Help Center - What's in the Account Settings?

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Account Settings are accessible from the dropdown menu under My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site, and there is a Settings tab in My Account.

Your Account Settings permit you to change various settings in your account.

The customizable sections on the Account Settings page are:

  • User email address,  Shipping Address
    • these cannot be changed until you have received 3 books from PBS.  If you need to change them before this, contact us with your old and new information.

  • Public PBS Profile - you must make a public profile to have a PBS Nickname and to be listed in the Member Directory.
    • Once chosen, your PBS Nickname cannot be changed, so please be sure that you are happy with your choice before you click "Update"! 
    • Privacy options for your Profile can be set in the Privacy Controls, linked from the top of the Settings page.  See Privacy Controls for more information.

  • Forum Settings - here you can adjust how forum posts appear (yours and other members)
    • you can upload a personal photo, include pictures or text in your signature, "hide" buttons linking to your book list/wishlist, and "hide" other members' forum signature text or photos or both.

  • Newsletter - you can opt to receive it or not.  New policies and feature changes are announced and explained in the Newsletter; it is a good idea to subscribe!

  • Email Settings - allow you to opt out of several different types of PBS auto-emails. Selecting an auto-email category means that you do NOT want to receive any emails in that category.

  • Requestor Conditions - here you can specify any "special conditions" for books you receive from PBS ("no books currently in a smoking environment", for example). See How to Use Requestor Conditions for more information.
  • Tags - you can choose to turn off tags.  Choosing Off will make them not visible to you. 

The links at the top of the Settings page are:

  • Vacation Hold - this lets you put your account on hold, preventing incoming requests and Wish List offers. See How to put your Account on Hold/vacation for more information.
  • Daily Digest - here you can subscribe and unsubscribe to the Daily Digest email, and adjust the genres included.  See What is the Daily Digest? for more information.
  • Daily Wish List - here you can subscribe and unsubscribe to the Daily Wish List email, and adjust the genres included.  See What is the Daily Wish List? for more information.
  • Change Password - Allows you to change your password.   See How do I change my account password? for more information.
  • Change Secret Question - Allows you to change the Secret Question/Answer you need to provide if you forget your password and need to reset it from the login page.
  • Privacy Controls - These let you set Privacy Options for your profile and other account information.  See Privacy Controls for more information.