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List created by Laura T. on Aug 10, 2010
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Laura T.
Captured by the Highlander (Highlander, Bk 1) by Julianne MacLean
THE ENEMY IN HER BED Lady Amelia Sutherland would rather die than surrender to a man like Duncan MacLean. He is the fiercest warrior of his clan -- her people’s sworn enemy -- and tonight he is standing over her bed. Eyes blazing, muscles taut, and battle axe gleaming, MacLean has come...  more


Laura T.
After Dark with a Scoundrel (Lords of Vice, Bk 3) by Alexandra Hawkins
Young, tender, and highly impressionable, Lady Regan can’t help but be intrigued by her brother’s wayward friends—the wickedly charming Lords of Vice. One man in particular, the dashing Lord Hugh Mordare  (known simply as “Dare” among the ton), utterly...  more


Laura T.
A Taste of Desire by Beverley Kendall
Thomas Armstrong vows only the loss of his faculties could ever convince him to take Amelia Bertram under his care during her father’s absence from England. Sadly, that loss does occur… the moment Lady Amelia publicly states that rumors of his exalted sexual prowess are more fable...  more


Laura T.
Highland Master (Scottish Knights, Bk 1) by Amanda Scott
When eighteen-year-old Lady Catriona Mackintosh discovers a wounded man in the forest near her Highland home, little does she know that he has sworn a sacred oath to kill her father and other members of the powerful Highland confederation known as Clan Chattan.  Nor does she realize that...  more


Laura T.
Mistress By Midnight by Maggie Robinson
Desmond Ryland, Marquess of Conover has moved heaven and earth to reunite with his childhood love, only to be rebuffed for his honorable marriage proposal. Con’s dishonorable desire to have Laurette Vincent any way he can get her leads him to blackmail her to become his mistress....  more


Laura T.
The Duke and the Pirate Queen by Victoria Janssen
Aboard her privateering ship Seaflower, Captain Imena Leung is the law.  Ashore she answers only to her employer, Duke Maxime.  They are a powerful couple, with an intense attraction neither can disguise or deny.  As a nobleman, Maxime is destined to wed strategically, so his...  more


Laura T.
Passions of a Wicked Earl (London's Greatest Lovers, Bk 1) by Lorraine Heath
Known throughout London for his prowess in the bedroom, Morgan Lyons, the 8th Earl of Westcliffe, cannot forgive an unpardonable affront to his honor. Discovering his young bride in the arms of his brother was a staggering blow -- so he banished the beautiful deceiver to the country and devoted...  more


Laura T.
Rory (Rakehells of Rochester, Bk 3) by Julia Templeton
The devilishly handsome Rayborne brothers are infamous throughout the ton for their illicit behaviour. But when their fortunes are jeopardised -- unless they wed -- each must find the woman who can satisfy his every carnal desire... With a penchant for seducing married women, Rory Rayborne...  more


Laura T.
Somewhere Along the Way (Harmony, Bk 2) by Jodi Thomas
Ever since she claimed Harmony, Texas, as her home, eighteen-year-old Reagan Truman finds herself drawn to other who have made their way here. Shaped by the loneliness she's known most of her life, Reagan has finally found a place she belongs -- and doesn't want anything to get in her...  more


Laura T.
A Little Bit Sinful by Adrienne Basso
A Little Bit Unexpected . . . Eleanor Collins knows that her beautiful younger sister will have wealthy, powerful men falling at her feet in her first London season. But Eleanor is surprised to discover that one man's attentions are utterly focused on her. A Little Bit Forbidden ....  more


Laura T.
Improper Seduction (English Tudor, Bk 1) by Mary Wine
A Rearranged marriage… Lord Curan Ramsden is home from war, and eager to claim his betrothed. and he arrives just in time -- his bride’s father has summoned her to London, to wed another man. But Bridget’s father promised her to Curan, and Curan means to have her....  more


Laura T.
To Tempt a Rake (Circle of Sin, Bk 3) by Cara Elliott
Kate Woodbridge has spent most of her life sailing to exotic ports around the globe, acquiring an expertise in botany, along with a few less ladylike skills.  So when a deathbed promise to her parents brings her to London to seek reconciliation with her grandfather, the imperious Duke of...  more


Laura T.
Emily and the Dark Angel by Jo Beverley
Emily Grantwich lives quietly with her crippled father and eccentric aunt, managing the family's land, until the fateful day she walks down the main street of Melton Mowbray and is showered with Poudre de Violettes, thrown by a lady of loose morals at the handsomest man Emily has ever...  more


Laura T.
Whisper of Scandal (Scandalous Women of the Ton, Bk 1) by Nicola Cornick
BEWARE OF THE SCANDALOUS WOMAN... Scandal isn't just for rogues, as the daring women in Nicola Cornick's scintillating new series prove... Lady Joanna Ware has no desire to wed again but that doesn't stop the flurry of suitors knocking on her door.  Desperate to thwart...  more


Laura T.
Sins of a Highland Devil (Highland Warriors, Bk 1) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
The first book in the Highland Warriors trilogy, in which three heroes make a pact to insure that a rival clan does not take over their Glen of Many Legends. At the same time, three women plot to marry these heroes to ensure peace. In SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL, James Cameron is concerned when...  more


Laura T.
A Storm of Pleasure (Storm, Bk 3) by Terri Brisbin
On the beautiful, remote Scottish coast, two lovers are drawn together by a dark legacy and a wild dangerous desire… Rumors of a truthsayer have brought Katla Sveinsdottir to Orkney, searching for a way to clear her brother’s name. What she finds is far from what she expected....  more


Laura T.
The Perfect Mistress (Mistress, Bk 1) by Victoria Alexander
Widowed Julia, Lady Winterset, has inherited a book -- a very shocking book -- that every gentleman in London seems to want.  For a charismatic businessman, it's a chance to build an empire.  For a dashing novelist, it could guarantee fame.  But to a proud, domineering earl,...  more


Laura T.
Highland Protector (Murray Family, Bk 17) by Hannah Howell
Howell continues the Murray saga with a 15th-century tale of conspiracy and treason. Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong overhears her fiancé plotting to betray her. When the king's agent is murdered and the Armstrongs blamed, Ilsabeth flees to Simon Innes, a reputable investigator and close...  more


Laura T.
The Pursuit of Pleasure by Elizabeth Essex
Never Say “Never” To Passion… Lizzie Paxton’s dream in life is to be a widow—if only she could skip the wedding and the husband. When her childhood friend Captain James Marlowe proposes a marriage in name only, she accepts, knowing she’ll have the...  more


Laura T.
The Christmas Knight by Michele Sinclair
Her Only Hope For The Season With their father gone this Christmastide, Bronwyn de Breton and her two younger sisters are utterly vulnerable at unprotected Hunswick Castle. And their troubles are compounded when a fearsome knight arrives on the king-s orders to take Hunswick as his own-and...  more


Laura T.
One Wicked Sin (Scandalous Women of the Ton, Bk 2) by Nicola Cornick
Lottie Palliser was once the toast of the Ton but now is notorious for being divorced -- and penniless. Shunned by society and disowned by her family, the destitute beauty is forced to become a courtesan in a Covent Garden bawdy house. Refusing to oblige her customers, Lottie is about to be...  more


Laura T.
Restless Heart (Heart, Bk 2) by Emma Lang
Angels don’t always have halos… Angeline Hunter ran from a horrific marriage, to start her life again in a small town in Wyoming, away from the Mormon life she had escaped in Utah. She didn’t want to fall in love, or even fall in like, with a man like Samuel Carver. He was...  more


Laura T.
Simply Forbidden (House of Pleasure, Bk 6) by Kate Pearce
Lisette Delornay-Ross is used to belonging to two worlds -- her father Philip’s aristocratic circles and her mother, Helene’s more risqué sexual empire. When she meets Major Lord Gabriel Swanfield, she is instantly attracted to him and more than willing to engage in her usual...  more


Laura T.
Prelude to a Scandal (Scandal, Bk 1) by Delilah Marvelle
London and South Africa - 1829 Having been raised in the jungles of South Africa, assisting her father in the study of mammal copulation, Lady Justine Fedora Palmer sweeps back into London to embark upon her coming out.  She quickly discovers animals are far more civilized than the men...  more


Laura T.
Once Upon a Scandal (Scandal, Bk 2) by Delilah Marvelle
London and Venice — 1829      Lady Victoria Jane Emerson's girlish notions were left behind when she is deserted by her first love, Lord Remington, without a backward glance.  Five years later, she is being forced to choose a husband by her father who is dying...  more


