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Book Reviews of Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers
Starship Troopers
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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ISBN-13: 9780441783588
ISBN-10: 0441783589
Publication Date: 5/15/1987
Pages: 263
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 368 ratings
Publisher: Ace Books
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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reviewed Starship Troopers on + 4 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
awesome sociopolitical commentary. NOT the same as the movie! some of the characters are the same, but this is much deeper than just kill the bugs
anrkistpengwin avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on
Helpful Score: 2
An excellent sci-fi war novel from the viewpoint of a grunt. This novel has very little in common with the movie of the same name. This book is more akin to "Platoon" in space than anything else. The reason is because it's essentially Heinlein retelling his experiences island-hopping during WWII with a futuristic twist. One of his best books.
reviewed Starship Troopers on
Helpful Score: 1
well-written, full of action, you'll like it. Heinlein is a spellbinding author!
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 25 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I have read a couple Heinlein books now. I love his writing style. Having seen the movie, I expected the book to be similar but better. This went leaps and bounds beyond my expectations! Heinlein had a lot more to say than "Kill the bugs!"
hardtack avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 2423 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is one of my all-time favorite books! I guess it is due to the time I spent in the Marines. Most of this book is about training in the Mobile Infantry when the hero is in boot camp, and later when the hero is in officer training. This book is about developing leadership and assuming responsibility: to yourself, to your comrades and to society at large. Only a few chapters are concerned with fighting the "Bugs," the aliens seeking to destroy Earth.

Good leadership is a precious commodity, not everyone has it. So I naturally like books about leadership, due to my experience in the service.

The movie of the same name that was supposedly based on this book is a disaster. In fact, if Heinlein had still been alive he would have sued the movie studio for depicting women the way it did and for destroying the characters he so lovingly developed.

This book was one of Heinlein's best. If you read it and like it, then get a copy of "A Citizen of the Galaxy" immediately, as it has a similar premise regarding responsibility to others.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 5 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is one of Heinlein's best "juveniles", although the treatment of war, and why humans fight, were very grown-up indeed. If you have seen the movie and find it somewhat off-putting, don't avoid the book on that account. I have not seen the movie (except for a few scenes), but I don't think it "tracks" the book very well. There is lots of action in the book and a little romance. But it is most of all an exploration of why war, as hideous as it is, may be more acceptable than some alternatives.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 17 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1

