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Book Reviews of Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7)

Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7)
Paradise Valley - Virgin River, Bk 7
Author: Robyn Carr
ISBN-13: 9780778326649
ISBN-10: 0778326640
Publication Date: 4/1/2009
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 258 ratings
Publisher: Mira
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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rachelsbooks avatar reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 91 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 4
So this is the latest VR book. FINALLY we get to see Rick and Lizzie in their more grown up roles. I have been in love with little Rick since book 1 and am so glad to finally read his story. This one is very bittersweet, but then, Rick and Lizzie's story would have to be, right?

We also get to know Mr. Shady Brady himself, Dan Brady. He is back, he is clean, and he is now a fixture in town too. I love how Robyn Carr manages to mix story lines of more than one couple in the pages of each book. Not only do we read about Rick and Dan, but lovable and sexy Dr. Cameron Michaels is back and has a good bit of story to be told in this book as well.

I can't wait until the next 4 books from the series hit the shelves. There is a Christmas one that will be out in October 09 and then there are 3 brand new installments to come in Jan Feb and March of 2010. Now the fun is figuring out who in town will be next to have their stories told. Oh I am soooo hoping that Tom comes back to town and we get to find out all about he and Brenda!!! But who knows, Virgin River is growing so fast there is no telling which of the old band of Semper Fi brothers will move in and 'drink the water'. And we all know that nosy old lady Hope is still trying to find her a teacher, a preacher and who knows what else!!!

Super book - just can't say enough about the Virgin River series
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 17 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
This is the last of the second set trilogy from Virgin River. This one has a good ending. Looking forward until next spring when the next 3 come out!!
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 80 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
I hope that Robyn continues this series forever. I love how she gets you to embrace all the characters in her books.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 113 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I have finally come to the conclusion that this series is no longer about one particular romance with each installment. It has evolved into a love story that is more about a community rather than a couple and it reads more like a soap opera (minus the over-the-top dramatics) than a single tale. That can be a good thing for those who like continuing sagas where one gets to keep up with previous players while enjoying new and interesting characters. It can also be a bad thing if one prefers focus. I, personally have been fighting this transformation, but about half way through the book, I finally capitulated, relaxed and enjoyed the book for what it is - a sweet continuation in the lives of all the inhabitants that make up a small mountain town (Virgin River) in Northern California.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 40 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Robyn Carr's VIRGIN RIVER series are new to me. As the "luck of the thrift stores" would have it, I started in the middle of the series with PARADISE VALLEY (book 7) and then Book 6.....but even so, boy, am I a convert! Like all the other VIRGIN RIVER fans....Want it to be a real place! Want to move there! Want to know these irresistable men and the women who make up this town!
What a great series. Now I am swapping for all the VIRGIN RIVER and GRACE VALLEY books I can find. (Grace Valley, another of her series, is about a neighboring town of this fictitious Virgin River area, but in Robyn Carr style, she overlaps many of the characters of the two towns, making the series even more realistic and fun to keep up with.
Since I read PARADISE VALLEY, I've found 8 books of the intermingled series, and have loved each one. (For me, finding that a book I love is part of a "series," is like being a kid in a candy store!)
PARADISE VALLEY, like each book of the series, also stands alone, if this is the first book you have read in the series..... because each book features new relationships happening with "new" couples...people who have been mentioned in previous books, but now brought out in depth.
Specifically covered in PARADISE VALLEY are a couple of relationships of soldiers back from the wars overseas, and how they deal with injuries and the mental anguish most soldiers bring home with them.
One of the featured couples, who are in fact the town's youngest "couple", is especially realistic as Rick and Liz had been very young lovers (the parent-less young teen boy who was irristibly drawn to the 14-year-old "hottie" who was sent by her mother to live with an aunt in this small "safe" town.)
Their love was honed through an earlier trial of teenage pregnancy and miscarriage, but now are facing seemingly insurmountable odds at overcoming Rick's anger and hopelessness after having lost a leg in the war.
What is so inspiring in this book, is how the townspeople support these young people (and each other) through real and very emotional personal crises....And continuing to show unconditional love, even though their love and support are rejected over and over.
Besides showing how towns can be helpful and supportive of its members, there is much in these series about the bond veterans have with each other, and how they help and support each other in many ways after returning home.
This is brought out as other veterans find their way to Virgin River and are brought into the circle of friends. I think this book would be especially interesting to readers in military families, and I hope is as inspiring to others as it is to me.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 330 more book reviews
great read
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 3 more book reviews
I have become a Robyn Carr junkie. I read one and cant wait til the nest one is in my hands to read.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 929 more book reviews
This one covered quite a lot of ground. Not only is it about Rick/Liz and Dan Brady / Cheryl (former town drunk), we also have Cameron / Abby and Walt / Muriel.