Laura T.
Mail Order Cowboy (Brides of Simpson Creek, Bk 1) (Love Inspired Historical, No 67) b...
With beaux scarce in post-Civil War Texas, practical Milly Matthews and her "Spinster Society" friends have their hands full protecting their ranches.  Their only hope:  advertising for mail -- order grooms.  But aristocratic British cavalry officer Nicholas Brookfield...  more


Laura T.
Wedding of the Season (Abandoned at the Altar, Bk 1) by Laura Lee Guhrke
Abandoned at the altar ...  Lady Beatrix Danbury had always known she would marry William Mallory. She'd loved him forever and she'd never doubted he loved her, too. But when she made him choose between their life together or his lifelong dream, Will chose the latter...  more


Laura T.
Wicked Nights With a Lover (Penwich School for Virtuous Girls, Bk 3) by Sophie Jordan
What should a proper lady do when she believes her days are numbered? Step One:  Take a Lover... After being told she will not survive beyond the year's end, prim and lovely Marguerite Laurent intends to live what remains of her life to the very fullest.  Though she may...  more


Laura T.
Lust by Charlotte Featherstone
Of old, humans and Faeries have dwelt side by side in parallel realms. Only the canniest mortals recognize the alluring creatures that often walk - and lie - among them. The righteous Fae of the Seelie Court cherish an ancient quarrel with their Dark counterparts: a curse born of anger and...  more


Laura T.
The Princess in His Bed: The Marquis' New Clothes / The Lovely Duckling / The Princes...
Inspired by “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “The Ugly Duckling, and “The Princess and the Pea,” Lila DiPasqua spins three sexy tales that give new meaning to the term bedtime story ... *** The Marquis’ New Clothes: To save her cousin, Aimee de Miran...  more


Laura T.
Scandal of the Year (Abandoned at the Altar, Bk 2) by Laura Lee Guhrke
One tryst was all she wanted . . . From their very first meeting, Julia knew that Aidan Carr, the oh-so-proper Duke of Trathen, had a bit of the devil in him, a devil who secretly yearned for what he could not have, a devil who harbored a desire for her. So when she needed to be caught in a...  more


Laura T.
The Viking's Captive by Sandra Hill
 Note: This is a revised reissue of My Fair Viking which was published in April 2002 by Leisure Books The captain is everything a Viking warrior should be—tall, fierce, blond, and curved in all the right places. Hold it—curved in all the right places? That’s right....  more


Laura T.
Pleasure Me by Monica Burns
Youth and beauty are a courtesan’s greatest assets. At forty-one, Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both, as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress. Struggling with the knowledge that she’s no longer considered desirable, she’s uncertain whether to be...  more


Laura T.
The Countess (Madison Sisters, Bk 1) by Lynsay Sands
The fairy tale courtship did not turn into a happily ever after… Not until her husband dropped dead, that is. He had been horrible enough to Christiana during their short marriage, and she was not going to allow the traditional period of mourning to ruin her sisters’ debuts as...  more


Laura T.
Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman (London's Greatest Lovers, Bk 2) by Lorraine Heath
As the black sheep second son of an earl, Stephen Lyons has gained a reputation in the art of seduction, but when his wicked ways result in scandal, he joins the army to redeem himself. On the battlefield, he proves courageous...until he is seriously wounded. Returning home to recover, he...  more


Laura T.
The Lady Most Likely by Connie Brockway & Eloisa James & Julia Quinn
Three of the brightest stars of historical romance invite you to a party at the country home of the Honorable Marquess of Finchley Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, needs a wife, so his sister hands him a list of delectable damsels and promises to invite them -- and a few other gentlemen --...  more


Laura T.
Outrageously Yours (Her Majesty's Secret Servants, Bk 2) by Allison Chase
A precious gem gifted to Queen Victoria by her secret beau has been stolen, and Her Majesty believes it has been delivered into the hands of the Marquess of Harrow. Ivy Sutherland's task is to assume the role of science student, "Ned Ivers", win the Marquess's trust, and...  more


Laura T.
A Most Scandalous Engagement (Scandalous, Bk 2) by Gayle Callen
Could she be the brazen lady who posed for the scandalous portrait? Lady Elizabeth Cabot is no longer the reckless girl she once was. Now the darling of the ton, she is determined to put her past behind her. But who would have imagined that one immodest act could throw her entire world into...  more


Laura T.
Taken by Desire by Lavinia Kent
Can a single kiss change a life? Strong and Independent, Anna Steele has dreamed of him in secret. Fierce, yet world-weary, Alexander Struthers has always desired her. Neither has ever considered marriage an option. But when a single kiss has unforeseen consequences, and wedding...  more


Laura T.
His Christmas Pleasure by Cathy Maxwell
Anything can happen at Christmas! When her father threatens to marry Abigail Montross off to a man twice her age (and with thirteen children!), she decides to elope instead with the irresistibly handsome Baron de Vasconia. She knows all about his notorious reputation. He is the most...  more


Laura T.
Wild Desire by Lori Brighton
No description available.


Laura T.
Claimed by the Highlander (Highlander, Bk 2) by Julianne MacLean
NIGHT OF CONQUEST With his tawny mane, battle-hewn brawn, and ferocious roar, Angus “The Lion” MacDonald is the most fearsome warrior Lady Gwendolen has ever seen -- and she is his most glorious conquest. Captured in a surprise attack on her father’s castle, Gwendolen is...  more


Laura T.
Mistress by Midnight (Scandalous Women of the Ton, Bk 3) by Nicola Cornick
A wicked duke’s bed is no place for a lady… Lady Merryn Fenner is on a mission to ruin the Duke of Farne. A beautiful bluestocking with a penchant for justice, Merryn has waited twelve years to satisfy her revenge against Garrick Farne. Her family name had been tarnished at his...  more


Laura T.
Midnight Kiss: Midnight Confessions / Midnight Assignment / Midnight Surrender by Vic...
These are New Year's resolutions worth keeping! Take a risk. At the inaugural New Year's Eve party at Jack's Bar, two lonely revelers decide the best balm for their broken hearts might just be each other. Find the perfect work/life balance. When a flinty lawyer...  more


Laura T.
The Perfect Scandal (Scandal, Bk 3) by Delilah Marvelle
London and St. Petersburg -- 1829  If there is anything Tristan Adam Hargrove, the fourth Marquis of Moreland has learned to avoid, it most certainly is scandal.  The dark and dashing lord is a true gentleman of honor who would never seduce a woman for his own gain or...  more


Laura T.
One Touch of Scandal (Fraternitas Aureae Crucis, Bk 1) by Liz Carlyle
Against the glamorous backdrop of Victorian high society, Liz Carlyle paints a dramatic tale of danger, deceit and endless desire, the first in her sizzling new trilogy.   Welcome to the world of the Fraternitas Aurea Crucis, an ancient society so secret, few believe it ever really...  more


Laura T.
How to Wed a Baron (Daughtry Family, Bk 4) by Kasey Michaels
A price he has to pay… He is but a pawn in someone else's game. With no choice but to do the prince regent's bidding, Justin Wilde must marry  -- marry! -- a woman not of his own choosing. And for the man notoriously referred to as the Bad Baron, marriage is the last...  more


Laura T.
Chasing the Sun by Kaki Warner
Daisy Etheridge always dreamed of singing on a real stage, rather than in a smoky San Francisco saloon.  But along the way she fell in love, had her heart broken, and bore a child to a man who loved another.  Now she has a second chance to develop her singing talent.  With no...  more


Laura T.
Unveiled (Turner, Bk 1) by Courtney Milan
HE WAS HER BITTEREST ENEMY... Ash Turner has waited a lifetime to seek revenge on the man who ruined his family, and at last the time for justice has arrived. At Parford Manor, he intends to take his place as the rightful heir to the dukedom, and settle an old score with the current duke...  more


Laura T.
Highland Heat (Highlander, Bk 3) by Mary Wine
Ruined, betrayed, and banished… As brave as she is impulsive, Deidre Chattan’s tendency to follow her heart and not her head has finally tarnished her reputation beyond repair. But when powerful Highland Laird Quinton Cameron finds her, he could care less about her past --...  more


Laura T.
It Happened One Season by Candice Hern & Jacquie D'Alessandro & Stephanie Lau...
A new anthology featuring novellas by Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, and Candice Hern.


