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Topic: ***NOVEMBER*** Wishlist Multiples

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Subject: ***NOVEMBER*** Wishlist Multiples
Date Posted: 10/31/2010 5:20 PM ET
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Due to the economy and so many of us desiring to save money on postage when mailing books, we've been given permission from the Team to have a specific thread to list our WL books that we need to send in multiples.. There are certain rules that MUST be followed within this thread, so please read below.

This New Rule has been approved by the site owners:

~As of September 18, 2010, all books listed in this thread must be listed in a post in this thread as detailed below in the yellow section; meaning, the PBS list feature or Tagged Lists cannot be used to "advertise" books. All books info must be visible in your "home" post in this thread.

~ ALL books listed MUST have an accompanying ISBN OR link to PBS to verify wish list status (links to PBS are always helpful, since they will immediately tell a person when they look at it if that ISBN is on their WL). If you need help inserting links please ask us-we are happy to assist!

Please also add the number of wishers.  (This part is not mandatory, but will certainly help your books move if you can do this and helps the other members when looking through your list.)

Kathy W. (Nellie) and Melanie D. (melanied) have agreed to be "co-helpers" with this thread, so you can go to them if you need to with questions.  However, start with me (Amanda S.) and if you don't get an answer from me, you can go to one of them.  They are just "background" help for now.   ***There will be a 24 hour "rule" on this, however.....you can only go to one of them if it's been more than 24 hours since you contacted me and I haven't gotten back with you.  Do NOT just run to one of them if you don't hear from me in a couple hours.***


READ AND FOLLOW THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD (failure to follow these rules will result in a PM sent to you):

~ This will be a monthly thread (meaning a new thread will be started at the beginning of each month).  Any books you have remaining from the month before that you still want to offer will be YOUR responsibility to transfer to the new thread.

~ Nothing more than the standard "1 credit for 1 book" may be asked.

~ The goal is to send multiple books to the same home so you can save on shipping...this is NOT intended to bypass the FIFO system. It's intended for those people who have several wishlist books to mail at once to be able to send them to the same home in one package.  It is completely fine to combine the WL items that you have listed here in this thread with books from your shelf to create your "multiples" package.  However, you are NOT allowed to place requirements on your book orders in any other way that to state the obivous ("wanting to send out packages of 2 or more" or "orders of 3 or more only please").  It is NOT okay to require orders from your Bookshelf in conjunction to ordering these WL'd books.  (It's about requiring it, rather than providing that as an option.)  So long as you're sending out multiples, this thread is serving its purpose.

~ Please be aware that if you have Requestor Conditions on your account, you and the person offering the deal need to work that out *before* the book is posted to your Wish List, so that you can remove your RC's if needed!!  If the book is declined due to RC's, it is then passed on to the next person in line for that WL book through the FIFO system...thus making that book no longer eligible for a "multiples" deal.

~  Transactions that take place as a result of this thread may have no PBS "footprint" and therefore are being done on the "honor system" between the two concerned parties. There is no recourse if one of the involved people fails to follow through with their end of the bargain. The only way to create a footprint is to post a book (or multiple books) to a person's Wishlist.  This will trigger a "transaction" in the system.

~ Be sure that in your Settings (under Privacy Controls) you click to allow your Wish List to be public.  This will allow the person who is listing these books to be able to post books directly to your Wishlist.  If you don't do this, it will make it harder for people to do things with you.

~ I am NOT responsible with how transactions turn out. Please do things fair and with honesty so that this thread will not be shut down.

~ DO NOT list books that have "0 Wishers" for it.  I realize that sometimes you will list a book that has a few wishers and after a couple weeks it may decrease to 0 for that title.  That is fine!  If you have a book that has a few wishers, simply say so in your post.  But please don't list books here that have a 0 WL...those are the books that belong on your shelf that people can order in conjunction to your WL books. 

~DO NOT list only ONE book in this thread...especially not with the statement of "first to PM me gets it"...this thread is not about racing to see who can get a particular Wish List book first.  Don't abuse the privilege of having this thread.

~ If you have a complete SET of books and some are WL'd and some aren't, you can offer all of these here and offer a deal on them if you wish.  It is perfectly understandable that you'd want to keep the set together!  

~ This thread does NOT give the go ahead to being requiring a "minimum order" on your normal PBS account.  If you have a book posted, you are agreeing to send out that book when it is requested.  This thread (where we have people asking for a 2 or 3 book order minimum) is okay ONLY because it is in the Book Bazaar!!  This type of requirement is NOT okay within the general PBS bookshelves and orders.

~ Books MUST meet PBS guidelines in order to be listed there for credit. If, however, you have a set of three books that are WL'd and say one of them is damaged slightly...you can offer the set. The damaged book must be clearly described.

