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Book Reviews of Weaveworld

Author: Clive Barker
ISBN-13: 9780671704186
ISBN-10: 0671704184
Publication Date: 10/1/1989
Pages: 720
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 53 ratings
Publisher: Pocket
Book Type: Paperback
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reviewed Weaveworld on + 61 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
colorful and imaginative just what one would expect from Clive Barker
reviewed Weaveworld on + 53 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
great book - clive barker at his best
reviewed Weaveworld on + 24 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is nearly as good as Imajica or other of Barker's epic novels, which is to say it is very good-there is a lot of fantasy woven into his horror. I reccommend staying away from anything he writes that is under 500pages though. Barker is only at his best in a long book. This is 700pp.
Hellraiser avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 110 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This was an interesting read I'll admit, but I found the relationship between the 2 leading characters to be hokey and corny. Barker gets extremely creative in this fantasy, but his horror novels are way better, and even more creative. I did enjoy Weaveworld quite a bit, but it is not even close to as great as his works of horror. Some of the villainous characters in Weaveworld are just awesome though!
gil avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 66 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Just as the carpet is woven with stories and danger, you will be woven into this story and not escape until the final page. Trust me, you won't be able to put this book down.
gil avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 66 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Just as the carpet is woven with stories and danger, you will be woven into this story and not escape until the final page. Trust me, you won't be able to put this book down.
SciFiFan avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 69 more book reviews
This is my favorite Clive Barker novel. It really is worth reading. Enjoy!!!
gil avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 66 more book reviews
Just as the carpet is woven with stories and danger, you will be woven into this story and not escape until the final page. Trust me, you won't be able to put this book down.
escapist avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 70 more book reviews
"A" for imagination. Definitely not for everyone though. There are some really gross and twisted things in this guy's books.
Rebemdee avatar reviewed Weaveworld on
I really enjoyed this book. I bought it when I was touring France and was so glad I picked it up. I got it over 10 years ago, and I still remember the story and how scary and mesmerizing it was. Great book!
reviewed Weaveworld on + 14 more book reviews
In Weaveworld, a prosaic Liverpool clerk named Calhoun Mooney falls into a magic carpet. He has entered the cursed and enchanted Weaveworld of the Seerkind, a people with the power to make magic-or to destroy humanity...
reviewed Weaveworld on + 9 more book reviews
This is a VERY interesting fantasy novel by a well-known author outside his usual genre. His plot and premise borders on the just-plain-strange, but the action is constant and the creativity kept me interested throughout. Beautiful writing.
candorandeau avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 8 more book reviews
Fantastic story about a world inside of a carpet sound weird but it just keeps going. A real page turn i could not put this book down.
reviewed Weaveworld on + 14 more book reviews
Probably one of the more readable books by Barker, it avoids some of his usualy gore and "power comes from pain" themes and provides a terrific fantasy tale.
Kibi avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 582 more book reviews
A Pure Venture of the Imagination, July 6, 2004
Reviewer: Alexander Babbie (Dannemora, NY United States)

After reading Barker's other fantasy epic, Imajica; I couldn't wait to get my hands on Weaveworld, and now that I'm done reading it I am convinced that Barker is one of the most talented authors alive.
Calhoun Mooney, a 20 something free-spirit, accidentally falls into a magic carpet which serves as a refuge for the Seerkind, who have been hunted by mankind (Cuckoos) throughout history for their special abilities. Cal's fall into the carpet sets into motion an epic confrontation for the carpet and the wonders it contains. With the aid of the beautiful Suzanna, whose connection to the carpet is deeper than she can possibly realize, Cal must protect the carpet from Immacolata, an "Inncantrix" who once ruled the carpet; Shadwell, a salesman by nature who considers the carpet the ultimate prize; and the Scourge, an ultimate evil whose very existence is tied to the extinction of the Seerkind.

If all that doesn't make too much sense, don't worry...its not supposed to at first glance, and that's the wonderful part reading Barker...he has such a wonderful imagination and is able to convey his imagination so well, that the only real way to understand what his books are about is to read them. Barker also has a gift for making wonderfully complex "villains" that never fail to dazzle. By the end of the story, even the Scourge, which was the ultimate evil to the Seerkind was able to provoke profound empathy from me over the emptiness and sadness that it felt.

Anyone who enjoys fantasy, horror, or simply a good yarn will love this book. Admittedly it does start out somewhat slow, but the pace soon picks up and you will not be able to put it down.
borged avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 21 more book reviews
Another wonderful horror novel from Clive Barker!
reviewed Weaveworld on + 1440 more book reviews
A man loses his wife. As he grieves he seems unable to find interest in any part of his life. Even his beloved racing pigeons are cared for by his son, Cal. When one escapes Cal chases it and discovers an enchanting world which he views when he falls off a wall. A young woman receives a letter from her grandmother asking her to visit before it's too late. Thus begins a strange adventure for Suzanne when she meets Cal.

The enchanting world is enclosed in a carpet where inhabitants sleep and the world is protected. The young woman, Suzanne, arrives to say goodbye to her dying grandmother, custodian to the world. Others want the world, too. Shadwell wants to sell it to the world's most wealthy men. A rogue seerkind wants to kill the families living there. Hobart, a policeman believes Suzanne is a terrorist, and is madly pursuing her.

So much happens that it's hard to stop reading. Cal and Suzanne try to save Weaveworld but it unravels - not once but twice and the second time it falls apart leaving few residents alive. The enemies remain - chiefly Shadwell and Hobart who now search for the Scourge which wants to destroy all seerkind and any vestige of the world itself. It was Shadwell's efforts, accompanied by Hobart and his trained police squad, that murdered so many.

Yes, it's long but it's enchanting and the world that Barker created along with the characters are magical. My only objection is that the ending could have been edited to avoid what seemed to be to be a drawn out scenario.
reviewed Weaveworld on + 36 more book reviews
A Clive Barker mixture of fantasy and horror in which an unknowing clerk enters into an eerie and enchanted world of a people with the ability to perhaps destroy humanity.
NYbooks avatar reviewed Weaveworld on + 95 more book reviews
Imaginative wonderous fantastique journey into a hidden world.