Laura T.
Fierce Eden by Jennifer Blake
A widow at twenty-five, beautiful Elise Laffont had been taught by her brutal husband to hate sex and men. She was quite content to manage her small Louisiana farm alone -- until a Natchez Indian uprising forced her to flee.To secure safe passage for herself and her neighbors, Elise agreed to...  more


Laura T.
Captured by a Rogue Lord (Rogues of the Sea, Bk 2) by Katharine Ashe
SHE WOULD MARRY NO MAN... Serena Carlyle dreams of a happily ever after.  Firmly upon the shelf at twenty-five, instead she's determined to find the perfect match for her beautiful younger sister.  What better prospect than their neighbor, the wealthy, rakishly handsome Earl of...  more


Laura T.
A Borrowed Scot (Tulloch Sgathan, Bk 3) by Karen Ranney
Veronica MacLeod knows nothing about the man who appears from nowhere to prevent her from committing the most foolish and desperate act of her life. Recently named Lord Fairfax of Doncaster Hall, the breathtaking, secretive stranger agrees to perform the one act of kindness that can rescue the...  more


Laura T.
Cloudy With A Chance Of Marriage (Impossible Bachelors, Bk 3) by Kieran Kramer
Every woman dreams of saying “I do.” Jilly Jones did -- and years of a deeply imperfect marriage followed. Now living in London and working in a charming bookshop, the free-spirited Jilly is perfectly content with her newfound independence…until she meets a dashing naval...  more


Laura T.
How to Woo a Reluctant Lady (Hellions of Halstead Hall, Bk 3) by Sabrina Jeffries
THE HELLIONS OF HALSTEAD HALL When a charming rogue proposes she marry him to meet her grandmother’s ultimatum, the Sharpe clan’s strong-willed sister makes a tempting counter-offer that preserves her inheritance and ignites his imagination. Lady Minerva Sharpe has the perfect...  more


Laura T.
The King's Courtesan by Judith James
HER BODY IS A BATTLEGROUND Sensuous, beautiful and determined, Hope Matthews is a favored mistress of the king. Her many charms have helped her rise from the gutter to the king’s bed. But with the new queen’s impending arrival, her nights in the royal chamber— and her...  more


Laura T.
The Bride Wore Scarlet (Fraternitas Aureae Crucis, Bk 2) by Liz Carlyle
Passion and secrets simmer behind the elegant façade of Victorian London in another deliciously intriguing novel featuring the mysterious men of the St. James Society. Anaïs de Rohan has faced danger in her past, but never anything so great as posing as the new bride to one of...  more


Laura T.
What I Did For a Duke (Pennyroyal Green, Bk 5) by Julie Anne Long
For years, he’s been an object of fear, fascination…and fantasy. But of all the wicked rumors that forever dog the formidable Alexander Moncrieffe, Duke of Falconbridge, the ton  knows one thing for certain: only fools dare cross him. And when Ian Eversea does just that,...  more


Laura T.
When Beauty Tamed the Beast (Happily Ever Afters..., Bk 2) by Eloisa James
Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne is a Beauty... Naturally she's betrothed to a Beast. Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, lives in a castle in Wales where, it is rumored, his bad temper flays everyone he crosses. And rumor also has it that a wound left the earl immune to the charms of any...  more


Laura T.
The Secret Desires of a Governess by Tiffany Clare
YEARNING FOR HIS TOUCH From the moment Abby meets her new employer—the mysterious, brooding Earl of Brendall—she is appalled by his brutish manner. . .and even more so by her own attraction to him. Has she lost her senses? As a governess, Abby has no choice but to play by the...  more


Laura T.
The Heiress (Madison Sisters, Bk 2) by Lynsay Sands
Desperately seeking a husband… Suzette is not like other heiresses; she wants a poor husband, a gentleman who will be so grateful for her dowry that he will allow her access to it so that she can pay off her father's gambling debts. When this alluring beauty encounters...  more


Laura T.
My Irresistible Earl (Inferno Club, Bk 3) by Gaelen Foley
The Inferno Club: In public, this scandalous society of London aristocrats is notorious for pursuing all manner of debauchery. But in private, they are warriors who would do anything to protect king and country ... Once, she had vowed to marry the Earl of Falconridge. Now, she vows to forget...  more


Laura T.
Never a Gentleman (Drake's Rakes, Bk 2) by Eileen Dreyer
HE HIDES HIS TRUE COLORS . . . Miss Grace Fairchild is under no illusions about her charms. Painfully plain, she is a soldier's daughter who has spent her life being useful, not learning the treacherous ways of the ton. She may have been caught in a scandal with society's favorite rogue,...  more


Laura T.
One Night Is Never Enough (Secrets, Bk 2) by Anne Mallory
FROM THE FIRST GLIMPSE HE KNEW HE MUST HAVE HER -- EVEN IF ONLY FOR A SINGLE NIGHT... Powerful, ruthless, seductive -- the lord of London's underworld -- Roman Merrick gets anything he wants... and he burns for Charlotte Chatsworth, a polished jewel in the glittering ton.  So he...  more


Laura T.
Seducing the Governess (Regency Flings, Bk 4) by Margo Maguire
A PROPER GOVERNESS SHOULD NEVER... Assist a handsome stranger, alone on an unfamiliar road... unless the rake happens to be her new employer. Take a position in a crumbling manor... especially if the household staff has been replaced by unruly former soldiers. Allow her young charge...  more


Laura T.
Sweet as the Devil (Bruton Street Bookstore, Bk 3) by Susan Johnson
James, Baron Blackwood, and Scottish guard to Prince Ernst of Dalmia, is charged with protecting the prince's newly discovered daughter. Having already met the irresistible Miss Sofia Eastleigh at the home of one of his lovers, Jamie knows the distraction she poses -- and is determined to...  more


Laura T.
His Conquest (MacGruder, Bk 3) by Diana Cosby
THE ONLY MAN WHO COULD SAVE HER Linet Dancort will not be sold.  But that's essentially what her brother intends to do -- to trade her like so much chattel to widen his already vast scope of influence.  Linet will seize any opportunity to escape her fate -- and opportunity...  more


Laura T.
Hummingbird Lake (Eternity Springs, Bk 2) by Emily March
Experience the magic of Eternity Springs, where broken hearts find healing, in this uplifting novel in Emily March’s unforgettable new series.   Haunted by painful memories, pediatric surgeon Sage Anderson gives up medicine and moves to Eternity Springs. There she finds a place to...  more


Laura T.
The Pleasure Garden: Sacred Vows / Perfumed Pleasure / Rites of Passion by Charlotte ...
Many lifetimes ago, the beautiful May Queen exquisite seduction not with her husband, but in the arms of the Green Man -- the passionate ruler of all that is warm and light. And thus began the earth's most torrid love triangle. Now three women of diverse eras are drawn to the mystical...  more


Laura T.
Sin and Surrender (League of the Blade, Bk 4) by Julia Latham
Raised by the secretive League of the Blade, Sir Paul Hilliard fled England to escape from their shadow. And now his life depends on the breathtaking Bladeswoman he once trained and now desires. Painful memories once drove Paul Hilliard away. But when the elite secret fraternity of...  more


Laura T.
Taken by the Prince (Governess Brides, Bk 9) by Christina Dodd
Only Victoria knows that Saber Lawrence is a renegade prince plotting to seize control of his country. But when Saber kidnaps Victoria to ensure her silence and vanquish her reserve, he finds that the proper English governess is not so easily seduced, unless Saber's willing to surrender...  more


Laura T.
An Unlikely Countess (Malloren, Bk 11) by Jo Beverley
Prudence Youlgrave is out to marry above her station and secure a happy life. Catesby Burgoyne is out to continue his noble family's good name. When fate pushes them together, they are married -- but this inconvenient marriage of convenience quickly turns into something much more...


