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List created by K. A. U. (SetDancer) on Mar 22, 2016
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K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Silent Speaker (Nero Wolfe, Bk 11) by Rex Stout
When a powerful government official turns up dead, the great Nero Wolfe takes notice. On the edge of financial ruin, the orchid-loving detective grudgingly accepts the case. Soon another victim is found, a stenographer's tape disappears, and the dead man speaks -- after a fashion. As the...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Night at the Vulcan (Roderick Alleyn, Bk 16) by Ngaio Marsh
A London actor was dying for a star billing... From the leading lady's liaison to the harassment of an aging juvenile lead-there's never a dull moment, darling, at the Vulcan Theatre. But vanity and hysterics, suspicion and superstition, brandy and jealousy, are upstaged by a death...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Some Buried Caesar (Nero Wolfe, Bk 7) by Rex Stout
Will the $45,000 champion bull become barbecue? For the first time in years, Nero Wolfe, one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time, leaves the comfort of his New York City brownstone to become entangled in a family feud that becomes deadly. Nero and Archie Goodwin, his able assistant,...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Death of a Doxy (Nero Wolfe, bk 41) by Rex Stout
A doxy ? a prostitute or paramour ? is found dead, and one of Nero Wolfe?s longtime acquaintances stands accused. Wolfe reluctantly lays out bait in the form of a showgirl ? whose talents may equal his own.


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Death on Deadline (Nero Wolfe, Bk 2) by Robert Goldsborough
The first corpse is slated to be a newspaper. If Ian MacLaren, sleazy king of Britain's scandal sheets succeeds in taking over the Gazette, this respectable publication will die. Archie Goodwin is astonished when Nero Wolfe decides to stop him. But Wolfe's public call for defense of the...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Bloodied Ivy (Nero Wolfe continuation, Bk 3) by Robert Goldsborough
He was a man a lot of people hated, even in death. He was Hale Markham, a professor at an upstate New York college, a man infamous for his poisonous jealousy, backstabbing, and character assassination. His death is graded accidental. As Archie pokes about the ivy, Nero Wolfe is ensconced within...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Calhoun Women: Suzanna & Megan: Suzanna's Surrender\Megan's Mate by Nora Roberts
Revisit the unforgettable Calhoun women in these two exceptional stories about love and legend from #1 New York Times bestselling author NORA ROBERTS     Suzanna's Surrender  Burned-out and tired as hell, the only thing ex-cop Holt Bradford wanted to do was relax. But when beautiful single...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Chasing Destiny: Waiting for Nick\Considering Kate (Stanislaskis) by Nora Roberts
The final two books in the beloved Stanislaski series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts  Waiting for Nick  Frederica Kimball is ready for life on her own in New York. She has three goals: find her own place, become a Broadway lyricist and get Nick LeBeck to fall as...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Chasing Passion: Falling for Rachel\Convincing Alex (Stanislaskis) by Nora Roberts
The unforgettable Stanislaskis return in this pair of stories from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts  Falling for Rachel  Landlocked in Manhattan, rugged seaman Zack Muldoon needs a tough, no-nonsense lawyer to save his kid brother's delinquent hide. Public defender Rachel...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Chasing Hope: Taming Natasha\Luring a Lady (Stanislaskis) by Nora Roberts
The first two books in the highly celebrated Stanislaski series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts  Taming Natasha  The first time single father Spence Kimball sets eyes on Natasha Stanislaski, he's floored by her exotic beauty. But the former ballet dancer turned toy shop...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Calhoun Women: Amanda & Lilah: A Man for Amanda\For the Love of Lilah by Nora Rob...
