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Help Center - My request was canceled--I didn't mail the book yet

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A sender has 4 days to accept a book request, and then there is a deadline to mark the book mailed after the request is accepted.  When a transaction "times out" and is canceled, the system will automatically send the request for the book to a new sender, if there is another copy in the system.  If so, the requestor will be getting this book from another person.

If you missed the deadline to mark your book mailed, and your  book has NOT been mailed yet:

  • Repost the book if you want to offer it for swapping again
  • If the requestor was not offered another copy by the system when the transaction with you was canceled (if there was no other available copy in the system):
    • she will be offered your copy immediately.
  • If another copy has been offered to her,
    • she will get the book from another member
    • your book will go onto your account Bookshelf to await another requestor.
  • If you had printed the address for the previous request before it "timed out" and canceled:
    • When your book is requested again, be sure to print the address for the new transaction, to ensure that you send the book to the correct requestor.

If you made arrangements with the requestor to mail the book later than the mail-by date you chose when accepting the book:

    • Remember that the PBS computer will not know of these arrangements
    • The PBS system will not adjust your deadline to mark the book mailed based on alternate arrangements you have made in PMs.
    • You will need to mark the book mailed before the deadline--even if you haven't mailed it!--to keep the transaction from canceling.
    • Marking a book mailed more than a day or two before you mail it is ONLY acceptable if you have gotten the requestor's permission to mail the book later.
    • If the transaction cancels and you have not mailed - do not try to send the book to the previous requestor.  Repost the book so that you are sure to get credit when you do mail it.


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