoughts,
as you empty yourself into me.

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