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Danny N. (Alameda) - , : June 20th 'til July 1st - Summer starts today - 6-packs are back for a limited time. 6-packs are 6 books for 2 book credits - order any 2 books, PM me with the titles/authors of any 4 books on my shelf. Beach Time, Lake Time, Party Time.
Entry added on 6/20/2016 2:47 PM
VALERIE L. (lovejaneeyre):

Anything for Covid Time? 

Reply added on 2/2/2021 12:20 PM
Danny N. (Alameda) - , :

Nov/Dec 2015 -> Recently added 9 boxes of books (about 450) Offering deals if you'd like 'em - Order 2 books and send a PM for of the Titles/Authors and/or the ISBN's of 3 more books for a 5/2 deal...same process for a 10/3 or 15/4...or just add 5 more books for just 1 more credit - any amount...recently did a 75 and 60 book deal - how about you? Interested?

Entry added on 11/20/2015 10:31 AM
Last edited on 11/20/2015 10:32 AM
Danny N. (Alameda) - , :

Heads-Up... A lesson learnt but forgotten, then re-learned again and worth passing on...If you use the Post Office PRIORITY MAIL boxes or envelopes, then the Post Office WILL CHARGE YOU the PRIORITY Rate...if they do not catch it at the counter then they will catch it at the destination and charge the receiver "POSTAGE DUE." - Also, if you turn the box or envelope 'inside-out' and still use it ? ! ? - they will still charge you the PRIORITY Rate, because the inside says "PRIORITY Mail" as well, and PRIORITY trumps MEDIA Mail everytime.....

Entry added on 12/11/2013 7:36 PM
Last edited on 12/11/2013 7:38 PM
Danny N. (Alameda) - , : Lessons Learned


Lessons learned! ? !

1) I always take care of a book request as soon as I get the request. I've made the mistake once too often of waiting for a day or two, only to have the request canceled at the last minute by the requestor. Usually there's no explanation...so I always go get the book requested just to ensure I actually have the book in my hand. Then go ahead and accept, print the label then and there and go ahead and mark it as mailed. That way the requestor cannot 'back out' without PM-ing you and asking for a cancelation...that part has never happened yet, and would not be a problem if it did happen.

2) Get your books from whatever sources you can get them - just make sure they are 'postable'. Our local public library has a book sale/fund raiser about 3 to 4 times a year. Almost all the books are always in like new condition and w/o the library markings. I think they are donated by Library patrons from what they've purchased and read thru-out the year and its a way to get rid of their books in a good way. Some of the books are excess inventory from some of the local stores (Food Lion, Walmart etc). It's always a good deal. You might also do the sniff test as lots (and I mean A LOT!) of PBS members do not want books that even hint at a whiff of smoke, so try to keep them clean.

3) The books I post is just my 'currency' for trading i.e. to get credits. The books I want are not available here where I live but are available on PBS, sometimes only by the "WISH LIST" process. My Wish List is always at 200 books, and my Reminders List is always pushing 2,000 books. I tell you this 'cause most members only post their own books (the stuff they read), which limits who will pick their books. By having a wide variety of anything and everything then you will be filling orders quite often - from a variety of people. I do on average about 20 books a week.

When I "Advertise" my 10/3 & 20/5 deal on the Bazaar then I'll push out maybe 200 books in a week and I always run the push for a months duration. I always have the 10/3 deal going eveyday but hardly anyone checks peoples 'profile' sheet to see what they do/are/etc...so if you want to push books it 'pays' to advertise (it's free on the PBS Bazaar - It's under "Community", then "Discussion Forums")

4) Mailing: I went ahead and purchased an electronic Post Office Scale. Costs about $35/$38 bucks - you can get them cheaper elsewhere - just make sure it displays (accurately) down to 1 ounce and perhaps up to 5 Pounds. Next make a "Cheat Sheet" of what it costs to mail a 4.0 ounce book, a 5.0 ounce book, up to 9 ounces at 1st Class rates (over 8.0 ounces should go out as Media Mail rates which is currently $2.41). Then make a Cheat Sheet for books by the pound (1 Lb $2.38, 2 Lbs+ $2.77, etc). - this way you have all the info you need ready at your fingertips.

