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Help Center - Receiving a Box-O-Books and Leaving Boxer Feedback

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Marking a Box-O-Books Received

  • Jill gets Jack's shipment

    • She opens the box and finds that all the books are in good PBS-swappable condition, and that they are the correct books.
    • She goes to her Box-O-Books area, to the pending swap with Jack
    • This is what she sees:

    • She clicks to place a checkmark in the box next to "Add Books to my TBR Pile"
    • Then she clicks this sends a BOX RECEIVED email to Jack
    • Then she clicks and writes him a thank-you message:
      • "Thanks for the books!  They got here so fast, and they look great!   You packaged them very well.  Thanks for using a bubble-mailer.  The books were really protected from the rainstorm today. All my other mail is wet!"
      • Then she adds a P.S.  "My ferrets are very interested in the bubble mailer.  Do you have animals?"
      • Then she clicks in the Boxer Rating area and chooses "Positive" and types her message:
        • "Great swapper! The books arrived fast, well packaged, and they are in great shape."
        • She reviews her message to be sure this says exactly what she wants to say
        Boxer Feedback can't be amended once it is submitted, so be sure that you have chosen Positive/Neutral/Negative appropriately, and that your comments say what you mean to say.
      • Jack will be able to add a response to her Boxer Feedback about this swap.


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