This is a story narrated by a guy who is becoming a soldier in the future, and all of the experiences he has with fellow officers, and some of the missions against the Bugs...
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 76 more book reviews
Good novel for any Science Fiction lover!
bchbaby926 avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on
As many others have mentioned this book bears only a passing resemblance to the movie of the same name. Set in the future where citizenship is earned through military service and Earth is under attack from a far off world. What does it mean to be a citizen? What does it mean to be a soldier? What's it like to be a foot soldier in the military of the future? The social and political commentary make this a fascinating read and Heinlein presents an extraordinary view of what the future military might look like.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 102 more book reviews
One of Heinlein's better books in my opinion. Heinlein was excellent at describing future societies and making them seem logical and this book is no exception. It follows the life of Johnny (Juan) Rico as he enrolls in the armed services, which is the only way for anyone to earn a franchis; the right to vote or hold political office. Fascinating glimpses into how that society works with a few pithy comments on why our current society failed. He makes it sound very logical. An excellent story, a real page-turner. Heinlein is truly a Grand-Master of Sci-Fi.
murder101 avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on
Printed in 1968 a vintage sci-Fi book by the author of "A Stranger In A Strange Land".If you enjoy the OLD Sci-fi genre you will enjoy this book.The Story of Mobile Infantry man Jonnie Rico A twenty- second century Solider.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 5 more book reviews
Very different and politically incorrect. Definitely an enjoyable read!
Grant-and-Deb avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 4 more book reviews
Please don't let a horrible movie stop you from reading an excellent book. The book is true to Heinlein's style and addresses the concepts of patriotism, duty, and responsibility, as well as what they mean to different people. Of note is the books take on wars in general and specifically the bug war around which the events of the book are centered; who were the aggressors? Why does the war happen? How does the war affect each of the central characters? Worth reading twice.
dmleach avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 7 more book reviews
Really enjoyable and thoughtful.
tadiana avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 24 more book reviews
It is worth re-emphasizing that this book has almost nothing to do with the movie of the same name, other than a few of the most basic plot points. It is really primarily an exploration of military training and philosophy, with a thin veneer of science fiction. If that interests you, I think you will enjoy the book. I myself found it short on action and long on talk. I've enjoyed other Heinlein books (from his early period, such as The Puppet Masters or The Moon is a Harsh Mistress) much more.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 495 more book reviews
I think this is his best work and one of the most classic SF novels ever written.
reviewed Starship Troopers on
former service members will enjoy this book
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 14 more book reviews
Great Science Fiction!!
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 137 more book reviews
Classic Heinlein.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 82 more book reviews
It's Heinlein - nothing more needs to be said!
wgw avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 136 more book reviews
A liberitarian view of an armed force.
trevor avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 38 more book reviews
Starship Troopers is classic Heinlein, pulpy, funny sci-fi from the golden age. It reads like a propaganda pamphlet for Heinlein's political and moral views, and he doesn't mind just banging the reader over the head with his message all the way through. But, this is a book from a time when science fiction writers were actual visionaries who charged themselves with defining the future of the human race, so I forgive him.
reviewed Starship Troopers on
One of Robert Heilein's most popular books. Not the best I've read but still an enjoyable novel.
hardtack avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 2423 more book reviews
A cult classic of the Mobile Infantry of the future that emphasizes leadership and responsibility to society. Much of the novel is taken up with training as the young hero, just out of high school, joins up only because his friends do.

"Boot Camp" is like nothing he has ever experienced. Yet he survives it. Then the ""Bugs" attack Earth. The new soldier participates in several expeditions against the enemy, some victories and some defeats.

Chosen for officer training, he undergoes more extensive leadership development. I know it sounds boring, but his experiences in boot camp and officer training are two of the best parts of the book.

Then it is back to the interstellar war. It's Man against the Bugs and the survival of the human race is in the balance.

If you have seen the movie, pretend you didn't, as the book is totally different. If Heinlein were alive today, he would sue the movie company for defamation of his characters.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 6 more book reviews
I find it interesting that upon entering the ISBN for this book, I see the cover art has been changed to an image from the movie. Yet the book I'm listing is the original story, not the travesty the movie was. What made the book so much better wasn't necessarily the power suits, though they were sorely missed in the movie. It was the details of the political environment that the Mobile Infantry was defending. Without the political commentary, the movie was just a shell of Heinlein's vision.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 22 more book reviews
This book is so much better than the movie!
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 25 more book reviews
Vintage Heinlein - much, much, much better than the stupid movie that came out. Did I say much? Heinlein was a patriot, and very pro-military - but he was never for using the young men and women of the military as cannon fodder, or for putting them through the meat grinder. He makes some real interesting statements here. A must read.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 62 more book reviews
Better than the movie
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 8 more book reviews
they made a movie of this story, Sci Fiction
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 12 more book reviews
somewhat dated
unholyblackdeath avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 57 more book reviews
Pretty good classic military sci-fi. I could do without the social commentary, but it did not ruin the story.
nrlymrtl avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 297 more book reviews
Very different from the movie. THe basic premise of a distant war with some intelligent bug race is used as a vehicle by Heinlein to question and explore the concepts of war and the need for a military.
Great read for making you think.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 42 more book reviews
Started reading this book, but couldn't finish it. I couldn't get interested in it.
joelore avatar reviewed Starship Troopers on + 14 more book reviews
Cover is from the HeinLein Signature series and not the one from the movie as shown.
reviewed Starship Troopers on + 1567 more book reviews
In one of Robert Heinlein's most controversial bestsellers, a recruit of the future goes through the toughest boot camp in the Universe--and into battle with the Terran Mobile Infantry against mankind' most alarming enemy.
This book has been made into a movie recently.
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