~ I will NOT be keeping a post organized for these books.  PLEASE follow these guidelines in your own posts:

  • List what you have available
  • When some of your books are taken, come to your post and remove those choices (or strike-through them)
  • When all of your books are taken, come to your post and delete ALL remaining information.
  • If you have more to offer later, you can edit that post OR you can create a new post.
  • **PLEASE** keep your posts updated and current...if people ask you for a book that is no longer available it will be wasted time for you and frustrating for them.

NO ARC's may be offered here.  There is a separate thread for these books here.  If you have an ARC that is WL'd and is part of a series you have offered here in this thread, you can PM the person requesting them and let them know you have the ARC available and you two can work out the deal.  If you offer one in your post, I will PM you asking you to remove it and list it in the ARC thread.

NO DAMAGED books unless it is CLEARLY described AND it is WL'd.  And please remember that if you request a damaged book that you do not post it to the system when you're done.

Subject: lots to choose from - updated 11/28 newest listings at top of list)
Date Posted: 10/31/2010 5:25 PM ET
Member Since: 2/26/2009
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Please order at least 2.

***DH upset over amount of books in house sale -order 3 books and get any book (wl or not) free !!!   (please let me know when you make your request, thx)

Nine Lives Last Forever (Cats and Curios, Bk 2) :: Rebecca M. Hale
ISBN-13: 9780425234327 - ISBN-10: 0425234320    Members Wishing: 36    pending

The Demon in Me (Previously titled Living in Eden) :: Michelle Rowen
ISBN-13: 9780425234686 - ISBN-10: 0425234681   Members wishing: 58     pending

Cross Roads (Revenge of the Sisterhood, Bk 18) :: Fern Michaels
ISBN-13: 9781420111927 - ISBN-10: 1420111922     Members Wishing: 45

An Honest Love (A Hearts of Middlefield, Bk 2) :: Kathleen Fuller
ISBN-13: 9781595548139 - ISBN-10: 1595548130    Members Wishing: 54    pending

Deadlier Than the Male: The Fiercest Heart\Lethal Lessons (Silhouette Romantic Suspense) :: Sharon Sala, Colleen Thompson    Members Wishing: 15

Butterfly Swords :: Jeannie Lin
ISBN-13: 9780373296149 - ISBN-10: 0373296142    Members Wishing: 13        

The Last Colony (Old Man's War, Bk 3) :: John Scalzi
ISBN-13: 9780765356185 - ISBN-10: 076535618X     Members Wishing: 20

Dawn :: Tim Lebbon
ISBN-13: 9780553383652 - ISBN-10: 0553383655   Members Wishing: 12

All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 7) :: Charlaine Harris
ISBN-13: 9780441018314 - ISBN-10: 0441018319        Members Wishing: 6

Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write :: Gayle Brandeis
ISBN-13: 9780062517241 - ISBN-10: 0062517244       Members Wishing: 3

The Night of the Gun: A reporter investigates the darkest story of his life. His own. :: David Carr
ISBN-13: 9781416541530 - ISBN-10: 1416541535    Members Wishing: 9

Social Climbers :: Beth Dunn
ISBN-13: 9781438933528 - ISBN-10: 1438933525   Members Wishing: 8

Up Close and Personal :: Carla Cassidy
ISBN-13: 9780451228277 - ISBN-10: 0451228278   Members Wishing: 6

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Bk 3) :: J. R. Ward
ISBN-13: 9780451219367 - ISBN-10: 0451219368   Members Wishing: 10

Gardens of Water :: Alan Drew
ISBN-13: 9780812978445 - ISBN-10: 0812978447   Members Wishing: 2

Someday (Sunrise, Bk 3) :: Karen Kingsbury
ISBN-13: 9780842387491 - ISBN-10: 0842387498        Members Wishing: 8

A Kiss for Cade (The Western Sky Series, Bk 2) :: Lori Copeland                                               ISBN-13: 9780736927635 - ISBN-10: 0736927638  Members Wishing: 63 

Cosmic Banditos :: A. C. Weisbecker
ISBN-13: 9780451203069 - ISBN-10: 0451203062   Members Wishing: 8

Sacred Hearts (Large Print) :: Sarah Dunant
ISBN-13: 9780739326077 - ISBN-10: 0739326074   Members Wishing: 39

Stone Rain (Zack Walker, Bk 4) :: Linwood Barclay
ISBN-13: 9780553804560 - ISBN-10: 0553804561   Members Wishing: 5

What Angels Fear (Sebastian St. Cyr, Bk 1) :: C.S. Harris
 ISBN-13: 9780451219718 - ISBN-10: 0451219716   Members Wishing: 9

