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Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
ISBN-13: 9780553213102
ISBN-10: 0553213105
Publication Date: 1981
Pages: 352
  • Currently 4.4/5 Stars.

4.4 stars, based on 636 ratings
Publisher: Bantam Classics
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I have been reading regency/historical romance for about a year. I thought it would be interesting to read a romance novel that was actually written at that time. I also wanted to try my mind at a classic.

I admit it took me twice as long to read this as a contemporary romance. The phrasing and dialogue is so different you have to read each word. But I was pleasantly surpised by how much I enjoyed the story and the characters. I found myself laughing and really seeing these people as I read it.

The main reason I read romance novels is because I love the tension between the characters as they begin their relationship. There is great tension between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy.

After reading this book I will be trying some more Jane Austen and possible some other authors of the same time period.
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A gentle, satirical novel of the game of matrimony as played in a small English village near the close of the eighteenth century.
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Cmon, who doesn't love Pride and Prejudice? Truly a classic of English literature. Very funny and surprisingly insightful novel about a boy, a girl, his friends, her sisters...who's guilty of pride, and who of prejudice? (Are you sure?) And of course, a fun peek into the social values of genteel 19th century England: class, money, marriage. Just a wonderful novel all around.
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I was first turned on to the book, Pride and Prejudice, when I picked up a copy of Wuthering Heights at my local book store. On the inside cover it suggested not to miss Pride and Prejudice and Romeo & Juilet. So of course, I bought them as well!

When I first started reading the book, being that it was written in 1813 and the language being slightly different then, I found the book a little hard to get into. Although, once I got to know the characters and the story began to unfold, I found myself unable to put the book down (literally). The romance, as well as the relationship, between Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy was highly intriguing and only added to the chemistry that makes this love story truly amazing! Now, I dont want to give away any of the juiciness that lies within the book so I wont say anymore. Youll really just have to read the book!

NOTE: While browsing around, it appears that other authors have written books continuing the Pride and Prejudice story regarding the lives and love of Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet. So that might be worth looking into for those whove already read and fell in love with, Pride and Prejudice!
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Of course, in my permanent library! While I do not re-read this every year like some P&P fans, it is still a classic I return to, mostly for the wonderful storyline and dialogue.
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I so enjoyed this book! Kind of criminal that I didn't pick up any Jane Austen until now. I found that although it seems like there's not a lot going on (aside from a conversation here, a card game there, a couple of dinners and the occasional ball) I was riveted. I didn't find the language terribly difficult either. The book isn't fast paced, which I think lends itself nicely to taking your time working through the language. Still finished in a few days. I'm looking forward to Sense and Sensibility next.
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"What are men to rocks and mmountains?"
"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife."

Pride and Predjudice is a delicious story of Elizabeth Bennett; bright, witty, and pretty, but just not handsome enough to tempt Mr. Darcy. Worth re-reading over and over again.
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Witty, enjoyable read with a love story that isn't mushy or trashy.
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This is one ofmy favorite books by Jane Austen. Elizabeth is the person we'd all like to be, and Mr. Darcy is the person we'd like to meet. Shows that not all love is at first sight, but rather after a very tumultuous, rocky beginning. I've read this book probably 20 times at least, and it never gets old.
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This was the 1st book I read by Jane Austin and I just love it. It turned me on to her style of writting and my love affair of her books.
The story is just witty and at points sad. This is one book that stays with you and when you are done reading it you wish it would go on and you are sad to to have leave it and the people it in.

This is not a "Chick" book, as it poke fun at both sexes.