Revisit the unforgettable Calhoun sisters in these  two remarkable stories about love and family  from #1 New York Times bestselling author  NORA ROBERTS    A Man for Amanda  A slow, sexy drawl was all Amanda Calhoun heard when she walked into the wall of denim and muscle that was Sloan...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Exposed: Night Shift\Night Shadow (Night Tales) by Nora Roberts
Tales of mystery, danger and passion are played out every night between dusk and dawn.  From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts come two mesmerizing stories of desire and suspense  Night Shift  Her voice is like whiskey, smooth and potent, but it's her contradictions that...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Stolen: Nightshade\Night Smoke (Night Tales) by Nora Roberts
Two dark and dazzling fan-favorite tales of romantic suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author  NORA ROBERTS  Nightshade  Colt Nightshade can't believe his luck: he's been partnered on a case with the stunningly beautiful lieutenant Althea Grayson. But Grayson works strictly by the...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Undone: Night Shield\Night Moves (Night Tales) by Nora Roberts
#1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nora Roberts brings you two reader-favorite stories that show us how love can shine a light through the darkness  Night Shield  Jonah Blackhawk knows trouble when he sees it, and Ally Fletcher definitely falls into that category. The lanky...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The MacGregors: Serena & Caine: Playing the Odds\Tempting Fate by Nora Roberts
Romance thrives when we least expect it?  Playing the Odds  Serena MacGregor is looking for a little independence and some much-needed adventure, and Justin Blade is definitely not what she had in mind. But the stakes are high, and Justin is betting on changing Serena's mind about him. And...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The MacGregors: Alan & Grant: All the Possibilities\One Man's Art by Nora Roberts
The MacGregors: One passionate, headstrong family. Two fan-favorite tales of timeless romance.  All the Possibilities Shelby Campbell is unlike any woman Senator Alan MacGregor has ever known?vibrant, creative, unconventional?and determined to keep him at arm's length despite their undeniable...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The MacGregors: Robert & Cybil: The Winning Hand\The Perfect Neighbor by Nora Roberts
Two reader-favorite stories about the beloved MacGregor clan and the risks they will take?all in the name of love!  The Winning Hand Darcy Wallace is on the run from her past, and from an ex-fiancé who wouldn't take no for an answer. So when she spends her last three dollars at the hotel casino...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Getaway: Partners / The Art of Deception by Nora Roberts
Two fan-favorite stories about rivals turning into lovers… PARTNERS -- Matthew Bates has wanted Laurel Armand for years -- though professionally she’s his nemesis. With their dangerous attraction simmering just below the surface, Laurel and Matthew feed off their rivalry -- until...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Christmas with You: Gabriel's Angel\Home for Christmas by Nora Roberts
Feel the magic of the season in two unforgettable stories by #1 New York Times bestselling author  NORA ROBERTS  GABRIEL'S ANGEL  All Gabriel Bradley wants is solitude. But when a very pregnant?and very beautiful?woman ends up at his remote cabin during a blizzard, desperate, alone and on the...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Daniel & Ian: For Now, Forever / In From the Cold (MacGregors) by Nora Roberts
For Now, Forever (MacGregors, Bk 5) Daniel MacGregor is a self-made millionaire used to getting his way. So when he meets the fiercely independent Anna Whitfield, he's surprised by her stubborn rebuffs. Anna won't let a presumptuous man deter her from her goals, even if he does send...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Trouble: Midnight Rainbow / Diamond Bay by Linda Howard
Two timeless tales of romantic suspense from award-winning bestselling author Linda Howard... MIDNIGHT RAINBOW Was Jane Hamilton Greer just a wealthy socialite in over her head or was she really engaged in espionage that could compromise U.S. interests for years to come? The only certainty...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Escape: Heartbreaker / Duncan's Bride by Linda Howard
Two timeless tales of romance and suspense from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard. HEARTBREAKER  Michelle Cabot reluctantly returns home to Central Florida, having inherited her father's cattle ranch -- and the mountain of bills that go with it. But Michelle's...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Exposure: The Cutting Edge\White Lies by Linda Howard
Two timeless tales of romantic suspense from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard  THE CUTTING EDGE Brett Rutland is a bull. As the top troubleshooter at Carter Engineering, he's used to getting his way. When he's tasked with cracking an internal embezzlement case, he meets firm...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Jeopardy: A Game of Chance / Loving Evangeline by Linda Howard
Two fan-favorite tales of romance and suspense from  New York Times  bestselling author Linda Howard A Game of Chance On the trail of a vicious criminal, agent Chance Mackenzie finds the perfect bait for his trap: the target's daughter, Sunny Miller. Chance makes himself the...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The MacKade Brothers: Rafe & Jared: The Return of Rafe MacKade\The Pride of Jared Mac...