Bad Guys (Zack Walker, Bk 2) :: Linwood Barclay
ISBN-13: 9780553587050 - ISBN-10: 0553587056   Members Wishing: 11

Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, Bk 1) :: Kelley Armstrong
ISBN-13: 9780452286030 - ISBN-10: 0452286034   Members Wishing: 10    pending

Tombstone Tea :: Joanne Dahme
ISBN-13: 9780762437184 - ISBN-10: 0762437189   Members Wishing: 12

Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered :: MacHaelle Small Wright
ISBN-13: 9780927978248 - ISBN-10: 0927978245   Members Wishing: 2

The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Management (Nonprofit Law, Finance, and Management) :: Bucklin Associates Smith, Robert H. Wilbur, Carolyn Freeland
ISBN-13: 9780471309536 - ISBN-10: 0471309532    Members Wishing: 2

The Prince of Frogtown (Vintage) :: Rick Bragg
ISBN-13: 9781400032686 - ISBN-10: 1400032687   Members Wishing: 17

Razor Sharp by Fern Michaels (2009, Paperback, Large pt   Author: fern michaels                        ISBN-13: 9781615235353 - ISBN-10: 1615235353       Members Wishing: 2

If you're interested, please have all books  on your wishlist on auto request, then send me a PM. Thanks!

1 credit each, multiple order please

*Would appreciate a minimum request of 2 books (preference to larger orders) ... either from this list or combined with books on my shelf to save postage.  (no sense of smell - please turn off RC's for smell)

*free with any multiple order- (please tell me which one you want)

or-  The Seventh Child :: Brooks Stanwood
ISBN-13: 9780440191223 - ISBN-10: 044019122X              yellowed pages

or - Losing Sleep / Lydia Dotto      like new condition but missing copyright and publisher page

or - War of the Worlds/ HG Wells     isbn shows a different title


Credits for sale, $2.85 each, PayPal

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Date Posted: 10/31/2010 5:26 PM ET
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Please turn off rc's and have on auto request. My mailing buget is about shot so I would love it if you took multiples of 3 or more please...especailly on the heavy history books. If you have questions about a book please ask in a pm. Thanks!

Also FYI: I can only get to the PO right now early Monday mornings so please have your orders in no later than 6pm pacific time on sunday to make sure I can get your books out the next day. I try to check monday morning but it is a hectic time and I don't always have time to wrap up before having to leave for work,



Hangman's Curse: Book 1 in The Veritas Project
Hangman's Curse: Book 1 in The Veritas Project :: Frank Peretti
ISBN-13: 9781595544452 - ISBN-10: 1595544453
Sweep: Book of Shadows / The Coven / Blood Witch
Sweep: Book of Shadows / The Coven / Blood Witch
Author: Cate Tiernan
ISBN-13: 9780142417386 - ISBN-10: 0142417386

Non Fiction, History & Memoirs : 


The Daughters of Juarez: A True Story of Serial Murder South of the Border
Eat, Pray, Love : One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia
Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival
Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival :: Dean King
ISBN-13: 9780316835145 - ISBN-10: 0316835145
How the Irish Saved Civilization (Hinges of History)
How the Irish Saved Civilization (Hinges of History)
Author: Thomas Cahill
ISBN-13: 9780385418492 - ISBN-10: 0385418493
Drawing Down the Moon : Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today
Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America
Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America
Author: Ira Berlin
ISBN-13: 9780674810921 - ISBN-10: 0674810929
Beyond Belief : The Secret Gospel of Thomas
Beyond Belief : The Secret Gospel of Thomas
Author: Elaine Pagels
ISBN-13: 9780375501562 - ISBN-10: 0375501568
The God Delusion
The God Delusion :: Richard Dawkins
ISBN-13: 9780618680009 - ISBN-10: 0618680004
A Veiled Deception (Vintage Magic, Bk 1)
A Veiled Deception (Vintage Magic, Bk 1) :: Annette Blair
ISBN-13: 9780425226407 - ISBN-10: 0425226409
Larceny and Lace (Vintage Magic, Bk 2)
Larceny and Lace (Vintage Magic, Bk 2) :: Annette Blair
ISBN-13: 9780425229118 - ISBN-10: 0425229114
Wild Goose Chase (Quilting Mystery, Bk 1)
Wild Goose Chase (Quilting Mystery, Bk 1) :: Terri Thayer
ISBN-13: 9780738712154 - ISBN-10: 0738712159
The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society
The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society :: Beth Pattillo
ISBN-13: 9781400073948 - ISBN-10: 1400073944
Alex Cross's TRIAL
Alex Cross's TRIAL :: James Patterson, Richard DiLallo
ISBN-13: 9780446561808 - ISBN-10: 0446561800
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, Bk 1) (Audio CD) (Abridged)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, Bk 1) (Audio CD) (Abridged) :: Stieg Larsson, Reg Keeland (Translator), Martin Wenner (Narrator)
ISBN-13: 9781847246769 - ISBN-10: 1847246761 Note: One of the little plastic swivel things on the case  has either broke or slipped out during shipping to me it looks like you should be able to slide back in but I'm not sure
Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club, The
Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club, The :: Gil Mcneil
ISBN-13: 9781401340803 - ISBN-10: 1401340806
Ghost Night
Ghost Night :: Heather Graham
ISBN-13: 9780778328155 - ISBN-10: 0778328155



