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Book Review of Cash : The Autobiography

Cash : The Autobiography
corleyp avatar reviewed Johnny Cash part 2 on + 6 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2

Perviously I have reviewed Cash's first book, "Man in Black" (in hardcover). I was very much looking forward to the 2nd book, to see how his voice changed in the 20+ years between books.

In this book, Cash has more of a tendency to ramble, but it's a fun ramble. It's the ramble that I remember from talking with my Grandfather, tying in stories left and right, and never knowing what you are going to learn. He does repeat some of what was discussed in "Man in Black" - but not to the point where I was bored. (there was less than a month's time between reading the two books). Details remained the same, but he has realized more lessons since that book.

There isn't as much religion in this book like the last (and the last wasn't pushy or preachy either). He is still Christian, still very strong in his faith. But now he realizes he is much more human. Since the last book, he has relapsed - a couple of times. Believing in Jesus doesn't make the temptation go away. And he's learned that now.

Overall, I enjoyed this book as much as I did his first one. My only wish is that there was more information about the last part of his career - but that seems to have happened either while this book was in progress or right afterwards. I would love to know why he did a cover of a NIN song.

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