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Book Review of I'll Be Watching You

I'll Be Watching You
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Taylor Halstead is a psychologist, who has a radio show and helps teens at a prestegious school. She is an only child of wealthy parents who were never there for her. Her best friend is her cousin who is also from a wealthy family, an only child with unresponsive parents. Taylor is not very outgoing and likes to control as much of her life as she can. Stephanie is the opposite and very outgoing and willing to take chances.

Reed Weston is a brillant attorney. He has been very ambitious and has finally come to realize he wants to represent a more moral, ethical type of client.

When Taylor is attacked by Stephanie's boyfriend, she is frightened and reports him to the police. However before anything can be done he and Steph are killed in the explosion of his yacht.

Suddenly Taylor is being stalked. She meets the boyfriends twin brother and immedately feels threatened. Reed is his attorney. Now the fun begins and the facts just don't add up. So with a few murders, threatening phone calls, and lots of suspense we follow the book to it's conclusion. It is a good read.

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