Atlantis Awakening (Warriors of Poseidon, Bk 3)


Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson, Guardian, Bk 1)

Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson, Guardian, Bk 1)
Author: Keri Arthur
ISBN-13: 9780553804584 - ISBN-10: 0553804588
Tempting Evil (Riley Jenson, Guardian Bk 3)
Tempting Evil (Riley Jenson, Guardian Bk 3)
Author: Keri Arthur
ISBN-13: 9780739480489 - ISBN-10: 0739480480
You Suck: A Love Story
You Suck: A Love Story :: Christopher Moore
ISBN-13: 9780060590307 - ISBN-10: 0060590300
Grave Sight (Harper Connelly, Bk 1)
Grave Surprise (Harper Connelly, Bk 2)
Shakespeare's Counselor (Lily Bard, Bk 5)
Shakespeare's Christmas (Lily Bard, Bk 3)
New books added 11/14/10

New books added Nov 14 :                                                                      

Henry's Sisters
Henry's Sisters :: Cathy Lamb
ISBN-13: 9780758229540 - ISBN-10: 0758229542
Jane and the Sneaky Dom
Jane and the Sneaky Dom :: Hannah Murray   Pending
ISBN-13: 9781419952036 - ISBN-10: 141995203X

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Subject: 3 or more titles please
Date Posted: 10/31/2010 5:39 PM ET
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Orders of 3 or more please.

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi :: Jill Myles
ISBN-13: 9781416572824 - ISBN-10: 1416572821

The Cop :: Alyssa Brooks, Sasha White, Renee Alexis
ISBN-13: 9780758215314 - ISBN-10: 0758215312 passport.png


Rescue Me: Tropical Heat / Atlanta Heat / Desert Heat
Author: Cindy Gerard, Lora Leigh, Cherry Adair
ISBN-13: 9780739497487 - ISBN-10: 0739497480

The Hottie Next Door (Ellora's Cave) :: Elisa Adams, Shiloh Walker, Ruth D. Kerce
ISBN-13: 9781439102954 - ISBN-10: 1439102953

Insatiable :: Beverly Havlir
ISBN-13: 9781419953354 - ISBN-10: 1419953354  

Shadows Return (Nightrunner, Vol 4) :: Lynn Flewelling
ISBN-13: 9780553590081 - ISBN-10: 0553590081



A Case for Love (Brides of Bonneterre, Bk 3) :: Kaye Dacus
ISBN-13: 9781602604568 - ISBN-10: 1602604568


Her Last Chance :: Michele Albert
ISBN-13: 9781416531401 - ISBN-10: 1416531408

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2 or more orders only. Non smoking 2 cat household.

The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows, Bk 6)  by Kim Harrison (10 wishers)

Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, Bk 2) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (1 wisher)

Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter, Bk 5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (1 wisher)

Night Play (Dark-Hunter, Bk 6) by Sherrilyn Kenyon (1 wisher)

The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, Bk 2) by Gena Showalter (3 wishers)

The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld, Bk 3) by Gena Showalter (4 wishers)

The Dark: New Ghost Stories edited by Ellen Datlow (4 wishers)-library edition

The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder by Rebecca Wells (139 wishers)

Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino (7 wishers)

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I need to save on postage, so please request a minimum of 2. Can be combined with shelf books. Have RCs off and books on WL auto. Thanks for looking! I'm removing books that have been taken rather than crossing them out to save on space, and periodically adding new..,the newest are always at the top. :-)

A Quiet Belief in Angels R.J. Ellory (WL 17)

Thirteen Reasons Why Jay Asher (WL 140) damaged - ink spot on one page, can't tell if mfg defect or not, doesn't obscure text

A Cast Off-Coven (Witchcraft, Bk 2) Juliet Blackwell (WL 91)

 Feint of Art (Art Lovers Mystery, Bk 1) Hailey Lind (WL 3)

