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- You pay postage for the books you send out; the books you receive come to you postage-paid.
- Books you request are yours to keep, or swap again!

We're NOT just Paperback Books! Enjoy trading Hardbacks, Audio Books, Textbooks and more.

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  • Get instant credit when you mark books mailed!
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Not to mention all the money you'll save on books!

Member Testimonials

I love PBS! Have tried other book swaps. PBS beats them all, hands down! I have been a member for several years. For an avid reader, this is for me.
Tommie Y. (Independence, MO) - 4/15/2016
Have been a member for a few years now, and as an avid reader, this has saved me quite a bit of money.
And I'm that strange person who loves to get mail, so this urge is satisfied as well.
My only quibble is with those members that don't mark a book as received, that I have to PM and remind more than once.
That part is quite irritating, and seems to be more common lately.
I'm hoping the small fee system will weed those folks out.
Other than that, this is a wonderful community!

Catherine S. (Barnesville, GA) - 1/16/2016
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