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Book Review of The End of the Age: A Novel

The End of the Age: A Novel
jillybean7682 avatar reviewed on + 19 more book reviews

I read this book in 1995 when I was 15. I could NOT put it down. I have spent years trying to remember the name of this book and author! I was watching this documentary called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" and Pat Robertson's name came up in the dialogue.

"THAT's the guy!" I said!

Sure, he's religious. I've seen his show flipping channels. It's just a great story. From what I remember, the end was a bit strange, like a new Eden?? ....religious survivors getting together to discover God again. Hey, it's FICTION! A page-turner for my 15 yr old self.

I wonder how I would view this book now at nearly 30 years old. It will be interesting to reread this - to see how my opinions and views have changed with adulthood.

I'm thinking if you liked the Left Behind series, you'll like this book. I happened to like the Left Behind books - well, movies - ok most of the movies were cheesy, but it wasn't like Hollywood made them! To be fair, I read only the 1st book of the Left Behind series before I started in on the movies...

Anyway, good book. Try it out. Give it 100 pages at least.

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