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Help Center - What is Box-O-Books?

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Box-O-Books is a subscribable feature that lets you swap books for books with other members, and no Book credits or Swap Fees are needed. 

Why use Box-O-Books?

  • It saves you money!  Sending multiple books in one shipment costs much less in postage than sending single-book shipments.
  • It saves you Book Credits!  When you don't have any credits, you can still get books!
  • This service is especially useful to new members; they can swap whole boxes of books with other Boxers, thereby replenishing their library while waiting for their newly Posted books to be requested and earn them credits.
  • Box-O-Books is the only way that PBS members are permitted to swap "books-for-books" without using credits.

Box-O-Books is a paid subscription feature at PBS

  •  Enrollment in Box-O-Books  is $8.00 per year
    • Box-O-Books can be purchased in the PBS Kiosk.
  • There is no limit on the number of Box-O-Books swaps you can conduct in a year


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