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Book Reviews of Toys

ISBN-13: 9780316097369
ISBN-10: 0316097365
Publication Date: 3/11/2011
Pages: 364
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

3 stars, based on 124 ratings
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Book Type: Hardcover
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30 Book Reviews submitted by our Members...sorted by voted most helpful

davidmartin52 avatar reviewed Toys on + 35 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Do NOT believe one word of the hype about this book! After reading "Private", which I thought was very good, I was looking forward to "Toys", but was I ever let down! If you're 12-14 years old, it's OK, but if you've ever read a decent adult book EVER, this book will seem hopelessly adolescent. I admit to the guilty pleasure of a Patterson book every now and then, and I enjoy many of them, but this one is poorly developed, shallow and just plain silly. Save your time and money.
mrslorikay avatar reviewed Toys on + 2 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Wow. WHat a disappointment! I love James Patterson but this book was an abomination. It should come with a warning, if you have loved everything else he has written...STAY AWAY!!
reviewed Toys on + 2 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Poor poor poor
Worst James Patterson book yet.
I was very disappointed.
I couldn't even finish it
Helpful Score: 1
The liner notes made it sound so intriguing, and I generally appreciate most Patterson books. HOWEVER, this one is a DOG, DOG, DOG! The story bears virtually NO resemblance to the liner notes teaser. You keep waiting for it to get better, but it never does! I want my 8 hours and $10 back. Are you listening, Mr. Patterson?
imapuma avatar reviewed Toys on
Helpful Score: 1
While I generally liked his book Private Berlin, this one was awful. Some parts were moderately interesting, but a lot of the "science fiction" elements just didn't add up.... and if I can catch that it is really BAD!!!
reviewed Toys on + 43 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Another shocking twist after twist book. Human or robot? Is Hays Baker living a nightmare? Who or what is he? This could be a prelude to the future human race on earth. Terrifying and frightening, this is a book you will read way in to rhe wee hours. It held me to the very end and I guarantee it will do the same to you. Bon Reading All
reviewed Toys on + 28 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
The year is 2061. Total extinction of the human race is the order of the day for the 'Elites'. With all the new technology(TOYS), could it be a possibility??? Have read all of Patterson's books, thoroughly enjoy 99% of them. This one was too far toward the science fiction(fantasy) side for me. Or maybe not! Maybe a sign of the times and that is what creeps me out.
RobinMarie avatar reviewed Toys on + 27 more book reviews
I liked the book. I am a sci fi fan and thought while the plot was a tad predictable, it was a fun and easy read.
reviewed Toys on + 17 more book reviews
This book does not deserve to be associated with James Patterson. It is so far from his professional writing I didn't want to finish it. It's very futuristic and sy-fy. Definitely not Patterson's work
perryfran avatar reviewed Toys on + 1125 more book reviews
This one is definitely outside of the usual Patterson fare. It's an attempt at a science-fiction-futuristic-dystopian-action thriller, but it doesn't really work on all levels. The story is basically about a biologically engineered human, Hays Baker, who was made to believe that he is an "Elite" - the genetically and biologically engineered super race that is intent on eliminating humankind. This novel borrows heavily from other dystopian fiction such as "Brave New World," and tries to show the bad side of Fascist societies like Nazism, but for me the overall story fell flat. First of all, I found it really hard to believe that Hays could go from hating the human race to being their savior after he finds out he is human. Also, along the way in the novel, several clones are sacrificed for both humans and Elite. Wouldn't a clone also be considered a human even though it was cloned to make an exact duplicate? I don't know - I think Patterson and his team should stick to action thrillers and crime novels. Mediocre at best!
reviewed Toys on + 204 more book reviews
Not my favorite book. Repetitive over the same points. Will not read again.
reviewed Toys on + 10 more book reviews
James Patterson is my favorite author, have read all of his books. This was not my favorite...worth reading, but not his regular theme.
booksalicious avatar reviewed Toys on + 43 more book reviews
This is the first book that I've read by James Patterson and I really enjoyed his style of writing. It had an easy flow to it, and it was easy to connect and follow each character's story line. Also I do love futuristic stories like this one which was another reason I enjoyed this book. It follows the life of Hays who is enjoying life on top as an elite with a beautiful wife and kids who are the top rung of society until a surgery reveals the fact that he is in fact human and changes his life forever.

The plot follows him as he fights in a war against those he used to trust the most to save humanity from the elites who want to destroy the humans who they consider an inferior breed who is beneath them. It had a lot of action, and fighting scenes which aren't always my forte but also enough of the psychological thriller and fantasy elements were involved so that I really enjoyed the book. I definitely plan to read more from this author.
reviewed Toys on
great read!!!
travelgrrl avatar reviewed Toys on
Terrible book, one of his worst. If you want to read a futuristic thriller, try J. D. Robbs.
reviewed Toys on
I've read every James Patterson book written to date and this was by far his worst one. It was a struggle to even finish it.
forosure avatar reviewed Toys on + 42 more book reviews
Toys...I was confused at first reading this book. I had to re-read the beginning of it at first. I wasn't clear what the story was about only because I like to be surprised about what is going to happen in the story. Anyway, I really liked the book. It was kind of scifi, kind of new age. This would be a good Youth book as well. It kind of had a Daniel X feel to it. Once again I really liked it. There were a few chapters in the beginning that just happened fast from getting to one scene to another. There were lots of elements of surprise and needless today it was a great read and it kept me very interested. Heather
mattc avatar reviewed Toys on + 45 more book reviews
Uninteresting, predictable plot and stilted prose not worthy of a high school writing assignment. Literally one of the worst books I have ever read.
rollon avatar reviewed Toys on
Loved it!
reviewed Toys on + 39 more book reviews
Normally like JP's stuff, but this book was a bit too SciFi for my taste...and not only that, but it was predictable.

One of my least favorite James Patterson books ever.
TigerLily2004 avatar reviewed Toys on + 33 more book reviews
A strange story for James Patterson. Futuristic setting. Story of prejudice and racism against the human race.
reviewed Toys on + 2 more book reviews
Really enjoyed another one of Mr. Patterson's books.
reviewed Toys on + 107 more book reviews
Very different kind of book for Patterson.
reviewed Toys on + 13 more book reviews
Good book
VCD3 avatar reviewed Toys on + 196 more book reviews
VERY quick read. 360 pages, 116 chapters!! Lots of white space changing chapters. Some chapters are 1 page of print, but on 2 pages: a half on the 1st page and a half or less on the 2nd.

The first 25% or so I thought I was reading a childrens book. The concept was GREAT. Many items should have been expanded on but were not, many items WERE expanded on but probaly should not have been. Of note: the Toys and their role were never fully explained, and that's the book title!!!!!
reviewed Toys on + 27 more book reviews
This was a weird book.
mysteryreader805 avatar reviewed Toys on + 11 more book reviews
I was initially drawn to this book, not only because Patterson writes in a fast-paced manner that Iike, but because the secret agent topic seemed interesting. Although it took a while to get into this book, it was an interesting take on a the doomsday subject.
billystan3 avatar reviewed Toys on + 42 more book reviews
An excellent read. Patterson really poured out his talent in this one. Read it!
atir44 avatar reviewed Toys on + 8 more book reviews
Not his usual, but interesing.
reviewed Toys on + 39 more book reviews
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