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Rachel B. (MrsBurke1208) - Reviews

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Basic Training for Horses (Doubleday Equestrian Library)
Review Date: 8/27/2009

Lots of training advice on everything from ground work to saddle work!

Dr Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses
Dr Kellon's Guide to First Aid for Horses
Author: Eleanor Kellon
Book Type: Spiral-bound
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
Review Date: 3/26/2009

The Dr. Kellon's Book First Aid for horses is on of the best books on the topic I have seen, it is well organized into section in tabular format. The tabs are very easy to navigate and provide immediate access to well organized and well illustrated instructions. This is a tool all Horse folks should have in their tack room, trailer and saddle bags. My copy goes every were my horses go.

Natural Healing for Horses : The Complete Guide to Preventative Health Care and Natural Remedies
Review Date: 10/10/2010

While this book has good basics for beginners it is lacking information and how to for more experienced horse owners. It tells you what to use/concoctions that can be to made but no specifics on how to make them!

Western Horsemanship: The Complete Guide to Riding the Western Horse
Review Date: 7/18/2009
Helpful Score: 2

This book would be great for a beginner rider. I only found the last few chapters interesting. 3/4 of the book is about saddling and bridling, mounting and dismounting, the use of riding aides, grooming and what to wear. There were a few good tips on strengthening your seat and overall appearance in the show ring but other than that I wasn't that impressed. I wouldn't recommend this book to someone who already knows how to ride western or for someone who has already made the appearance in the show ring.

1 to 4 of 4