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Glossary of Common Terms/Acronyms/Abbreviations

Acronyms/Abbreviations common on PBS:

  • ARC = Advanced Reader Copy (aka Uncorrected Proof, Review Copy); a preview copy of a book sent to reviewers in advance of a book's release; not the final copy of a book, and not permitted for swapping at PBS.
  • BCE = Book Club Edition.  Book club editions are special printings of books that use less expensive materials (thinner paper, smaller font) and are slightly smaller in size than standard hardcovers. They're usually sent out via mail order book clubs, hence the name, and sometimes do not have ISBNS (if this is the case, they must be Posted using the Post a Book without an ISBN feature linked from the top of the Post Books page).  They are permitted for swapping at PBS, but some members don't care for them and will use Requestor Conditions to exclude them, since the font can be quite small.
  • BIR = Books I've Read List. This is a list of all the books you have already read.
  • BoB = Box-O-Books. This service allows members to swap books without credits! See What is Box-O-Books? for more information about this feature.
  • Bookshelf = a member's list of books posted for others to request.
  • Boxer = member subscribed to Box-O-Books.
  • BX = BookCrossing. BookCrossing.com is a website unaffiliated with PBS. BX books often have stamps or stickers on them, with their BX registration numbers.
  • FIFO = "first in, first out". FIFO refers to the order in which books are requested at PBS. See What is FIFO? for more information.
  • FOL = Friends of the Library, an organization which runs sales of decirculated library books.
  • ISBN = International Standard Book Number, usually found on the back or inside front flyleaf of a book.
  • MAB= Member Appreciation Books. See Member Appreciation Books (MABs) for more information about this feature.
  • PBS-DC = PBS Delivery Confirmation. See for more information about this feature.
  • PBS Printable Postage - postage you can print onto your wrapper to mail your book.  See FAQs about Printable Postage for more information about this feature.
  • PBS Wrapper = the file with the mail-to address that downloads from the request on the sender's My Account page.  You can also view the address for copying or print from a webpage without downloading.
  • PM = Personal Message. You can read your PMs in your Message Center, by clicking Personal Message on the right-hand side of your account page.
  • Post (to post a book) - to list it on your account Bookshelf for others to request.
  • Posted books = books currently available to order.
  • RCs - Requestor Conditions
  • RL = Reminder List. This is a list of the books you are considering ordering in future. See What is the Reminder List? for more information.
  • RWAP = Received with a Problem.  This refers to a problem swap - such as a damaged book, a wrong book, a book that violates your RCs, etc.  Please see There is a problem with a book I received! for more information.
  • TBR = To Be Read (click the "show description" button on the TBR Pile page to read the full description of its purpose. The TBR Pile is in the dropdown menu under Book Lists on the right-hand side of your account page)
  • TG - Tour Guide
  • UnPosted books = books not currently available to order; these books may be added to your Wish List.
  • UBS = Used Book Store
  • USPS = United States Postal Service
  • Vacation/Hold - the feature that allows you to hide your account Bookshelf and Wish List, to prevent requests and Wish List offers while you are unable to respond for any reason - accessible from My Account or from the link at the top of the My Bookshelf page.
  • WL = Wish List. See What is the Wish List? for more information.

Acronyms/Abbreviations common on the Internet in general:

  • AFAIK = As Far As I Know
  • BRB = Be Right Back
  • BTW = By The Way
  • bump (as the lone word in a Forum post) = Bump Up My Post = empty post added to bring topic back to top of Forum topic list.  This is permissible in Book Bazaar topics once per day per topic.
  • DH, DW = Dear Husband, Dear Wife
  • DS, DD = Dear Son, Dear Daughter
  • ETA = Edited to Add. Used mainly on a forum post that has been edited, to explain why the editing was done.
  • FWIW = For What It's Worth
  • HTH = Hope That (or "This") Helps
  • IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
  • ISO = In Search Of
  • KWIM = Know What I Mean?
  • LOL = Laughing Out Loud
  • NM = Never Mind
  • NP = No Problem
  • OP = Original Poster (or Original Post). Used mainly in Discussion Forums, to refer to the post that started the topic OR the person who started the topic.
  • OTOH = On The Other Hand
  • OT = Off-Topic
  • ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • ROFLMAO = Rolling On the Floor Laughing My A** Off
  • SIL, MIL, FIL, BIL = sister-in-law, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law
  • TTFN = Ta-Ta For Now
  • TTYL = Talk To You Later
  • YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

Icons at PBS

These appear on forum posts and public profiles. 

General icons:

This member is enrolled in Standard Membership

This member is enrolled in Limited Membership

= Boxer (subscriber to Box-O-Books)

This icon indicates that this member is one who uses Printable Postage.
  This icon indicates that this member is at a military (APO/FPO) address.

= Member of the Month (past or current)

Volunteer Icons:

= Coordinator, Book Image Collection Volunteers
  = Image Collection Volunteer
- - - -
  = Coordinator, Data Correction Volunteers
  = Data Correction Volunteer
- - - -
= Coordinator, Tour Guide Volunteers
= Assistant Coordinator, Tour Guide Volunteers
= Leader, Tour Guide Volunteers
= Tour Guide Volunteer
- - - -
  = Coordinator, Games Moderator Volunteers
  = Games Moderator Volunteer
- - - -

= Book Bazaar Czar (Moderator of the Book Bazaar Discussion Forum)

- - - -
Donation Levels

= Silver level, Friend of PBS

= Gold level, Friend of PBS

= Double-gold level, Friend of PBS

= Triple-gold level, Friend of PBS

= Diamond level, Friend of PBS

- - - -

= Donated between 1 and 49 credits to Books for Schools!

= Donated between 50 and 99 credits to Books for Schools!

= Donated between 100 and 149 credits to Books for Schools!

= Donated between 150 and 199 credits to Books for Schools!

= Donated over 200 credits to Books for Schools!

- - - -


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