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Book Reviews of Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1)

Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1)
Redwall - Redwall, Bk 1
Author: Brian Jacques
PBS Market Price: $8.09 or $4.19+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780441005482
ISBN-10: 0441005489
Publication Date: 6/1/1998
Pages: 352
Reading Level: Ages 9-12
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 274 ratings
Publisher: Ace
Book Type: Paperback
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reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 27 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
As the inhabitants of Redwall Abbey bask in the glorious Summer of the Late Rose, all is quiet and peaceful. But things are not as they seem. Cluny the Scourge, the evil one-eyed rat warlord, is hell-bent on destroying the tranquility as he prepares to fight a bloody battle for the ownership of Redwall. This dazzling story in the Redwall series is packed with all the wit, wisdom, humor, and blood-curdling adventure of the other books in the collection, but has the added bonus of taking the reader right back to the heart and soul of Redwall Abbey and the characters who live there.

Magical, mystical, and the stuff of legends, this stunning tale of good battling with--and ultimately triumphing over--evil takes the reader on a roller-coaster adventure that barely draws breath from the first page to the very last. Brian Jacques is a true master of his craft.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 38 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
The beginning of a lenghty series about a warrior mouse (yes mouse). It's a very interesting blend of adventure and fantasy. Hey it's not LoTR but it's good and let's face it, it spawned 5 additional adventure about the same mouse. Nice thing is both kids and adults can enjoy this book.
hollyrocks avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 11 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
this is a standard book i keep around for gifts for middle school aged children. it is always good to give books, and i like to start them on a series so if they like it, they know where to go from there. especially popular genre for kids today bc of harry potter and the like. charming, thoughtful, action-packed, oh and cute.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 1544 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
REDWALL is the first of Jacques' fantasy series for young people. It's a delightful read. The good guys are always reasonable and cooperative; and the bad guys are ratty, nasty and mean so you just love to hate them! I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to start young readers off on a set of tales that will hold their interest and start them reading further for themselves.

From inside cover: Welcome to Mossflower Wood, where the gentle mice have gathered to celebrate a year of peace and abundance. All is well...until a sinister shadow falls across the ancient stone abbey of Redwall. It is rumored that Cluny is coming--Cluny, the terrible, one eyed rat and his savage horde--Cluny, who has vowed to conquer Redwall Abbey! The only hope for the besieged mice lies in the lost sword of the legendary Martin the Warrior. And so begins the epic quest of a bumbling young apprentice--a courageous mouse who would rise up, fight back...and become a legend himself!
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 19 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
This is the first book in an excellent series! It takes place in the world of Redwall Abbey, home to peaceful woodland animals. But their safety is threatened when the rat, Cluny the Scourge, and his vermin horde decide to capture the Abbey. A thrilling yarn, complete with humor, action, a hero's lost sword, delicious feasts, and riddles.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 12 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
the beginning of the redwall series: keeps the attention well.
Debisbooked avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 136 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I own all the Redwall series books. These books are treasured by young and old. Parents, read these books to your children. Grandparents, read these to your grandkids and they will beg for more! You will both treasure the time together. The books teach many lessons we all need to learn, like acceptance, love, respect, right from wrong in an exciting story line. I am 50 years old and reread these books yearly. My 24 year old daughter has her own collection and rereads them often too. I cannot explain it, but these stories get under one's skin. There is a fan club and web page. Look Brian Jacques up - you will not regret it.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 12 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
My daughter, now 12, has read and re-read all of the Redwall books. She has sung the songs, told the tales, imitated the characters, and completely enjoyed this fantasy world.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 35 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
My boys, "who don't like to read," love this series! Wonderful!
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 54 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
An exceptionally wonderful beginning to a series worthy of reading if you are a fantasy fan. This is a series that both adolescent, teen and adult can read - and read together! If you have kids who love adventure, read this series with them. You won't be disappointed.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 10 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
"Redwall is both a credible and ingratiating place, one to which many young readers will doubtless cheerfully return."---NY Times Book Review
joyceanne avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 47 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Redwall is an absorbing fantasy somewhat along the lines of Watership Down with shades of The Rats of NIMH, Wind in the Willows and King Arthur sneaking in. When you hear that it's about mice and other woodlawn creatures defending a monastery against an outlaw band of rats, you may be less than overwhelmed with a desire to read it. Please take our word that it's very, very good. Each of us picked it up with trepidation, none of us being avid fantasy readers and yet we all give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. None of us could put it down once we'd started it and all of us cared a great deal about those characters and their exploits.
Read one aloud or as a literature group with kids from about sixth grade up and we guarantee that students will rush for the other two volumes. Later additions to the series include: Martin the Warrior, Salamandastron, Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker, Pearls of Lutra, and Outcasts of Redwall.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 22 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Loved the series
dragoneyes avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 541 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I was a little skeptical about reading this book at first. I thought a bunch of rodents fighting against each other would be a bit boring. I kept this book for a long time before I finally got around to reading it. Boy was I happy I did!
It is a story about a mouse named Matthias. He is a bit clumsy and awkward. He lives a Redwall Abbey and everything there is quiet, happy and peaceful. That is until word of Cluny the Scourge and he army were coming to Redwall. He is an evil, villianous rat who is set on destoroying everything in his way and taking control over the abbey. Matthias steps up and becomes the warrior the abbey needs in order to protect themselves. But first they need to find Martin the Warrior's sword. Can they find it in time to save everyone from the clutches of Cluny and his army?
*A note to young readers & their parents: this book does have a good amount of violence and deaths. Please consider whether your child will be able to handle this kind of content.
anrkistpengwin avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on
Helpful Score: 1
The first book in the Redwall series and perhaps the best. From the setting (The Mossflower woods and the the surrounding areas are full of detail and life) to the characters (Matthias the unlikely hero and Cluny the Scourge), the book oozes with originality. This is one of my favorite books of all time and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in fantasy or just with an interest in excellent story-telling in general.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 32 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is a very cute book in the beginning of the Redwall series. We are introduced to Redwall Abbey, a peace-loving home for many woodland creatures dedicated to healing and protecting life. But, when the Abbey is threatened by the likes of Cluny the Scourge and his horde, something must be done! A Novice mouse, Matthias, takes it upon himself to answer the riddles left behind by the famed Martin the Warrior. Matthias only wants to protect his Abbey and his friends, and this book is that story. Will Redwall fall to Cluny's horde or will Matthias find Martin's sword and save the day?