Laura T.
Where Shadows Dance (Sebastian St. Cyr, Bk 6) by C. S. Harris
Regency London: July 1812. How do you set about solving a murder no one can reveal has been committed? That's the challenge confronting C.S. Harris's aristocratic soldier-turned-sleuth Sebastian St. Cyr when his friend, surgeon and "anatomist" Paul Gibson, illegally buys...  more


Laura T.
The Admiral's Penniless Bride (Harlequin Historical, No 1025) by Carla Kelly
IT'S MARRIAGE OR THE WORKHOUSE! Sally Paul is down to her last penny. As she spends it on a cup of tea -- to stave off being at the mercy of the workhouse -- the last thing she expects is an offer of marriage...from a complete stranger! Admiral Sir Charles Bright's seafaring days...  more


Laura T.
Angel's Rest (Eternity Springs, Bk 1) by Emily March
Beloved author Emily March returns with a warm and uplifting new novel about a small town with a big heart. Welcome to Eternity Springs, a little piece of heaven in the Colorado Rockies. Gabriel Callahan has lost everything that mattered. All he wants is solitude on an isolated mountain...  more


Laura T.
Blood of the Rose (Tudor Vampire Chronicles, Bk 2) by Kate Pearce
When vampire slayer Rosalind Llewellyn had to join forces with her enemy Christopher Ellis to defeat a rogue vampire threatening Henry VIII, their alliance led to a surprising passion. Reunited after a year's separation, they now face a new threat that could destroy their last chance at...  more


Laura T.
Lady of Seduction (Daughters of Erin, Bk 3) by Laurel McKee
It's a mad, ill-advised journey that leads the usually sensible Lady Caroline Blacknall to the legendary isle of Muirin Inish, off the windswept coast of Ireland. Even so, she doesn't expect to find herself shipwrecked and then rescued by a man she believed she would never see again. A...  more


Laura T.
The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy by Mary Simonsen
Darcy and Elizabeth resist others' matchmaking plans in this lively Pride and Prejudice retelling Convinced that the lovely Elizabeth Bennet is her brother's soul mate, Georgiana Darcy enlists her clever and not at all snobbish cousin Anne de Bourgh in ensuring that pride and...  more


Laura T.
One Whisper Away (Ladies in Waiting, Bk 1) by Emma Wildes
Lady Cecily Francis is resigned to become the wife of Lord Drury, the man she suspects her sister is pining for. But upon her first scandalous encounter with the exotic Earl of Augustine -- the American whom everyone is whispering about -- Cecily is intrigued by the possibility of a more...  more


Laura T.
Texas Blue (Whispering Mountain, Bk 5) by Jodi Thomas
Gambling man Lewton Paterson wants to marry into a respectable family. After fleecing a train ticket, Lewt makes his way to Whispering Mountain. But seducing a well-bred woman is hard, and Lewt realizes that to entice a McMurray sister, he'll need to learn a thing or two about ranching --...  more


Laura T.
Wicked Seduction (Wicked, Bk 2) by Jade Lee
A MAN INTENT ON JUSTICE... After seven years of battling for survival on a pirate ship, Kit Frazier returns to England to right a wrong and make peace with what he lost. But once in London, he finds himself unexpectedly at sea, caught in his swirling attraction to the beguiling and elusive...  more


Laura T.
The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz
Roxanna Rowan may be a genteel Virginia woman, but she is determined to brave the wilds of the untamed frontier to reach a remote Kentucky fort. Eager to reunite with her father, who serves under Colonel Cassius McLinn, Roxanna is devastated to find that her father has been killed on a...  more


Laura T.
Wings of Promise: A Novel (Alaskan Skies) by Bonnie Leon
No description available.


Laura T.
Too Rich for a Bride (Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek, Bk 2) by Mona Hodgson
With a head more suited to bookkeeping than a bridal veil, Ida’s dreams include big business -- not beaus.    Ida Sinclair has joined her sisters, Kat and Nell, in the untamed mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado for one reason: to work for the infamous but undeniably...  more


Laura T.
Minnesota Brides (Romancing America) by Janet Spaeth
Escape into three delightful historic romances from the land of prairies and 10,000 lakes. Christal's contentment is shattered when a new doctor arrives in town. What is it about Isaac that's turned her world upside down? Suffering a heart bruised by a fickle fiance, Eliza heads to...  more


Laura T.
The House by the Fjord by Rosalind Laker
When Anna Harvik travels to Norway in 1946 in order to visit the family of her late husband, the country is only just recovering from five cruel years of Nazi occupation. So it is with surprise that she finds in this cold and bitter country the capacity for new love and perhaps even a new home.


Laura T.
The Last Warrior (Lost Colony, Bk 1) by Susan Grant
New York Times Bestselling author SUSAN GRANT is back with a passionate love story for the eons... As a decorated soldier, the young General Tao knows only one kind of honor -- to his people. But when his own king betrays him, he discovers that his sacrifices, his successes, may not have...  more


Laura T.
The School for Brides (School for Brides, Bk 1) by Cheryl Ann Smith
IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Miss Eva Black spent her life concealing her mother's past as a courtesan.  Now a spinster, her beauty hidden away under a dour disguise, Eva spends her days schooling courtesans to be suitable wives.  But one vengeful duke...  more


Laura T.
Beyond the Shore by Connie Monk
England, 1937. When Georgie Franklyn’s father dies suddenly, leaving a mountain of debt, artistic Georgie accepts James Bartlett’s marriage proposal. But theirs is not a love match, and their tentative relationship is complicated by the presence of lonely Muriel, Georgie’s...  more


Laura T.
The Trouble with Mr Darcy by Sharon Lathan
Wickham's jealousy and resentment of Darcy has grown steadily throughout the years and Darcy rightly suspects that Wickham is up to no good. But even though Darcy enlists the aid of Colonel Fitzwilliam to keep an eye on Wickham's activity, both men are shocked and dismayed when Wickham kidnaps...  more


Laura T.
Straw in the Wind by Janet Woods
The stand-alone sequel to Salting the Wound - 1835, England. A married woman, pregnant with her sea-captain lover’s child, dies giving birth. The child, Serafina Finn, is abandoned to an orphanage and grows up longing to feel that she belongs somewhere. Eighteen years later, her father,...  more


Laura T.
Legacy by Jeanette Baker
Journeying to Scotland to claim the family castle she inherited, college professor Christina Murray meets the handsome Ian Douglas and learns that she is linked to three ghostly ancestors from other times.


Laura T.
Her Scottish Groom by Ann Stephens
NOTHING COULD PREPARE HER FOR A MAN LIKE HIM... Proud Scottish Lord Kieran Rossburn doesn't relish the idea of a marriage of convenience, but he'll do what he must to preserve the family estate.  Worse, the bride he's been saddled with -- the daughter of a crass, unrefined,...  more


Laura T.
Highland Promise (Murrays, Bk 3) by Hannah Howell
An embattled knight meets his fate in a young beauty fleeing for her life... HIGHLAND PROMISE Eric Murray was the youngest of his brothers, determined to gain his rightful inheritance after thirteen years of bitter dispute with his father's family.  Starting out alone to...  more


Laura T.
Never Kiss a Stranger (Foxe Sisters, Bk 1) by Heather Grothaus
THERE's NO RESISTING DESTINY... Lady Alys thinks everyone knows the legend:  If a man and a woman meet at midnight within the ancient Foxe Ring ruins, they are as good as married.  But when she finds a captivating stranger lurking there in the middle of the night, she...  more


Laura T.
The Wildest Heart by Rosemary Rogers
No description available.


Laura T.
Devil's Own (Clan MacAlpin, Bk 2) by Veronica Wolff
Fifteen years after he was kidnapped and sold into slavery, Aidan returns to Scotland to find the home he knew long gone.  His mother, a proper education, a chance at love -- gone. All he has now are dreams of vengeance… Only one woman could restore his tormented heart. Aidan...  more


Laura T.
Invitation to Ruin by Bronwen Evans
Avowed bachelor, Anthony James Craven, the Earl of Wickham, is not dubbed Lord of Wicked for nothing. Anthony is determined never to marry and bear a son. His father was a cruel tyrant involved in slave trading, and Anthony is determined his father's bad blood ends with him. But when he...  more


Laura T.
Seduced by Destiny by Kira Morgan
SWORN TO REVENGE All her life, Josselin Ancrum has been trained for combat, hoping to exact vengeance for her heroic mother, who was killed fighting the English. When asked to spy for the Scottish Queen, Jossy joyfully accepts. But when a handsome stranger rescues her from sudden danger,...  more


Laura T.
The Blackmailed Bride (Love Inspired Historical, No 78) by Mandy Goff
SHE WOULD GIVE HER HAND IN MARRIAGE -- BUT NOT HER HEART The despicable Baron Finley is the last man Lady Olivia Fairfax would want as her husband, but what choice does she have?  He holds the secret to a family scandal, and she must bow to his blackmail or see herself and her brother...  more