Money to Burn James Grippando WL 22

Lakeshore Christmas Susan Wiggs WL 1

That's Life: Finding Scrapbook Inspiration in the Everyday Nic Howard WL 21

It Happened in the Kitchen: Recipes for Food and Thought Rose B. and Nathra Nader (yes, Ralph's parents!) WL 1

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (Dover Thrift Edition) Edwin A. Abbott WL 2

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica (Volume 3) Maxim Jakubowski (Editor) WL 1

Stealing Lumby Gail Fraser WL 11

Groucho Marx King of the Jungle Ron Goulart WL 4

The Intention Experiment Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World Lynne McTaggart WL70

 Breathless Dean Koontz WL 1

The Face of Death (Smoky Barrett, Bk 2) Cody McFayden WL4

Shadow Man (Smoky Barrett, Bk 1) Cody McFayden 0 in system

Naruto (Volume 10) Masshi Kishimoto WL3 (Back bottom corner is a little scraped) WL 3

Don't Call Them Ghosts The Spirit Children of Fontaine Manse A True Story Kathleen McConnell (WL 2)

No Logo 10th Anniversary Edition Naomi Klein  (WL 16)

Truth or Consequences Martin Paro (WL 1)

Benny and Omar Eoin Coifer (WL 2)

Madame de Pompadour Nancy Mitford WL4

Agatha Christie: Five Complete Miss Marple Novels Aventel book WL 2

Shamanic Spirit: A Practical Guide to Personal Fulfillment w/CD Kenneth Meadows WL 4

The Midnight Guardian- A Millennial Novel by Sarah Jane Stratford WL 17

 Lady Knight (Protector of the Small) Author: Tamora Pierce, Tamora Pierce 9780375829086 (WL 3)

 Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ISBN 9781401917500 (WL 5)

 The Book of Rune Cards: Sacred Play for Self-Discovery Author: Ralph Blum 9780312034238 (WL 2)

 Resilience: Faith, Focus, Triumph Author: Alonzo Mourning, Dan Wetzel 9780345507013 (WL 2)

   Unforgettable Journeys toTake Before You Die Author: Steve Watkins, Clare Jones 9781554071388 (WL 9

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I have the following wishlisted books which I would like to send out in batches of 2 or more. You may substitute one title with a book from my shelf.

Science Fiction

Bright of the Sky, by Kay Kenyon -- 21 wishers (Trade Paperback, Science Fiction)


A Shadow in Summer, by Daniel Abraham -- 4 wishers (Mass Market Paperback)

Confessor, by Terry Goodkind -- 23 wishers (Hardcover)

The Dragon Reborn, by Robert Jordan -- 67 wishers (Hardcover)(My copy has no dust jacket and is a little yellowed with age -- it's a first edition)

The Fires of Heaven, by Robert Jordan -- 31 wishers (Hardcover)(My copy is a book club edition)

The Mirador, by Sarah Monette -- 22 wishers (Mass Market Paperback)


Guns, Germs, and Steel, by Jared Diamond -- 23 wishers (Trade Paperback, History/Sociology)

Truman, by David McCullough -- 51 wishers (Trade Paperback, Biography)

Please have the titles you want on your wishlist and on auto-request BEFORE you PM me. If I get two requests for the same title, preference will go to the larger order.

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I have the following WLed books with a minimum order of 2 books, plus choose a freebies from my shelf for a 3 for 2 deal.  I have the other S L Viehl, Wen Spencer, and MaryJanice Davidson books on my shelf that are not WLed:

Omega Games S L Viehl  1 WL

Plague of Memory  S L Viehl 1 WL

Shockball S L Viehl  3 WL

Wolf Who Rules Wen-Spencer, 28 wishers

Bitter Waters - Wen Spencer - 8 WL

Undead and Unworthy MaryJanice Davidson  41 WL

Personal -Demon Kelley Armstrong  6 WL

Stolen Women Otherworld Kelley Armstrong 4 WL


More coming!!

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Please order two or more - may be combined with an order from my shelf.  PM me with your request.

Be sure to have the ISBN on your wishlist with auto-request turned ON. 

Have your requester conditions turned OFF.  This is a non-smoking household with dogs.  The book will be protected by plastic before mailing.  My hardcover books all have dustjackets.  Keep in mind none of my books were bought new so I cannot guarantee they have never been exposed to smoking, cats, or alien dustbunnies and other weird things.   I am fussy about my books and I consider them all to be in good-very good condition.


