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Book Reviews of Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9)

Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9)
Moon Sworn - Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9
Author: Keri Arthur
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780440245711
ISBN-10: 0440245710
Publication Date: 5/25/2010
Pages: 432
  • Currently 4.3/5 Stars.

4.3 stars, based on 202 ratings
Publisher: Dell
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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15 Book Reviews submitted by our Members...sorted by voted most helpful

griz1girl avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 78 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 5
This book is her FINAL Riley Jenson novel--and it was FANTASTIC! Not only was it a wrap-up to the 9-book series, but it was a fabulous mystery in & of itself. Great plot, all my favorite characters--and a BEAUTIFUL ending. Couldn't have asked for more! :)
dukesangel002 avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 91 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
I love this series. It was one of my first paranormal series and I have stuck with it from the beginning - and loved every twist and turn it has taken. I'm so completely sad that it is over. I'm going to miss these characters like they were friends who've moved away. I'm just glad that the series ended while it was still strong and that Keri really let Riley and company go out with a bang! Such a great wrap up to this series.

I love so many of the characters in this series. Riley is so strong, mentally and physically. She's an amazing heroine. Her lovers have all been interesting and some have made emotions stir in me that were both good and bad. Her brother has been her rock throughout the whole series. Rhoan and Liander are great guys that you can't help but love and root for from the beginning to the end.

I don't want to give to much away, but I will just say, that after such a long journey with Riley, I was really hoping that she would get the happily ever after that she'd been dreaming of, and so deserved. But, as I learned right along with Riley, sometimes the happily ever after that we get is even better than the one we've dreamed of.
jck avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 13 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
I didn't realize that this was the last book until after I finished, and I'm so glad! Maybe I would have been hoping for how I wanted it to end, instead of just enjoying the story, either way, I thought this was great. Sometimes authors don't have enough tension in their finales, but this one kept me on edge. Sad to have this end.
whatstacy avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 235 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I will really miss Riley Jenson, rumor has it that Arthur has ended the series with Moon Sworn. And she absolutely ended with all the pieces tied together that I am sure will please everyone. All issues are addressed and everyone gets their happy ending, but Riley had to go thru hell to get there. She has one last case that gets her kidnapped, her memories erased and almost gets her killed. But Riley is to strong to be defeated, she fights back and puts the puzzle together and escapes to find her way back to those she loves the most. I hope we will see some peeks into Riley's new pack thru Risa's series. I look forward to it.

We will all miss you Riley!

IDOLFAN avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 51 more book reviews
Awesome book! For being the last book it was GREAT!! Sad to see it come to an end though.
reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 24 more book reviews
LOVED IT!! The emotions that these characters evoked throughout this series are so close to the surface during this book that I was both loving the story and hating that this is the end of such a fantastic series. Hard hitting, hard loving and just plain hard to put down. Kudos to Keri Arthur for a wonderful read!!

Riley Jenson and company are characters that you grow to care about and pull for their success. I highly recommend this series. Please read in order as it will enhance the experience. :)
fyonafay avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 25 more book reviews
liked how the book read and definately how it ended alot better than I expected it to end. I would have like to read a bit more about Riley and lianders twins :) but you can't have everything lol The only reason I gave this a 3 was because it feels like in some way each of the books kind of repeat themselves.
KKS avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 39 more book reviews
I knew I wouldn't be disappointed in another Riley Jenson book, and I wasn't! I loved the plot, and I thought Keri did a nice job shaking things up a bit. Sometimes it is hard in a series to find new plotlines for our characters without boring the reader with predictable storylines.

My ONLY moment of weirdness was when Quinn and Riley had passionate sex right in front of Rhoan and Liander. Gross.

Other than that, I applaud Keri in yet another page-turner! I finished it in less than 2 days because I simply couldn't put it down.
barbsis avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 1076 more book reviews
Sometime in the past, Riley humiliated werewolf Blake Jenson (yes some type of relative) and he absolutely destroys her world.

I can't say any more because it will give away all the surprises but I will say that as a conclusion to the Riley Jenson series, this book was fabulous. It tied up all the loose ends and provided an ingenious way to finally make Riley make up her mind. At times it broke my heart; made me laugh out loud; and restored my faith in humanity. A truly spectacular ending to a wonderful series. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Riley returns in an anthology.
reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 503 more book reviews
Not just an awesome ending to a series but one of the best books in the batch. Keri Arthur created a real mystery, real drama, and gave us real resolution to so many issues that have plagued Riley for nine books. It wasn't overly pat or simplistic like the end of a TV series, this was a fast paced, well plotted story unto itself with enough emotional kick to leave this reader well satisfied. I'm not sure I can adequately express what a treat it was to have a series finish on such a high note. No it wasn't all happy sappy, but the story was dramatic and well told - not something I can say of all the books in the series. So to have it end so...deliciously - it really was like whipped cream on top.
goldenyes320 avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 16 more book reviews
Moon Sworn is full of some unexpected twists and turns.
uniqueny avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 13 more book reviews
A Great ending to a great series!!
reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 1560 more book reviews
I swore that I was never going to get caught up in the current fad of vampire and werewolf and zombie novels, and I really meant it. ... I should know better than to say never, because someone gave me this Riley Jenson book, and now I'm hooked!

From back cover: causing it, solving it,surviving it. Her soul mate, Kye Murphy, is dead -- and at Riley's own hands. Not even the seductive embrace of her vampire lover, Quinn ,can fully ease her mind, for she has begun questioning everything that makes her Riley -- including her job at the Directorate.

Now the ritualistic slain bodies of ex-cons have started turning up. Reluctantly, Riley takes the case, but something even worse is waiting in the wings. A vicious enemy from her past is determined to strip Riley of everything that gives her life meaning: her lover, her brother -- and even her own identity.Can Riley survive this ultimate assault? All she knows is that she must fight one last time to find answers,before everything goes dark forever.
dzlynn avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 15 more book reviews
I swore off this author after she killed off Kade in the previous book. I read for pleasure, not total reality.....yet....I couldn't pass this one up. I wanted closure for this series. Yep. Got it too with this book....now I can go back to passing up on books from this author.

I bought this one not knowing what to expect. I would have rated it a 4 1/2 or 5 instead of a 3 1/2, except to write this one the way she did, she had to kill off Kade in the last one, and he was one of my favorite charactors.


This is a good, well-written book, yet the one inconsistancy....which drove me crazy...is about where clothes, cell phones, etc. go when a shifter shifts. Page 69 says she (Riley) can't explain it, but the magic takes care of all of that, yet everytime she shifts, her clothes come out shredded, worse with each shift. Other than that, this book is well-worth the money.
geckflac avatar reviewed Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, Bk 9) on + 53 more book reviews
I really thought this was a let down for the ending of the series. Hard time getting thru the middle most part of the book. Not crazy to get her spin off series. the others in this series really grabbed me, but this i can only rate a 2 star. Not satisfied with this book at all.
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