Laura T.
Rocky Mountain Redemption (Rocky Mountain, Bk 2) (Love Inspired Historical, No 77) by...
CAN A COLORADO DOCTOR BE HER SAVING GRACE? Dr. Ben Drake has always held a special place in his heart for strays.  The ultimate test of his compassion comes when the fragile beauty at his door is revealed to be his brother's widow.  Desperate for shelter and the truth, Callie...  more


Laura T.
The Outlaw's Return (Love Inspired Historical, No 76) by Victoria Bylin
HE BROKE HER HEART...CAN HE WIN IT BACK? J.T. Quinn would know Mary Larue's beautiful voice anywhere.  He just never expected to hear her singing in a Denver church.  The gunslinger comes to town to reunite with the only woman he's ever loved... but the actress he left...  more


Laura T.
Rescuing the Heiress (Love Inspired Historical, No 75) by Valerie Hansen
ONLY ONE SPECIAL MAN CAN SAVE HER As a San Francisco firefighter, Michael Mahoney has never seen anything burn more brightly than the determination in socialite Tess Clark's eyes. Her fiery green gaze and the persuasive curve of her smile convince him to support her involvement in the...  more


Laura T.
Rio (The Texans, Bk 2) by Georgina Gentry
He's a man who burns as hot and free as a wildfire -- and where love is concerned, he's twice as dangerous . . . Rio Rio Kelly knows what he wants when he sees it -- and he wants the ebony-haired, fair-skinned beauty with the extraordinary blue eyes, Turquoise Sanchez. But in the...  more


Laura T.
Darcy and Fitzwilliam: A Tale of a Gentleman and an Officer by Karen V & Wasylows...
A gentleman in love cannot survive without his best friend... Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam couldn't be more different, and that goes for the way each one woos and pursues the woman of his dreams. Darcy is quiet and reserved, careful and dutiful, and his qualms and hesitations...  more


Laura T.
The Endless Forest by Sara Donati
With a master storyteller?s skill and a historian?s precision, Sara Donati has delighted readers and critics alike with her bestselling novels of the nineteenth-century New York frontier. Now she brings us The Endless Forest, set in the remote village of Paradise, where the Bonner family that...  more


Laura T.
Taken by the Wicked Rake (Silk & Scandal, Bk 8) (Harlequin Historicals, No 1024) by C...
This is a season of secrets, scandal and seduction in high society! Set in Regency England, this continuity sweeps you from glittering ballrooms, to a smuggler's cove in Cornwall, to the wilds of Scotland, a Romany camp, and back again. Each story has a passionate, intense, central...  more


Laura T.
The Gunman's Bride (Love Inspired Historical, No 71) by Catherine Palmer
Bart Kingsley had followed her to New Mexico, ready to lay his love -- and his life -- on the line.  But spirited Laura Rose had made a fresh start for herself.  She hadn't left her controlling father in Kansas to let some gun-slinging outlaw ruin her hopes -- no matter what...  more


Laura T.
The Doctor Takes a Wife (Brides of Simpson Creek, Bk 2) (Love Inspired Historical, No...
Why did the new doctor in Simpson Creek have to be a Yankee? Sarah Matthews can see that Nolan Walker is a good man -- and a handsome one. But she can't return his affection. Not with so much bitterness from the war fresh in her memory. Yet when the town is struck by a deadly influenza...  more


Laura T.
Dakota Father (Love Inspired Historical, No 72) by Linda Ford
A CHILD TO CHERISH It broke Jenny Archibald's heart to lose her best friend, Lena, to a fever -- Jenny's not about to let any harm come to two-year-old Meggie, Lena's orphaned daughter.  Jenny will take Meggie to the girl's uncle in Dakota Territory.  And if...  more


Laura T.
A Most Unusual Match (Love Inspired Historical, No 74) by Sara Mitchell
Theodora Langston has come to Saratoga Springs on a mission. Using the last of her inheritance, she reinvents herself as a wealthy socialite. Her goal -- to entrap the scoundrel who framed her grandfather. Instead, she draws the attention of Secret Service agent Devlin Stone, who sees through...  more


Laura T.
Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas
Reckless, wild, and beautiful, Lily Lawson delights in shocking proper London society – and now she is determined to rescue her sister from an unwanted impending marriage to the notorious Alex, Lord Raiford, by fair means or foul. But while she succeeds outrageously, Alex is a master gamesman...  more


Laura T.
Highland Groom (Murrays, Bk 8) by Hannah Howell
The passionate tale of a wife determined to claim the husband she loves.... Sir Diarmot MacEnroy, deciding his illegitimate children need a mother and his keep needs a proper lady, now stands before the altar with a gentle bride he hopes is too shy to disrupt his life or break his...  more


Laura T.
In the Laird's Bed (Harlequin Historical, No 1026) by Joanne Rock
A deadly storm brings Duncan the Brave back to Cristiana Domhnaill's home, but the Highland laird is seeking more than shelter…. As their rekindled passion for each other heats up the long winter nights, Duncan is sure he can win Cristiana back and forge a much-needed alliance...  more


Laura T.
Vow of Deception by Angela Johnson
Your first allegiance is to your heart… As a knight, Sir Rand Montague’s allegiance is to King Edward I. But when the king orders Rand to escort Rosalyn Harcourt to court in order to wed her off to Sir Golan -- a crass knight Rand abhors -- he’s torn between duty and...  more


Laura T.
Scoundrel's Honor by Rosemary Rogers
When her younger sister is abducted, strong-willed Emma Linley-Kirov will make a deal with the devil himself to rescue her. Devastatingly handsome, Dimitri Tipova is a scoundrel, seducer…and the only man who can help her, though his motive is cold, hard vengeance. Emma dares to trust him,...  more


Laura T.
The Legacy of Pemberley by Rebecca Collins
It has been fifty years since Mr. Darcy took Elizabeth Bennet as his bride, and through half a century of both true happiness and difficult trials, their love has never faltered. When Charles Bingley's declining health forces Darcy and Elizabeth to travel with their dear friends to Europe,...  more


Laura T.
Deadly Illusions (Francesca Cahill, Bk 7) by Brenda Joyce
Manhattan, 1902. Irrepressible heiress and intrepid sleuth Francesca Cahill moves from her own elegant world of Fifth Avenue to the teeming underbelly of society, a place of pride, passions. . .and sometimes deadly perversions. Despite the misgivings of her fiancee, Calder Hart, Francesca...  more


Laura T.
Rogue Grooms by Amanda McCabe
In Lady Rogue, Georgina Beaumont is a fiery spirit who believes that she doesn't need a man to make her happy. For Alexander Kenton, the Duke of Wayland, this is startling news since he's fallen for Georgina, and needs her hand to regain his place in society, if she'll take...  more


Laura T.
Tempting Fortune (Malloren Family) by Jo Beverley
A New York Times Bestseller Portia St. Claire's brother has gambled and lost, throwing her into the power of ruthless men. Their price for his life is her virtue, to be auctioned off in London's most notorious brothel. Unable to leave her to such a cruel fate, Bryght Malloren turns the...  more


Laura T.
Tempting the Earl by Wendy May Andrews
Emily must masquerade as an Earl’s servant for reasons she’s not willing to divulge. To her astonishment she finds she enjoys the role, but unfortunately finds herself attracted to the haughty young earl. He too struggles with an attraction to his beautiful new maid, but has his...  more


Laura T.
The Queen's Captive by Barbara Kyle


Laura T.
To Conquer Mr. Darcy by Abigail Reynolds
What if... Instead of disappearing from Elizabeth Bennet's life after she refused his offer of marriage, Mr. Darcy had stayed and tried to change her mind? What if... Lizzy, as she gets to know Darcy, finds him undeniably attractive and her impulses win out over her sense of...  more


Laura T.
Royal Seduction by Jennifer Blake
No description available.


