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Book Review of Wild Man Creek (Virgin River, Bk 14)

Wild Man Creek (Virgin River, Bk 14)
Wild Man Creek (Virgin River, Bk 14)
Author: Robyn Carr
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This was a very sweet book, even the love scenes were fun. There were no dramatics and slow in a good way. Almost like taking its time or akin to aging a good wine.

Jilly was delightful. I sympathized with her right from the start. Even though I did cringe at her calling her ex who manipulated her, I knew it was a really realistic reaction. It wasn't smart but who wouldn't want the call the jerk even just to say, "What the hell?" I loved how ethusiastic and single minded she was, to the point of obsessive compulsion. I think she needed to be or I would have a hard time imagining her as a high powered CEO.

I know one of the other reviews felt there were no character developments but I disagree. I think there were a lot but it wasn't spelled out. Like with the rest of the book, it was subtle. I think by the end of the book both Jillian and Collin were different people. I can assure you that Collin was no longer the boy's who favorite past time was to wash lipstick of his anatomy in the morning.

Really great read. After reading a few of her books, I'm so glad I found Carr. She knows how to write a series without recycling characters with a different name or using the same plotlines.