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Help Center - Wrapping a Trade Paperback Using the PBS Wrapper

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How to wrap a Trade paperback Book Using the PBS wrapper

It couldn't be any simpler!

  • First, print the PBS wrapper from the transaction on your account page.
    • The 2-page version of the wrapper can be used alone to wrap most books.
    • The one-page "label" version of the wrapper will NOT be sufficient to wrap a book.
  • Then, use the two printer pages to make a package to enclose the book completely, as below.

Step 1 - Gather your materials: book, shipping tape (2" tape), both pages of the PBS wrapper.

Step 2 - Center the book on page 2 of the PBS Wrapper, so that the long sides of page 2 are parallel to the book's spine

Step 3 - Fold up the long ends of page 2 over the book and crease. If you have wrapped the book in plastic, you can tape the short ends of page 2 to the plastic to make this easier. Do not tape anything directly to the book!

Step 4 - Lay page 1 of the wrapper crossways on top, so that the short sides of page 1 are parallel to the book's spine.

Step 5 - Curl page 1 around the book; flip the whole thing over (book and wrapper pages) and tape the short ends of page 1 down (onto the underside of page 2).

Step 6: Fold the paper over the ends of the book like giftwrapping a present. Make sure the book is enclosed completely within the Wrapping.

Step 7: Add some tape to reinforce the corners and seams (one piece covering each of the short ends of the package and one over the seam if the paper is gapping at all).

Add your postage and now you're ready to mail!

  • It is always better to use too much tape than not enough! Clear 2" packing (NOT Scotch) tape should be used. Please do not tape directly to the book!!
  • Consider an innner layer of plastic (grocery bag, plastic wrap, etc.) to protect the book against moisture. A brand of plastic wrap called Press-N-Seal has glue that can leave a sticky residue on books; this brand is NOT recommended.
  • Make sure to tape all the corners and seams well.
  • If the book is large enough that the 2 sheets of printer paper will not enclose it completely, you can use an extra sheet of paper.
  • You can also use a variety of alternate materials to wrap your book, such as:
    • a padded or bubble mailer
    • a nonpadded manila envelope (be sure to tape the loose envelope material down tightly around the book if you choose this, so that no "flaps" stick out to get caught in postal machines)
    • a cut-down paper grocery sack.
    • Feel free to be creative! As long as your package is sturdy and protects the book(s) inside, it's all good!
    • You can tape page 1 onto your alternate packaging like an address label (tape it down securely), and tuck page 2 inside the package.

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