Laura T.
One Little Sin (MacLachlan, Bk 2) by Liz Carlyle
Sir Alasdair MacLachlan is a dashing man-about-town, too charming for his own good, and his rakish behavior towards women have gained him a notorious reputation. But Sir Alasdair's cavalier past is about to catch up with him when a beautiful stranger arrives on his doorstep with a basket...  more


Laura T.
At The Dukes Request by Tracy Anne Warren
All the Byrons are just as mad, bod and dangerous to know as their famous non-relation...but now the time has come for the eldest son to marry... Edward Byron, Duke of Clybourne, has everything a man in Society needs...except a wife. Duty requires he wed, so he decides that a long-standing...  more


Laura T.
My Pleasure (Rose Hunters) by Connie Brockway
Connie Brockway draws readers into the breathtaking love story of a dashing Scotsman who is duty bound to protect the one woman who incites in him a wild passion. How exactly can he save her from himself? By day, celebrated beauty Helena Nash works as a proper companion to one of London's most...  more


Laura T.
The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig
Nothing ever goes right for Eloise. The day she wears her new suede boots, it rains. When the subway stops short, she's the one thrown into some stranger's lap. And she's had her share of misfortune in the way of love. So, after deciding that romantic heroes must be a thing of the past, Eloise...  more


Laura T.
Mr. Darcy's Great Escape: A tale of the Darcys & the Bingleys by Marsha Altman
Hilarious and action-packed, this installment brings the Darcy and Bingley families to the year 1812 and the intrigues of the Napoleonic Wars. Darcy and Dr. Maddox go in search of Darcy's missing half-brother and land in a medieval prison cell. Much to his dismay, Charles Bingley is left to hold...  more


Laura T.
Angelique and the Demon (Book 8) by Sergeanne Golon
No description available.


Laura T.
Scandalous Regency Nights: WITH At the Duke's Service AND The Rake's Intimate Encount...
Give in to gorgeous rakes and sensual seductions, behind the closed doors of Regency society's bedrooms..."At the Duke's Service" is written by Carole Mortimer; "The Rake's Intimate Encounter" is written by Christine Merrill; "Wicked Earl, Wanton Widow" is written by Bronwyn Scott; "The...  more


Laura T.
Dancing on the Wind: Romantic Historical Fiction by Mary Jo Putney
No description available.


Laura T.
Mr. Darcy's Secret by Jane Odiwe
No description available.


Laura T.
Dangerous in Diamonds (Rarest Blooms, Bk 4) by Madeline Hunter
NO ONE COULD DISTRACT HIM FROM FOLLOWING PLEASURE's PATH TO HELL -- UNTIL NOW... The breathtaking finale of Madeline Hunter's magnificent quartet... Outrageously wealthy, the Duke of Castleford has little incentive to curb his profligate ways -- gaming and whoring with equal...  more


Laura T.
Too Sinful To Deny by Erica Ridley
For gossip-hungry socialite Miss Susan Stanton, nothing could be worse than being torn from London and shipped off to spend the rest of her life in a desolate coastal village. Nothing, perhaps, except a near-death incident that leaves her with broken bones and an unfortunate ability to see (and...  more


Laura T.
The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, Bk 2) by Julia London
From New York Times bestselling author Julia London comes the second novel in her irresistibly romantic Desperate Debutantes trilogy, in which three suddenly destitute aristocratic young ladies must resort to desperate means to keep up appearances...and find the husbands of their...  more


Laura T.
Enchanting the Lady (Relics of Merlin, Bk 1) by Kathryne Kennedy
In a world where magic ruled everything, Felicity Seymour couldn't perform even the simplest spell. If she didn't pass her testing, she'd lose her duchy--and any hope of marriage. But one man didn't seem to mind her lack of dowry: a darkly delicious baronet who had managed to...  more


Laura T.
Never a Bride by Amelia Grey
Her name is on everyone's lips...When he left for America six years ago, the handsome Viscount Stonehurst never suspected that he would return home to England to find his lovely fiancee embroiled in the scandal of the decade. The woman he planned on making his wife has been kissing every man in...  more


Laura T.
The Bargain by Mary Jo Putney
Forced to wed to keep her inheritance, independent Lady Jocelyn Kendal finds an outrageous solution:  she proposes marriage to Major David Lancaster, an officer dying from his Waterloo wounds.  In return for making her his wife, she will provide for his governess sister.  But...  more


Laura T.
A Sense of Sin by Elizabeth Essex
He Could Be Her Ruin After a shocking letter and then a mysterious warning about the dangers of unworthy men, Celia Burke is on edge. With her precarious position in society, the merest look could tear her reputation to tatters. And the roguish viscount pursuing her seems interested in far...  more


Laura T.
My Love, My Enemy by Jan Speas
Played against the exciting background of the War of 1812, My Love, My Enemy ranges in colorful setting from Annapolis and Washington to Bermuda, Europe and the high seas...and has for its central character a most appealing and impulsive heroine. The trouble started with Page Bradley's...  more


Laura T.
A Thoroughly Compromised Lady (Harlequin Historical, No 1030) by Bronwyn Scott
Seduced by her sinful curves... When it comes to fencing, be it with words or weapons, Dulci Wycroft considers herself more than the equal of any man. Only once has she ever met her match.... Jack, Viscount Wainsbridge, is all charm and quick wit in the ballroom, but his impenetrable green...  more


Laura T.
Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman (Harlequin Historical, No 1028) by Julia Justis...
Wounded in action courageously fighting pirates, the notorious Greville Anders returns to society with neither the dress nor conduct considered proper for a gentleman. Even more scandalous is that well-brought-up debutante Amanda Neville finds this rogue irresistibly tempting…. It...  more


Laura T.
Wicked Regency Nights: WITH The Unmasking of Lady Loveless AND Disrobed and Dishonour...
These are the shocking secrets of Regency rakes! The Unmasking of Lady Loveless - The ton is buzzing about a book chronicling their sexual escapades. Alexander knows that his estranged wife is the author and he's vowed to uncover the virgin's inspiration...Disrobed and Dishonoured - Lord...  more


Laura T.
Ravished by a Viking (New Icelandic Chronicles, Bk 1) by Delilah Devlin
What a Viking wants, a Viking takes. When his younger brother goes missing, Dagr, Viking warrior and Lord of the Wolfskin Clan, will do whatever it takes to get him back. But nothing could have prepared him for Honora -- a feisty, intelligent woman who is nothing like the women of his...  more


Laura T.
Moon Burning (Children of the Moon, Bk 3) by Lucy Monroe
Barr never asked to be made laird over the struggling Donegal clan, or leader of its werewolf pack. But he'll do his duty and although he hasn’t yet found his mate, he hopes she will be among his people. He expects his new role to be difficult; he doesn't expect to discover a naked...  more


Laura T.
A Season of Swans by Celeste De Blasis
Now on the land for which so many have fought and some have died, a season of healing begins, as a new generation flourishes. The grand dreams of a dynasty will be carried forward by Gincie, Alex's fire willed granddaughter, as she and her husband, Travis Culhane, work to restore Wild Swan's...  more


Laura T.
By Right of Arms by Robyn Carr
Edward, the Black Prince, eager to reward his friend Sir Hyatt Laidley, as well as to use his talents to claim and subdue land in France, sends him to conquer De la Noye. In the battle, Giles, lord of De la Noye, dies, and Hyatt claims Giles's widow, Aurelie, by right of conquest. She resists...  more


Laura T.
The Scent of Jasmine (Edilean, Bk 5) by Jude Deveraux
Charleston, 1799 A daughter of Southern gentility and a gifted painter, Catherine Edilean Harcourt has no lack of suitors at home in Virginia, waiting to fulfill her dream of marriage and family. But Cay’s adventurous spirit, fostered by growing up with her three brothers, is piqued...  more


Laura T.
Lord Lightning by Jenny Brown
They call him,  Lord Lightning ...for his shocking behavior. An unrepentant rogue with a wicked reputation, his outrageous conduct ensures no woman will get close enough to hurt him. But demure and lovely astrologer Eliza Farrell casts a chart that tells her Lord Hartwood is...  more


Laura T.
Master of Desire by Kinley MacGregor
Draven de Montague, Earl of Ravenswood, would never have entered the home of his most hated adversary had not the King himself ordered Draven to take in his foe's daughter for a year, to forge bonds of peace between their two feuding houses. Yet here is a lass whose spirit and loveliness could...  more


Laura T.
Eleanor the Queen: A Novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Norah Lofts
Eleanor of Aquitaine, the crusuding queen, rules as a modern woman of the twelfth century, in Norah Lofts beloved classic of royal fiction.


Laura T.
These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer
No description available.


Laura T.
Mr. Darcy's Obsession by Abigail Reynolds
What if...Elizabeth Bennet was more unsuitable for Mr. Darcy than ever... Mr. Darcy is determined to find a more suitable bride. But then he learns that Elizabeth is living in London in reduced circumstances, after her father's death robs her of her family home... What if...Mr. Darcy...  more


Laura T.
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
No description available.