New York Times bestselling author NORA ROBERTS returns with two classic tales of the MacKade brothers?their rebellions, their passions and their loves THE RETURN OF RAFE MacKADE Ten years after disappearing from Antietam, Maryland, the bad boy has come home. Cleaned up and successful now?though...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
A Little Fate: The Witching Hour / Winter Rose / A World Apart by Nora Roberts
The three romance novellas in this collection by bestselling writer Nora Roberts all have fantasy settings and characters, and were previously published separately in various volumes in the Once Upon romance fantasy anthology series. In The Witching Hour, a kingdom is plagued by tragedy until...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Texas! Trilogy by Sandra Brown
No description available.


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer
Elly Dinsmore, widowed mother, considered an eccentric in her sleepy Southern town is shy and fearful, yet oddly beautiful and spirited. Will Parker, a lanky and laconic drifter, has survived a loveless childhood and betrayal by everyone he ever trusted. Together, these two must face the...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer
FROM THE STREETS OF 19th-CENTURY BOSTON TO THE HARSH FRONTIER -- SHE WOVE A WEB OF DECEPTION TO ENSNARE HER MAN! After her mother's death, penniless Anna Reardon wants nothing more than to leave Boston with her younger brother, James.  When James spies a newspaper ad for a...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Twin of Ice / Twin of Fire (Chandler Twins, Bk 1-2) by Jude Deveraux
Houston Chandler is a natural beauty whose demure nature masks deep-running passions. Her twin sister, Blair, is independent, hot-tempered, and madly in love -- with Houston's fiancé. Their entwined adventures across the American frontier are captured in two novels as powerfully...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Raider (Montgomery Saga, Bk 6) by Jude Deveraux
Jude Deveraux continues her beloved Montgomery saga in America with this dramatic, passion-filled tale of rebellion and love -- a breathtaking adventure to be savored all over again -- or discovered for the first time! The Raider In colonial New England, the British are hunting a...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Reckless (House of Rohan, Bk 2) by Anne Stuart
Adrian Alistair Rohan lost his faith, and now, a dedicated member of the depraved Heavenly Host, he loses himself in his only pleasure: the seduction and debauchery of beautiful women. Rich, charming and devastatingly skilled in the arts of love, he never fails in his conquests…until...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Breathless (House of Rohan, Bk 3) by Anne Stuart
Ruined beyond repair and shunned by London society, lovely Caroline Rohan rebelliously embraces the freedom that comes from having nothing left to lose. However, this dangerous course throws her under the power of the darkly enigmatic Lucien de Malheur -- known to many as the...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Shameless (House of Rohan, Bk 4) by Anne Stuart
A long string of tragic loves haunts Viscount Benedick Francis Alistair Rohan. Cool and cynical, he's weary of life's fickle games and wants a prim and proper wife he can ignore while indulging his sensual appetites. Lady Melisande Carstairs is nothing less than a tornado storming...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Castles/The Lion's Lady (Regency Series, No 4 & 1) by Julie Garwood
Castles-- Orphaned and besieged, Princess Alesandra knows that only hasty marriage to an Englishman can protect her from the turmoil in her own land. Colin, the younger brother of the Marquess of Cainewood wants to claim her forever, and he is prepared to risk his life to do so. The Lion's...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
Lost Lady (James River, Bk 2) by Jude Deveraux
Lost Lady Forsaken by her guardian and narrowly escaping marriage to a money-hungry suitor, Regan flees Weston Manor, the only home she's ever known, determined to rule her own destiny. When Travis Stanford, a big, rugged American, finds Regan on London's docks, he vows to protect...  more


K. A. U. (SetDancer)
The Edge of Doom (Kate Fansler, Bk. 14) by Amanda Cross
Just when Kate Fansler thinks life couldn’t possibly hold any more surprises, she receives a phone call from Laurence, the eldest of her imperious brothers. But a woman as sharp as Kate knows that the moment one stops believing in life’s little bends in the road is the time when it...  more

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