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Book Reviews of Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3)

Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3)
Winterkill - Joe Pickett, Bk 3
Author: C. J. Box
ISBN-13: 9780425195956
ISBN-10: 0425195953
Publication Date: 5/2004
Pages: 338
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 115 ratings
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 296 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
The setting for Box's novels in northern Wyoming is near where I grew up and I enjoy reding about it---they are very good mysteries, too.
KansasSunflower avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 329 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I love this series.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 100 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Stayed up too late to finish reading this book. I thought it was coming to an end TWICE, but the thrills just kept coming and then the final ending was perfect.
punkinema avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 305 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Another intense thriller from C. J. Box. Joe Pickett sees a local man slaughter 7 elk for no apparent reason. He arrests him and the man escapes with Joe finding his murdered body on a tree. The pace never lets up and all of the action is in the middle of winter and hard snow. A good example of government authority run amuck too. I really like Joe and his family.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 6 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is the third in the Joe Pickett series. It is every bit as good as the preceding books.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 30 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Lots of suspense and surprises. One that is hard to put down.
nrezac avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 160 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Great mystery set in Wyoming, featuring Game Warden Joe Pickett. I really enjoyed reading all of the books in this series. I was unable to put the book down!
perryfran avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 1193 more book reviews
The Joe Pickett series by Box is becoming one of my favorites along with the Longmire series by Craig Johnson. Both series take place in Wyoming and involve local ranchers, cowboys, hunters, etc. Joe Pickett is the local game warden and gets in the middle of some perplexing situations. In Winterkill, he stumbles upon a U.S. Forest Service supervisor who is wantonly killing a herd of Elk. The FS officer winds up dead and pinned to a tree by some high-powered arrows. In trying to solve the murder, Pickett gets involved in a confrontation between the Feds (FS and FBI) and a group of anti-government sovereigns who end up also putting Pickett's foster daughter in danger. Overall, another great entry in the series. This is the third novel in the Pickett series after Open Season and Savage Run both of which I also enjoyed. Another high recommendation and I'll be looking forward to more in the series.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 204 more book reviews
Terrific series
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 34 more book reviews
It's an hour away from darkness, a bitter winter storm israging, and JoePickett is deep in the forest edging Battle Mountain, shotgun in his left hand, his truck's steering wheel handcuffed to his right hand, and the man he had arrested, lost, chased through snow, was in front of him, riddled with arrows. The mountain and snow storm warn to get off the mountain, but Joe knows that this episode is far from over; somewhere in the thick forest a killer may be drawing his bow and Joe is his prey. . . As usual C. J. Box presents a book filled with suspense, a hero who shows his human side, and a plot that is filled with surprises until the final whodunit. Good read.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 59 more book reviews
good book
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 6 more book reviews
Good read!
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 139 more book reviews
Part of a great series about Wyoming.
AmyLang avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 9 more book reviews
His best to date!
Barbllm avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 241 more book reviews
A severe winter storm bears down on Joe Pickett's town of Saddlestring but another type of storm--purely a human creation--is in the works as a ragtag band of "Sovereigns" camp in a national forest, much to the consternation of local law enforcement. The book begins with the unlikely killing of Lamar Gardiner, whom Joe arrests after he kills several elk. His pursuit turns more personal when his foster daughter April is kidnapped by her white trash mother, Jeannie Keeley, who's involved with the Sovereigns.

Box's characterizations are as hard as the Wyoming landscape that he details. The villains of the piece are deeply amoral people: federal bureaucrat Melinda Strickland and FBI sociopath Dick Munker. They're both vicious in their own ways and, as is the case with all of Box's novels, they each get their comeuppance.

I started reading this series backwards (starting with "Blood Trail") and reading this makes me understand why Nate Romanowski is a wanted fugitive and how Pickett's daughter Sheridan becomes involved with falconry. This series makes for great reading and deserves a wider audience.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on
This is the fourth C.W. Box book that I have read. I really enjoy his descriptions of life in Wyoming and Montana. A great author and really nice guy when you have the opportunity to meet him.
junie avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 630 more book reviews
Since I always read CJ.Box's books, this was an earlier one I missed and it was when he met Nate! I love all the characters and adventures of Joe Pickett and this one was no exception. I am always excited when Nate joins Joe as they to track down the bad guys! He is my favorite character.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 12 more book reviews
This series is very enjoyable. Lots of action, and the main character is a genuinely nice guy who tries to do what's right. That's refreshing in this day and age.
cyndij avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 1031 more book reviews
Another hold-on-tight mystery/thriller, the third in the Joe Pickett series. Just before a huge winter storm hits, Joe sees a hunter start slaughtering elk. Catching up with the man, he's horrified to see it's the district supervisor for the forest, suddenly gone mad. Unfortunately Joe really needs to work on his apprehension skills, because Joe ends up handcuffed to his steering wheel and the suspect at large. If that were only the end of it...after he gets loose he finds his suspect pinned to a tree with arrows and his throat cut. It gets more frantic from there, with a government-hating militia rolling into town, a power-mad Forest Service supervisor, Homeland Security snipers slavering over the prospect of a shootout, and a few folks with long held grudges against the Forest Service. The biological mother of Joe's foster daughter is with the militia and starts proceedings to get April back. His money hungry mother-in-law is staying with them because her politician husband is getting indicted. This book is where Nate Romanowski shows up, accused of killing the forest supervisor. Joe will find the truth, starting an enduring friendship between the two.
Joe Pickett is such an interesting character. He's not always competent, doesn't always succeed in what he's doing, but he does what's right. Nate Romanowski tells him "You really are a good guy, aren't you?" and Joe is embarrassed. "Knock it off" he says. I like that in this book, when Joe's family is threatened, he knows he can't be the straight arrow any more although he can't bring himself to be evil.
If you have issues with animals dying in books this series is not for you. There's some ugly scenes, IMO not gratuitous, and although Box does not dwell on them they are uncomfortable to read.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 3111 more book reviews
Best to read this series in order, this one moves on with the what happened to April their foster daughter.
arthudson avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 91 more book reviews
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 415 more book reviews
Good suspense story with action and intrigue.
2littletime avatar reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 57 more book reviews
CJ Box is quickly becoming one of my favorite author's tied only with William Kent Krueger for having such a strong main character, and getting you to buy in along the way with the series. Joe Pickett, game warden of Saddlestring, WY is not without his faults, but always manages as an underdog to overcome, but not always without losses and mistakes-this is a craft that makes CJ Box and his writing so believable! Box also as with the first two I have read in the series, spins a tale that grabs hold and entwines you personally till you quickly find yourself lost in the story. You also become a part of his family as you feel the challenges they face with weather, everyday life, and Pickett's challenge of being a game warden in the frigid Wyoming wilderness. Being a former hunter and a lover of Wyoming I enjoy each book as it makes you feel the beauty and hardships of the country. His characters are real and come to life with some flare. Each book makes me sad to come to the ending, but honestly I simply can't wait to get to the next one in the series. Bravo CJ Box, and again Joe Pickett has become my hero I look up to between the covers!
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on + 34 more book reviews
I love Joe Pickett. What a cool guy and a great dad. This book involved Joe once again putting himself in great danger but for a good cause. Loved it.
reviewed Winterkill (Joe Pickett, Bk 3) on
When a forest service supervisor is murdered right after a manic shooting spree that slaughtered a herd of elk. A special investigative team headed by a devious, vindictive woman arrives in Saddlestring, bent on a bloody confrontation with a group of government-hating survivalists camped out on federal land. Among then is Jeannie Keeley, who abandoned her daughter April three years earlier.