Laura T.
Married: The Virgin Widow (Gentlemen of Fortune, Bk 1) (Harlequin Historical, No 1029...
Gentlemen of Fortune: Three men with money, power and success...  Looking to share life with the right woman. BLACKMAILED INTO THE BRIDAL CHAMBER... Her hands bound by blackmail and duty, Laura Penrose was forced to marry her sweetheart's ruthless cousin.  Now a widow,...  more


Laura T.
The Border Lord and the Lady (Thorndike Press Large Print Romance Series) by Bertrice...
Lady Cicely Bowen is sent away by her doting father when her jealous stepmother presents a threat to her safety. Raised by a royal widow, Cicely becomes best friends with Lady Joan Beaufort, and accompanies her north when Joan marries King James I of Scotland. There Cicely is pursued by elegant...  more


Laura T.
The Chief (Highland Guard, Bk 1) by Monica McCarty
AN ELITE FIGHTING FORCE UNLIKE THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN... Scouring the darkest corners of the Highlands and Western Isles, Robert the Bruce handpicks ten warriors to help him in his quest to free Scotland from English rule.  They are the best of the best, chosen for their superior...  more


Laura T.
Christmas Under Western Skies: A Prairie Family Christmas / A Cowboy's Christmas (Lov...
A PRAIRIE FAMILY CHRISTMAS by Anna Schmidt A thriving homestead in South Dakota Territory is Julianne Cooper's dearest wish. Can the war-weary chaplain she rescues from a snowstorm help her reach it? Nathan Cook insists he's only passing through, but the lovely widow and her children...  more


Laura T.
Claiming the Forbidden Bride (Regency Silk & Scandal) by Gayle Wilson
No description available.


Laura T.
The Confessions of a Duchess (MIRA) by Nicola Cornick
All's fair in love and matrimony in book one of Nicola Cornick's "Regency The Brides of Fortune Trilogy". When an ancient tax law is invoked requiring all unmarried ladies to either wed or surrender half their wealth, the quiet village of Fortune's Folly is overrun by a swarm of fortune-hunting...  more


Laura T.
A Cornish Maid by Rosemary Aitken
Autumn 1909: Edith Trewin, the general maid in the Killivert household, and Miss Alicia, the young lady of the house, are social worlds apart, though they share a streak of independence and intelligence. The two young women become unlikely allies after a kitchen maid inexplicably disappears...  more


Laura T.
Dead Reckoning by Claire Lorrimer
Is death written in a fortune-teller’s cards? - Althea, Phoebe and Cressida have been friends forever. Artist Cressida never married; Althea’s fast falling out of love with the arrogant Geoffrey; while actress Phoebe has a married lover. When they meet up and Phoebe hears that...  more


Laura T.
The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Pink Carnation, Bk 3) by Lauren Willig
The year is 1803 and England and France remain at odds.  Hoping to break the English once and for all, Napoleon backs a ring of Irish rebels in uprisings against England and sends the Black Tulip, France's most deadly spy, to the Emerald Isle to help.  What they don't know is...  more


Laura T.
Defiant by Jessica Trapp
No description available.


Laura T.
Delilah by India Edghill
Given to the temple of Atargatis as a child, Delilah is raised to be a priestess to the Five Cities that rule Canaan.  With her beloved friend Aylah, Delilah grows up under the watchful eyes of high priestess Derceto, who sees the devout young priestesses as valuable playing pieces in her...  more


Laura T.
Devil's Desire by Laurie McBain
IMPETUOUS DESIRE A severe beating was Elysia's first indication that she would have to battle alone to achieve her destiny.  Young and beautiful, born into English nobility, Elysia was suddenly an orphan -- and caught in the clutches of an aged, spiteful aunt whose brutality toward...  more


Laura T.
Emma by Jane Austen
Emma Woodhouse believes herself to be an excellent matchmaker, though she herself does not plan on marrying. But as she meddles in the relationships of others, she causes confusion and misunderstandings throughout the village, and she just may be overlooking a true love of her own. Part of...  more


Laura T.
The Gift (Crown's Spies, Bk 3) (Large Print) by Julie Garwood
England, 1816. A child bride, Lady Sara Winchester had grown into a winsome beauty, joyfully anticipating the day when her husband, Lord Nathanial Clayton, Marquess of St. James, would return to claim her at last. Charmingly innocent, she dismissed the ancient feud that divided her and...  more


Laura T.
Her Healing Ways (Gabriel Sisters, Bk 3) (Love Inspired Historical, No 69) by Lyn Cot...
LOVE IS THE REMEDY A female physician with an adopted black daughter?  The townsfolk of Idaho Bend will never accept Dr. Mercy Gabriel -- even when faced with a deadly cholera epidemic.  But all Mercy needs is one man willing to listen... and to trust. Four years of war...  more


Laura T.
The King's Daughter by Barbara Kyle
Upon the death of her father, Henry VIII, Queen Mary assumes the throne after a long exile. Her first order of business is to wed the devout Prince Philip of Spain, creating a powerful alliance that will transform Mary-s fanatical dream of ridding England of Protestantism into terrifying...  more


Laura T.
Lady Farquhar's Butterfly by Beverley Eikli
Falsely branded an adulteress and stripped of her child by her vengeful late husband, Olivia, Lady Farquhar unexpectedly discovers a deep and mutual love with the boy's guardian, Max Atherton. But happiness with the kind and amusing Max  is not an option when the secrets of the...  more


Laura T.
The Lord and the Wayward Lady (Regency Silk & Scandal) by Louise Allen
No description available.


Laura T.
Love Only Once (Malory Family, Bk 1) (Large Print) by Johanna Lindsey
The exquisite niece of Lord Edward and Lady Charlotte Malory, Regina Ashton is outraged over her abduction by the arrogant, devilishly handsome Nicholas Eden—and is determined to make the rogue pay . . . with his heart. A golden-haired seducer, Nicholas has been hardened by a painful...  more


Laura T.
Love Water (Yaoi Novel) by Venio Tachibana & Tooko Miyagi
It's the beginning of the Meiji Era, and the world is turning upside-down. Misao doesn't think his life of tradition will ever change. Born into the pleasure quarters and raised as a courtesan, he knows that emotions are fickle things, changing with every hour. But when a rich man's son visits...  more


Laura T.
Midnight by Beverly Jenkins
In a time of peril, she fears nothing -- except the forbidden passions of her heart. In Boston, revolution is in the wind -- yet none would ever suspect Faith Kingston of treason. But under cover of darkness, the beautiful daughter of a Tory tavern owner becomes the notorious spy...  more


Laura T.
The Officer and the Proper Lady (Regency Silk & Scandal) by Louise Allen
This is a season of secrets, scandal and seduction in high society! Set in Regency England, this continuity sweeps you from glittering ballrooms, to a smuggler's cove in Cornwall, to the wilds of Scotland, a Romany camp, and back again. Each story has a passionate, intense, central relationship...  more


Laura T.
Pemberley Ranch by Jack Caldwell
In the aftermath of the Civil War, the Bennet family has just moved from Ohio to the town of Rosings, Texas, set on creating a fresh start. But their daughter Beth still prefers the familiarity of Ohio to the plains of Texas-that is, until she encounters Will Darcy, the reclusive owner of...  more


Laura T.
Pride of Mercia by Wallis Peel
When King Penda dies after losing the battle to King Oswiu, the Mercians are devastated to realise they will be subjugated and have to pay tribute to their hated enemies. Penda's oldest son becomes king, but the ealdormen don't support him.


Laura T.
The Princess & the Pea (Large Print) by Victoria Alexander
A true American princess, Cecily White stood to inherit her father's business empire.  And with the twentieth century right around the corner, the independent beauty had no intention of marrying some foreign nobleman seeking her money.  Then on a trip to England, Cece fell under...  more


Laura T.
Rainwater (Large Print) by Sandra Brown
Acclaimed bestselling author Sandra Brown celebrates the spirit and determination that kept our country proud even through the Great Depression, in this moving tale of a bygone generation and a strong young widow who must rise above her circumstances. Ella Barron is determined that even the...  more


Laura T.
Salting the Wound by Janet Woods
A captivating romance set in nineteenth-century Dorset - Charlotte Honeyman jilts her long-time swain, and on the spur of the moment marries a stranger. His pride damaged and his matrimonial plans upturned, sea captain Nick Thornton threatens to take revenge. Charlotte’s younger sister,...  more


Laura T.
The Scandals of an Innocent (MIRA) by Nicola Cornick
All's fair in love and matrimony in book two of Nicola Cornick's "Regency The Brides of Fortune" trilogy. Miss Alice Lister feels anything but respectable. Bad enough that she is a maid-turned-heiress. Now the insufferably attractive Lord Miles Vickery is certain he can gain her fortune by...  more


Laura T.
Scarlet Nights: An Edilean Novel by Jude Deveraux
No description available.