Sarah's Key
Author: Tatiana de Rosnay

Members wishing:  131

Author: Ron Rash

Members wishing: 106

The Postcard Killers
Author: James Patterson, Liza Marklund

Members wishing: 595

Unseen Academicals
Author: Terry Pratchett

Members wishing: 41

Murder on the Rocks (Gray Whale Inn, Bk 1)
Author: Karen MacInerney

Members wishing: 26

Laura Rider's Masterpiece
Author: Jane Hamilton

Members wishing: 58

April & Oliver: A Novel
Author: Tess Callahan

Members wishing:  32



Hand-Knitting Techniques
Author: Threads Magazine

Members Wishing: 3

Designing Knitwear
Author: Deborah Newton

Members Wishing:  7


50 Baby Bootees to Knit

Leading designer Zoë Mellor returns with an adorable collection of classic and contemporary bootees for the beautifully shod baby, newborn to 18 months. A Crafter?s Choice Book Club Selection

Members Wishing: 8




Awakening the Heroes Within : Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World
Author: Carol S. Pearson

Members Wishing: 3






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1 Credit each - Orders of 2 or more please.  May be combined with any book from my shelf.

PM me with your request and have book posted to your WL with Auto Request on, please!

Thanks for looking.

Undated Numbers of Wishers as of Dec. 1st.

Magnolia Wednesdays :: Wendy Wax
ISBN-13: 9780425232354 - ISBN-10: 0425232352
Wishing: 30

The Hour I First Believed :: Wally Lamb
ISBN-13: 9780060988432 - ISBN-10: 0060988436
Wishing: 18

It's Not About the Hair: And Other Certainties of Life and Cancer
:: Debra Jarvis
ISBN-13: 9781570615368 - ISBN-10: 1570615365
Wishing: 3

Sixteen Brides :: Stephanie Grace Whitson
ISBN-13: 9781616643638 - ISBN-10: 1616643633
Wishing: 19

The Little Book
:: Selden Edwards
ISBN-13: 9780452295513 - ISBN-10: 0452295513
Wishing: 13

Slow Heat :: Jill Shalvis
ISBN-13: 9780425233665 - ISBN-10: 0425233669
Wishing: 16

Canyon Echoes (Red Rock Mysteries) :: Chris Fabry, Jerry B. Jenkins
ISBN-13: 9781414301471 - ISBN-10: 1414301472
Wishing: 8

Elvis and the Dearly Departed (Southern Cousins, Bk 1) :: Peggy Webb
ISBN-13: 9780758225900 - ISBN-10: 0758225903
Wishing: 14

It Is Well with My Soul: The Extraordinary Life of a 106-Year-Old Woman
:: Ella Mae Cheeks Johnson, Patricia Mulcahy
ISBN-13: 9780143117445 - ISBN-10: 0143117440
Wishing: 14

The Wildwater Walking Club :: Claire Cook
ISBN-13: 9781401340896 - ISBN-10: 140134089X
Wishing: 5

Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva
:: Victoria Rowell
ISBN-13: 9781439164426 - ISBN-10: 1439164428
Wishing: 8

The Barn Dance: Somewhere between Heaven and Earth, there is a place where the magic never ends . . .
:: James F. Twyman
ISBN-13: 9781401928377 - ISBN-10: 1401928374
Wishing: 13

Espresso Shot (Coffeehouse, Bk 7) :: Cleo Coyle
ISBN-13: 9780425230763 - ISBN-10: 0425230767
Wishing: 22

Butter Safe Than Sorry (Pennsylvania Dutch, Bk 18) :: Tamar Myers
ISBN-13: 9780451229106 - ISBN-10: 045122910X
Wishing: 41

These is My Words :: Nancy Turner
ISBN-13: 9780060987510 - ISBN-10: 0060987510 
Members Wishing:  42

Below Zero (Joe Pickett, Bk 9) :: C. J. Box 
ISBN-13: 9780399155758 - ISBN-10: 0399155759
Members Wishing: 13

Very Valentine :: Adriana Trigiani
ISBN-13: 9780061257063 - ISBN-10: 0061257060
Members Wishing: 19

The Light (Morpheus Road, Bk 1) :: D. J. MacHale
ISBN-13: 9781416965169 - ISBN-10: 1416965165
Members Wishing: 25

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Orders of at least 2 please.  These can be combined with my ARCs & Unpostables (most WL'ed) here: http://www.paperbackswap.com/lists/list_details.php?lid=939  or anything on my bookshelf.  We are a non-smoking, non-pet home so please turn off RCs and have on auto-request.  Thanks  :  ) 


A Chesapeake Shores Christmas   Sherryl Woods  ISBN-13: 9780778328520 - ISBN-10: 077832852X

Something, Maybe   Elizabeth Scott  ISBN-13: 9781416978657 - ISBN-10: 1416978658

Not My Daughter   Barbara Delinsky  ISBN-13: 9780307473233 - ISBN-10: 0307473236 posted to FIFO