Single Books (Mass Market)? - I wrap in Saran Wrap - about three times and just fold over the edges - it'll keep the water out. I also use the Brand name stuff as the cheaper brands just seem to mess up and after a few times it's just not worth the frustration. I also use the PBS Wrapper on two sheets of copy paper (1st page the mailer, 2nd page the reminder - I turn the reminder page over so that the print side is to the book - hopefully the requestor will see it and mark the book as received (smiles).

Single Books (Trade size) - ?I usually wrap in Saran Wrap and then put it in either a 6x9, 9x12, or 10x13 envelope - or in a bubblewrap bag that I've saved from a book I've received.

Hard Back, Audio Tapes or CD's - ?I usually take extra precautions with to ensure they arrive safely. (Note - When I'm buying excess books I'm reluctant on what I choose to buy in Hard Backs - they cost more money to buy, and then they cost more money to mail. I almost always stay away from the 1,000+ pages Hardback$$$.


1 book costs about $2.50 to mail, 2 books will cost $2.50 to $3.00, 3 books will run from $2.50 to maybe $3.30-ish. this brings the book/credit ratio from $2.50 a credit to maybe $1.00 to $1.20 a credit (course this does not count the costs of the books). I can mail 10 books (4 Lbs) at $3.55 - for 3 credits back. That becomes $1.20 a credit. Not too bad for 10 PB for which I paid anywhere from 10 cent each, to 25 cent, and maybe half at 50 cent each. Plus I got to read some of them. Books under 13 ounces I drop in a drop off box on the way to work in the AM. Anything 13.0 ounces or over I take to the PO cause it's only about 6 to 8 blocks out of my way going hame after work. Some people save the mailings for the weekend, some do it everyday by leaving the books on their mailbox for the mailman/lady to pick up (but under 13 ounces each book).


Delivery Confirmation - I always use it. The 1st 6 months as as a member I lost perhaps 6 maybe 8 books. That means I lost the books, and lost the money spent to mail the books and GOT NO CREDITS! Plus the member at the other end never got their book and it had to be re-ordered from another member with the next waiting period. I sent in $200 to the PBS place in Atlanta GA and they put the money into my PBS account. I always select the DC feature and it costs me a few cents each order (I think its currently 27 cents to PBS and 19 cents to the PO = 46 cents). I've lost maybe 6 books in the last 1-1/2 years, but still got the credits for all of them. DC with a box of books (10/3) costs the same a DC for just one book. When it gets down to $50-ish I then send them more money - it lasts about a year or so... ~~~~~~~~~

Entry added on 8/16/2010 6:56 PM
Erika H. (erikausaf):

This is so helpful!!? Thanks for sharing your wealth of information.? It's amazing what you can learn at 1230am when you're up browsing pbs:).?

Reply added on 1/6/2011 1:29 AM
Danny N. (Alameda) - , : How To Order from a PBS Member

when you are 'browsing' on a PBS members bookshelf and you 'click on' the book title, or author. or publisher (etc) to get more info - you are then taken to what I call the PBS warehouse - it's not apparent but thats where you end up.

If you then click-on "Order This Book" while at the "warehouse" you are now ordering what is called the FIFO (First In First Out) book which is the oldest (by date) book in the PBS system.

If you want to order only from a specific PBS member (such as myself), then you have to 1st - go to their bookshelf and order the books by clicking on the "Order This Book" button as you initially browse - if you click on the book "title" to get more info or see a larger picture, just make sure that you use the 'internet' "arrow back button on the top of your menu bar to get back to the PBS members bookshelf.

If in doubt - you can always scroll to the top of the page you are on and it should have the PBS members Name at the top left hand corner - if you don't see the members name then you are elsewhere(?!?)...

Hope this explanation isn't too confusing...if you still have problems then just make a list of the books you want by title and ISBN numbers and PM the info back to me...buddy the credits for half the books (or whatever our 'deal' is). Send an extra title/ISBN number or two just in case I don't have a book you requested.

If you can sucessfully order from my bookshelf then I recommend (if you have the credits on hand) - that you order all the books you want then PM me with how many you ordered and I will pull the books and Buddy back half the credits (or whatever our deal is) - usually within a couple of hours...

Note - Anything you order won't show up in my "IN" box for 1 hour - PBS gives 'you' a 1-hour chance to change your mind about ordering a book before the request is forwarded to the requested PBS member...

...sound alright?

Danny N (Alameda) - Havelock NC

Entry added on 1/27/2008 8:38 AM
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