Here is what I adore about this series, no matter how old the characters are they manage to find romance and are sexy. Walt and Muriel are over 50 and yet their love scenes were fun. Their story begins with Walt alone trying to deal with Muriel being away for a film. Walt and Muriel struggles to find a place for her career in their relationship. I have to say that throughout this whole book, they were probably the couple most sexually active.

I absolutely loved who Liz has become. I've always liked her character even as a difficult teenager. She has grown fierce and is so incredibly emotionally mature which she definitely needs to deal with Rick's idiotic tendencies. It was hard to read about Rick pushing everyone away, which I think he would have done regardless if he lost his leg or not. But at the same time, I understood it needed to happen for him to find his place again so I kept reading. I have to say what really made it worthwhile were Dr. Jerry (the therapist). He shows up in the later books as well and he is awesome.

Abby and Cameron story was more difficult for me to get into in the beginning because Abby was such an idiot. Seriously she acted worse than Liz as a pregnant teen. I had no idea what Cameron saw in her. But she does get better. The story was okay. I could have done with or without it.

There is a great introduction to Dan Brady and Cheryl. Here Carr gives you the backstory to Brady as he slowly becomes accepted in Virgin River. He is incredibly sweet and patient. He is such a buddhist. I can't wait to read their whole story.

Overall pretty good read. Laughed a bit and shed some tears.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 11 more book reviews
This series is among the best I have ever read.
toastqueen avatar reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 34 more book reviews
I give this about 4.5 stars. I think all the crap with Rick just weighed me down.
I hope Abby and Cameron are shown more in upcoming books! Cheryl and Dan's story doesn't excite me yet, but it's nice that they're finding love.

My favorite line was:
"Cam, there are times Jack rounds up a poker games with some of the guys..."
She shook her head and as she passed him she said,
"Don't ever play."
robinmy avatar reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 2005 more book reviews
After his leg was blown off in Iraq, Corporal Rick Sudder returns to Virgin River a broken man. Even though his friends rally around him, Rick's depression is getting the best of him. He breaks up with his long-time girlfriend, Liz, and won't even let Jack close to him. Meanwhile, Dr. Cameron Michaels is still trying to get close to Abby. And Dan Brady (aka: Shady Brady) has returned to Virgin River looking for a place to start over.

I love these books because they have such a soap opera feel to them with all of the continuing stories. I knew Liz & Rick's story would be interesting, but I especially enjoyed Cam & Abby. Also loved learning more about Dan. My rating: 5 Stars.
petradd avatar reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 32 more book reviews
Another great Robyn Carr. Don't miss this one. All of her Virgin River books are great.
This book is about Rick Sudder, Marine Hero, home from the war fighting his own battles of disability and emotional burnout. The community rallies around him, refusing to let this young man drown in his own self pity. Cameron the new Doctor in Virgin River has his own maze of problems but will he and Abby be able to work them out before the twins arrive? A great Story by a master story teller. Makes you want to move to Virgin River.
saundrak avatar reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on
Characters are so likeable. Carr makes you care what happens to them.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 64 more book reviews
Ties the younger generation into the series.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 9 more book reviews
i love this series, cried towards the end.
mamawaite avatar reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 175 more book reviews
Once again another great Carr text. The characters keep getting better each addition.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 8 more book reviews
really held my interest. great read
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 393 more book reviews
All I can say is WOW. Three separate stories but all interwoven into the fabric of life that is Virgin River. I can't wait to read the next one.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 74 more book reviews
Book #6 in the Virgin River series. I loved it as much as the others.
reviewed Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Bk 7) on + 12 more book reviews
I feel in love with Paradise Valley!!!!
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