What I Thought I Knew: A Memoir Alice Eve Cohen  ISBN-13: 9780670020959 - ISBN-10: 0670020958

Diamond Ruby: A Novel Joseph Wallace  ISBN-13: 9781439160053 - ISBN-10: 1439160058 

Day After Night Anita Diamant  ISBN-13: 9780743299855 - ISBN-10: 074329985X

The Last Time I Saw You: A Novel   Elizabeth Berg  ISBN-13: 9780345517319 - ISBN-10: 0345517318

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky   Heidi W. Durrow ISBN-13: 9781565126800 - ISBN-10: 1565126807

The Woman Who Fell from the Sky: An American Journalist in Yemen  Jennifer Steil ISBN-13: 9780767930505 - ISBN-10: 0767930509

The Power  Rhonda Byrne ISBN-13: 9781439181782 - ISBN-10: 1439181780

A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table  Molly Wizenberg  ISBN-13: 9781416551065 - ISBN-10: 1416551069

The Art of Devotion  Samantha Bruce-Benjamin ISBN-13: 9781439153949 - ISBN-10: 1439153949  posted to FIFO

Christmas in Cedar Cove: 5-B Poppy Lane\A Cedar Cove Christmas   Debbie Macomber ISBN-13: 9780778328223 - ISBN-10: 0778328228 posted to FIFO

Touch-Me-Not (Martha's Vineyard)    Cynthia Riggs ISBN-13: 9780312648718 - ISBN-10: 0312648715

A Happy Marriage: A Novel  Rafael Yglesias  ISBN-13:9781439102312 - ISBN-10:1439102317

The Post-American World   Fareed Zakaria  ISBN-13:9780393334807 - ISBN-10:0393334805

Pretty Face  Mary Hogan   ISBN-13: 9780060841119 - ISBN-10: 0060841117   posted to FIFO

Take Me There   Susane Colasanti ISBN-13:9780142414354 - ISBN-10:0142414352  posted to FIFO

 Daughter of Kura: A Novel Debra Austin  ISBN-13:9781439112663 - ISBN-10:1439112665

 Amen, Amen, Amen: Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying (Among Other Things) Abby Sher  ISBN-13:9781416589457 - ISBN-10:1416589457

 Leaving the World   Douglas Kennedy  ISBN-13:9781439180785 - ISBN-10:1439180784

 The Legacy: A Novel Kirsten Tranter  ISBN-13:9781439177181 - ISBN-10:143917718X

Substitute Me  Lori Tharps  ISBN-13: 9781439171103 - ISBN-10: 1439171106

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Subject: Nov List
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Minimum 2 books, may be combined with anything from my bookshelf.

All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 7) Author: Charlaine Harris  ISBN-13: 9780441014941 - ISBN-10: 0441014941 WL 44

 Must Love Hellhounds: The Britlingens Go to Hell / Angel's Judgement / Magic Mourns / Blind Spot    Author: Meljean Brook, Ilona Andrews, Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh  ISBN-13: 9780425229590 - ISBN-10: 0425229599  WL 409
Have on autorequest or you may buddy me the credits with a PM and include your mailing address. First come, first serve. Thanks!

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I love being on the first page of this thread!

I have these available...minimum of 2....can be combined with books from my Bookshelf and in a 3 for 2 or 5 for 3 deal.


Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore (378 wishers)
The Sweet By and By by Todd Johnson (97 wishers)
Little Bee by Chris Cleave (321 wishers)



Chosen by Ted Dekker (27 wishers)
The Secret Circle Omnibus Vol. 1 by L.J. Smith (4 wishers)


Predator by Terri Blackstock (85 wishers)
The Infidel by Joe Musser (1 wisher)
Hurricanes in Paradise by  Denise Hildreth (42 wishers)


Indiscretion by Jude Morgan (2 wishers)
The Naked Duke by Sally MacKenzie (1 wishers)


A Highlander's Destiny by Melissa Mayhue (8 wishers)
Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom (42 wishers)


Wash and Die (Charlotte LaRue, Bk 7) by Barbara Colley (4 wishers)
Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Ghost Hunter, Bk 3) by Victoria Laurie (8 wishers)

 The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson (977 wishers)
The War Against Miss Winter by Kathryn Miller Haines (1 wisher)


Moving Pictures (Discworld 10) by Terry Pratchett (5 wishers)
Kitty's House of Horrors by Carrie Vaughn (107 wishers)
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin (12 wishers)


The Other Queen by Phillippa Gregory (17 wishers)

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Request 2 or more please.  All books from non smoking home.  Please turn off RC and put on auto request.  Can be combined with order from my shelf.  All HC have DJ, if they are supposed to. 