Everyone should read this book at least once in their lives.
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This is my favorite Jane Austen book. I couldn't help but fall in love with Mr. Darcy, and I found Elizabeth to be a much likeable female character than those in some of Austen's other books (I found Emma Woodhouse, for example, to be incredibly irritating).
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i loved this book! it gives us a glimpse into what love was in the 19th century. I like how it's very detailed and you have to read every word to get the meaning of each sentence. I recommend it!
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I love this book! The dry wit and humor, the sophisticated language so precise and to the point. The character development is so well done I feel like they are all friends of mine!
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I've read this three or four times over the last quarter of a century, and get something different each time. One of my favorite Austen novels, it is very particular to the time and place in which it is set and yet very timeless. The characters, even the heroine, are flawed and realistic, yet mostly sympathetic. It can be read purely as a love story, or as a satire of societal expectations and conventions, or even as an indictment of an economic system that, through unforgiving inheritance laws, forces people into handling their romantic lives as if they were business ventures. It's worth the effort even if you don't normally go for the "classics."
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This is a classic, and just gets better with every re-read. Who was proud and who was prejudiced? If you can't remember, maybe you need to revisit this old friend...
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Classic - Book is a lot better than the film, and the film was excellent. The book allows you to get into the head.
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Truely insightful book that i love a must read before or after you have seen the movie
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Its a classic and everyone should read it!
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Beautiful, everytime I read it.
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One of Jane Austen's best!
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I absolutely loved this book. Have read it several times.
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I love this book. I have read it many times and I laugh every time-I also cry. You can't help but love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth.
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Absolutely enjoyed this classic! Jane Austen is a pleasure to read.
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I loved reading this book, and so I bought a paperback version to share via bookcrossing - but here works too! This is an older edition than the one shown.
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My favorite Austen.
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Jane Austen Classic. Several movies made from this book.
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I don't question Jane Austin's ability to write a novel. She wrote a long piece of literature with scenes, characters and plot. That being said, I do question the point of Pride and Prejudice. Further, I question her ability to create any sort of likable characters.

I know I'm supposed to like Elizabeth, but she just talks smack the entire novel. We'll call it wit if you want, but when we do, realize I mean snarky gossip about people she dislikes at the moment. The main person she is witty toward through the novel is Mr. Darcy. I know I'm supposed to see Darcy as a terribly grumpy beast with a heart of gold that succumbs to and is tamed by the witty beauty by the end of the novel. Thing is, he's an ass who only succumbs because she's the one thing he's been refused in life.

Elizabeth isn't handsome enough for Mr. Darcy to start, he finds her family embarrassing, and her station in life is too far below his to even consider her a candidate for marriage. But, since Elizabeth insults him through the entire book and acts like she wouldn't want him anyway, he can't help but be attracted to and violently in love with Elizabeth. Mind you, he still thinks it's cool to break up her sister's marriage, since she's involved with someone above her station.

Elizabeth spends most of the novel talking about how much she despises the idea of marriage, and how big a jerk Darcy is. Then everything changesElizabeth finds out Darcy is rich. Okay that's not all. His servant, someone completely dependent on Darcy's good will, says he's a good guy. Add to that an uncharacteristic civility toward the people Elizabeth is hanging out with and Darcy's new attitude, obvious wealth, and proper social etiquette provide Elizabeth the rationalization she needs to find love in a marriage that will also provide the security and social standing she claimed to neither want or need.

The first impression I had of Pride and Prejudice was that Jane Austen was writing a comedic tale poking fun at the social etiquette and expectations of her time, specifically challenging the idea that marriage is an institution devoid of love but focused on financial and societal improvement. By the end of the story, however, love was used as an excuse to enter into a marriage which provides financial and social improvement, and social etiquette and expectations are presented as a means to ensure the stability and respect of ones family. Elizabeth is initially presented as a strong-willed woman caught between love and money. This conflict, however, ends up a strawmanset up only to create a means to provide her with both love _and_ money, while eliminating her wit in favor for romance. Darcy is presented as a brooding aristocrat with little to be desired beyond his money. Yet the initial impression ends up completely reversed, with minimal to no explanation. He becomes the perfect prospective husband, and allows for a socially acceptable and conveniently romantic marriage by the end of the story.

The characters are unlikeable, the plot is conveniently altered for a faux-happy ending, and the novel is filled with more gossip and annoying dialogue than actual development of storyline. If you want to support the abusive dynamic of winning over and fixing a man who treats you like trash, this is the book for you. Otherwise, I'm not even sure it could be saved with zombies.
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I am not a Jane Austen fan. I waded through her books begrudgingly when I was forced to in high school English class, but this is the one exception. Pride and Prejudice is a good classic choice for tween girls, and one that they will probably revisit when they are adults.
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A classic everyone must have in their home (I've got two copies). Great condition.
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Oh what a dull, tedious tale of vapid self-obsessed youths....
I know, I know... It's a "classic". Yes, Jane Austen is a female literary hero. No, her books are not at all interesting.