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Member Testimonials

I received a book recently and was it was interesting to see how many places the envelope had traveled before it came to me. It started in Santa Rosa, CA, on 4-7-12, then Mobile, AL on 10-15-13 to Mesa, AZ on 10-26-13 to Portland, OR on 2-11-14 to my address in Oak Park, MI. At this point this envelope has traveled many miles and I think I will lay it to rest as it looks very tired :) Boy do I love this site!
Dawn Marie A. (Oak Park, MI) - 2/21/2014
I am very pleased with the books I have ordered on this site. I would like to offer a special recognition to Helen L. I just received " The Quilter's Legacy" from her, and the book is in brand new condition. Please take a look at the offerings from this member. Thank you.
Sandra M. (Bristol, TN) - 2/11/2014
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