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Millie B. (GeorgiaMom) - Reviews

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Home Song
Home Song
Author: LaVyrle Spencer
Book Type: Audio Cassette
Review Date: 7/14/2008

Are there sins of the heart beyond forgiving? The answer is revealed in LaVyrle Spencer's powerful novel of a family whose future is imperiled by the past.

When a new student transfers to principal Tom Gardner's school, Tom instantly recognizes that this teenager is the son he never knew he had, the result of a one-night stand years before. Raised by an adoring and fiercely independent mother who never revealed the name of his biological father, Kent Arens is a fine young man. But his very presence represents something deeper-and darker-to the members of Tom Gardner's family. To Claire, Tom's wife, Kent is the symbol of an act of betrayal so bitterly wrenching she cannot forgive her husband. To Chelsea, their daughter, he is the boy she is falling in love with and to Claire's son, Robby, Kent is his rival in the classroom and on the football field.

As the Gardners careen toward disaster, they must learn the true meaning of unconditional love. In that lesson, "Home Song" strikes a universal chord in all of us.

Long for This World : A Novel
Long for This World : A Novel
Author: Michael Byers
Book Type: Paperback
  • Currently 3.3/5 Stars.
Review Date: 5/12/2009

Interesting moral conflicts for the main character. I enjoyed it.

Tough and Tender
Tough and Tender
Author: Joyce Landorf Heatherley
Book Type: Hardcover
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
Review Date: 10/10/2008

This is a Guideposts two-book volume-two outstanding books of inspiration and practical help from a best-selling Christian author.

Tough and Tender -

What does a woman want in a man? In today's fast-changing world Christian men are asking themselves that question more and more. And here Joyce Landorf provides both the "what" answers and the "how-to's" of buiding a sound Christian marriage.

Mrs. Landorf points men away from the "macho" image and toward the qualities Christ calls Christian men to have: decisiveness and strength of character combined with sensitivity and gentleness. All of these, she says, are the qualities your wife - your whole family - want and need. And with warmth, wit and scholarship she shows you how to develop them.

Changepoints -

The transition times. They come in every woman's life. Some them you look forward to: the time you get married...or the time you become a mother. Others you don't want to face: the loss of a job...or a crippling accident. But all of them require adjustment. In "Changepoints", Joyce Landorf discusses those changes - and shows you the opportunities they can bring. Using Biblical examples plus her own experience, she shows you how to deal with such changepoints as diapering, dealing with mothers-in-law, living alone, and many more. Not just "coping" but learning..growing in faith and spirit...eventually to look forward to change or opportunity.

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