Anyway, this is a fun little book, and the writing sometimes just makes me laugh. The author gets excited! It's interesting since exclamation marks aren't used a whole lot in the novels I normally read, but I think the style works quite well here. It adds to the melodramatic tone, and is fun. Besides, how can you not love a book with a cute, sword-wielding mouse on the cover?
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 34 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Redwall is the first installment of the series which made Brian Jacques famous. The adventure is classic, the characters are witty, hilarious, and cuddly. What's not to love?
that70sgirl avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 3 more book reviews
Dragged a bit in the beginning half, but got much better towards the end.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 5 more book reviews
A great modern series with fresh adventures; enjoyment for the young and old alike.
Lakeview avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on
This is a wonderful fantasy adventure. It is a wonderful story to escape into. Once you try one of these books you will want to read them all.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 4 more book reviews
It was really good because even though there were no twists, there was a lot of adventure. There was excitement and there was always something happening.
GreenGarnet avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 59 more book reviews
I must say i fell in love with Mathias the main mouse character. Mr Jacques made an attempt to dazzle and entice the reader with his first novel and he did it! I was enchanted by the character, it may be hailed as 'childrens fantasy' but i loved it and im 24 years old. I didnt care who thought what of me, i read whatever i want, instead of what some people say more 'adult' stuff. . . Despite the fact that all the main characters are animals, i find nothing 'childish' about this novel, like any good and well followed through fantasy, it has love, death, passion, betrayal and everything else in between.

Ive read countless fantasy books, and this one is definately on the top of my list. Mr Jacques writes with such an airy ease. You can truly tell its like sitting down and listening to someone tell the story, instead of actually reading it :P

i highly recommend

4.5 out of 5 stars
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 8 more book reviews
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 34 more book reviews
A wonderful adventure
chrisnsally avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 111 more book reviews
An enjoyable novel of an abbey of mice attempting to restore their heroic tradition in defense of the rats who roam their home Mossflower meadow.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 9 more book reviews
Great series!
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 83 more book reviews
vwbernie avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 157 more book reviews
Wonderful story and great characters.
JujuGirl avatar reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 88 more book reviews
A non-conventional fantasy novel--small, furry animals are the main characters. Mice get help from hares, squirrels, badgers, etc., to fight the evil rats!
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on + 216 more book reviews
Excellent series about the creatures of Redwall Abbey, this is the first book.
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on
This book was pretty good but I do not remember much as I read it a long time ago
reviewed Redwall (Redwall, Bk 1) on
Didn't read.
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