Game Boys: Professional Videogaming's Rise from the Basement to the Big Time :: Michael Kane
ISBN-13: 9780670018963 - ISBN-10: 0670018961 wishing 4
Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman :: Mary Tillman
ISBN-13: 9781594868801 - ISBN-10: 1594868808

 wishing 7   (have 2 copies)

She Always Knew How: Mae West, a Personal Biography :: Charlotte Chandler
ISBN-13: 9781416579090 - ISBN-10: 1416579095

wishing 1



Murder of a Wedding Belle (Scumble River, Bk 12) :: Denise Swanson
ISBN-13: 9780451229618 - ISBN-10: 0451229614
wishing 36
Keeping the Moon :: Sarah Dessen
ISBN-13: 9780142401767 - ISBN-10: 0142401765
wishing 1
The Magicians: A Novel :: Lev Grossman
ISBN-13: 9780452296299 - ISBN-10: 0452296293
wishing 192
Amigoland :: Oscar Casares
ISBN-13: 9780316159692 - ISBN-10: 0316159697
wishing 24
God Said Yes :: Heather Hornback-Bland, Ninie Hammon
ISBN-13: 9780425217238 - ISBN-10: 042521723X
wishing 8
wishing 3
I'm With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie :: Pamela Des Barres
ISBN-13: 9780515097122 - ISBN-10: 0515097128 wishing 30

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Wanting to ship in orders of 2 or more to save on shipping... can be combined with my shelf.

Please have on WL on auto request -- Thx!!!

An Ice Cold Grave (Harper Connelly, Bk 3) :: Charlaine Harris (1 wisher)

The Heretic's Daughter :: Kathleen Kent (90 wishers)

In Your WIldest Dreams (Warner Forever) :: Toni Blake (3 wishers)

Lessons From a Scarlet Lady :: Emma Wildes (2 wishers)

Mistress of Pleasure :: Delilah Marvelle (11 wishers)

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I would like to send these out two at a time. These can be combined with anything on my shelves. Thanks!


Mystery and Thrillers:

"The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree" by Susan Wittig Albert. ISBN:978-042523445-7  (hardcover)    61 wishers

"As Husbands Go" by Susan Isaacs. ISBN:978-1-4165-7301-2  (hardcover)   138 wishers

"Tea Time for the Traditionally Built" by Alexander MacCall Smith. ISBN:978-0-375-42449-6   (hardcover)  106 wishers

"The Black Cat" by Martha Grimes. ISBN:978-0-670-02160-4    (hardcover)  30 wishers

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" by  Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. ISBN:978-1-59474-334-4 (paperback) 521 wishers

"The Disappearance at Pere LaChaise" by Claude Izner. ISBN:978-0312-383756   (hardcover)  6  wishers

"The Wings of the Sphinx" by Andrea Camilleri. ISBN:978-0-14-1311660-8  (paperback)  13 wishers

"A Rule Against Murder" by Louise Penny. ISBN:978-0-312-36516-5  (paperback) 2 wishers

"Killer Stuff" by Sharon Fiffer. ISBN:0-312-98370-0  (paperback)   2 wisher

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larson. ISBN:9780307-26975-1  (hardback)   487  wishers



"The Wind-up Bird Chronicle" by Haruki Murakami. ISBN:0-679-77543-9   (paperback)  135   wishers



"Alexander Hamilton" by Ron Chernow. ISBN:1-59420-009-2 (harcover) 11 wishers

"American Sphinx: the Character of Thomas Jefferson" by Joseph J. Ellis. ISBN:0-679-76441-0   (paperback) 6 wishers

"Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare." by Stephen Greenblatt. ISBN:0-393-05057-2  (hardcover) 1 wisher

"A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. ISBN:0-7679-0817-1   (harcover)  40 wishers

"The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" by Oliver Sack's. ISBN:0-684-85394-9 (paperback)  7 wishers

"The Island of the Colorblind" by Oliver Sacks. ISBN:0-679-45114-5    (hardcover)  2 wishers


Wishlisted Unpostables:

"The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. ISBN:978-0-399-15534-5 (harcover)  2592 wishers.   (Coffee stain on side. Doesn't affect reading.)

"A Carrion Death" by Michael Stanley. ISBN:978-0-06-125240-2  (hardcover)  6 wishers   (Small slash on spine. Book is fine otherwise.)

"The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane" by Katherine Howe. ISBN: 978-1-4013-4133-6  (paperback)  80 wishers (light blue mark on side. )

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Added (see my post above for more):

P.S. I Hate It Here (PS I Hate It Here): Kids' Letters from Camp :: Diane Falanga
ISBN-13: 9780810982956 - ISBN-10: 0810982951   members wishing - 56