Laura T.
A Secret Affair by Mary Balogh
Hannah Reid, born a commoner, has been Duchess of Dunbarton since she was nineteen years old, the wife of an elderly Royal to whom she is rumoured to be consistently and flagrantly unfaithful. Now the old Duke is dead and, more womanly and beautiful than ever at thirty, Hannah has her freedom at...  more


Laura T.
The Smuggler and the Society Bride (Regency Silk & Scandal, Bk 3) by Julia Justiss
This is a season of secrets, scandal and seduction in high society! Set in Regency England, this continuity sweeps you from glittering ballrooms, to a smuggler's cove in Cornwall, to the wilds of Scotland, a Romany camp, and back again. Each story has a passionate, intense, central...  more


Laura T.
Lady Lavender (Harlequin Historical, No 1027) by Lynna Banning
FIELD OF DREAMS... Widow Jeanne Nicolet's beautiful lavender fields are threatened by the advancing railroad.  With her livelihood in danger, Jeanne will fight to protect her, and her little daughter's, future. Constantly on the move, surveying the land, suits Colonel...  more


Laura T.
Forbidden Magic by Jo Beverley
A Christmas Miracle Left penniless after her parents' death, Meg Gillingham was in dire straits. Her cruel landlord threatened to turn her and her siblings out of their home by the New Year -- unless she surrendered her sister to his lecherous whims. Only a miracle could save her: a magic...  more


Laura T.
River Lady (G.K. Hall Large Print Book Series) by Jude Deveraux
Jude Deveraux portrays the power of a woman set on a bold course for true love -- and the glory of ful?lling a magni?cent promise.River LadyHandsome plantation owner Wesley Stanford would barely recall the poverty-stricken young girl named Leah Simmons who adored him from afar years ago?.Now, in...  more


Laura T.
The Elusive Bride by Stephanie Laurens
Gareth Hamilton is stunned when he recognizes Emily Ensworth on his ship. The veil she wears is not enough to disguise her from him--or from the man hired to kill her. Whisking Emily to safety, Gareth realizes that the Black Cobra is on to them. They must have learned that Emily discovered the...  more


Laura T.
Courting Miss Vallois by Gail Whitiker
FROM THE FIELDS OF FRANCE… Miss Sophie Vallois’ looks and grace make her an instant hit with London Society. No one would know that the French beauty is a mere farmer’s daughter, with no interest in marriage whatsoever… … TO THE DRAWING ROOMS OF...  more


Laura T.
Chivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress by Diane Gaston
Amid the chaos of Waterloo, Captain Allan Landon stumbles upon a young boy. When long golden hair tumbles down, Allan is faced with the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. She reminds him of what he's fighting for and he silently vows to protect Miss Marian Pallant above all...  more


Laura T.
Knave's Honour by Margaret Moore
This thief's honor knew no bounds... HIS ARROW STRIKES TRUE...bringing Lady Elizabeth d'Averette face-to-face with the decidedly intriguing Finn -- an outlaw with more honor than most knights.  When he saves her from unspeakable violence, she agrees to reward his valorous...  more


Laura T.
Reprobate Lord Runaway Lady by Isabelle Goddard
It is early morning in the London of 1815 and Amelie Silverdale is fleeing her betrothal to a vicious, degenerate man. Dressed as a maidservant, she climbs out of her bedroom window and literally falls into the arms of Gareth Denville. He has returned from exile on the Continent, after being...  more


Laura T.
The Gunslinger's Untamed Bride by Stacey Kayne
Looking for vengeance, finding love... SHE'S COME FOR HIS LIFE... Feisty Lily Carrington wants revenge for the murder of her father.  She's finally tracked down the killer -- and she's going to make him pay.... HE'LL FIGHT TO KEEP IT... Juniper Barns has...  more


Laura T.
The Lady Most Likely... (Larger Print) by Eloisa James & Connie Brockway & Ju...
Three of the brightest stars of historical romance invite you to a party at the country home of the Honorable Marquess of Finchley Hugh Dunne, the Earl of Briarly, needs a wife, so his sister hands him a list of delectable damsels and promises to invite them— and a few other...  more


Laura T.
Rainbow Season by Lisa Gregory
Luke Turner, a sharecropper's son, was out of jail and back in town. But the hate in people's eyes told him he'd get no second chances. He'd been a boy who grew up bad on the wrong side of this rural Texas settlement. He'd become a handsome hellion too quick to fight and too ready to raise the...  more


Laura T.
The Sins of the Viscount Sutherland (Lords of Sheffield Square, Bk 1) by Samantha Jam...
He is reckless, bold, dangerous . . . Men envy him, women desire him . . . And one woman wants her revenge. Claire Ashcroft has good reason to despise Viscount Grayson Sutherland. A wildly unpredictable man with a frightening reputation, Sutherland is responsible for a death that deeply...  more


Laura T.
Ripe for Pleasure (The League of Second Sons) by Isobel Carr
London's most notorious madam has retired but now her funds are running short. So Viola Whedon chooses the most lucrative sources she can think of: publishing and blackmail. It's either pay to be forgotten or find yourself immortalized in a salacious memoir. Leonidas Vaughn is a...  more


Laura T.
The Bride Wore Scandal by Helen Dickson
Virgin Lady… From the moment Christina Atherton first saw the notorious Lord Rockley she couldn’t control her blushes. She knew she could not hold out for long against his dark and seductive ways. … Scandalously Pregnant! Lord Rockley only meant to protect...  more


Laura T.
The Devil in Disguise (Regency Rogues, Bk 1) by Stefanie Sloane
Ridiculously wealthy and admired by all, Lady Lucinda Grey is most intently not looking for a suitor. Dangerously handsome with a reputation to match, Lord William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont, has, in every sense of the word, contempt for the state of matrimony. The universe chuckled, and...  more


Laura T.
The Shy Duchess by Amanda McCabe
The blushing bride’s awakening… With her golden hair and dazzling emerald eyes, Lady Emily Carroll should have her pick of suitors. Instead, her crippling shyness has earned her the nickname ‘Ice Princess’. Nicholas, Duke of Manning, isn’t looking for a bride,...  more


Laura T.
The Sinner Who Seduced Me (Regency Rogues, Bk 3) by Stefanie Sloane
A dedicated Young Corinthian agent, James Marlowe accepts the riskiest of missions -- go undercover as a traitor and infiltrate a deadly French crime organization.  As he heads to Paris, he is prepared for all matters of intrigue -- everything but a surprise encounter with the only woman he...  more


Laura T.
Trades of the Flesh by Faye L. Booth
Lydia Ketch is a young woman whose life some would call immoral and shameful.  But with the death of her mother and the prospect of the obscene conditions of the workhouse looming before her, Lydia chooses to enter into the “trade” in order to shield herself (and, more to the...  more


Laura T.
Healing the Highlander (Daughters of the Glen, Bk 7) by Melissa Mayhue
Only the power of Faerie Magic -- and one special woman's love -- can save him... ANDREW MacALISTER longs for a cure to free him from the excruciating pain caused by an old wound, but when he rescues a drowning woman, he has no idea how much his life is about to change.  All Drew...  more


Laura T.
Scarlet Nights (Edilean, Bk 1) (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Jude Deveraux & Rick Holm...
Sara Shaw and Greg Anders are engaged to be married. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Sara, Greg is a big time fraud man, descended from a long line of con artists and thieves. In fact, his mother is also in Edilean, incognito, masterminding a scheme to pull of the heist of her lifetime -- and Greg...  more


Laura T.
In the Arms of Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice Continues) by Sharon Lathan
If only everyone could be as happy as they are... Darcy and Elizabeth are as much in love as ever-even more so as their relationship matures. Their passion inspires everyone around them, and as winter turns to spring, romance blossoms around them. Confirmed bachelor Richard Fitzwilliam...  more


Laura T.
The Painted Lady by Lucia Grahame
Desperate to pay the man who is blackmailing her, Fleur Deslingnere reluctantly marries Anthony Camwell, the handsome but formal aristocrat whose repressed desire for Fleur has consumed him for years.


Laura T.
Secrets of the Tudor Court: By Royal Decree by Kate Emerson
Emerson returns to the Tudor Court in By Royal Decree, where engaged lady-in-waiting Bess must resist handsome and similarly unavailable Will Parr.


Laura T.
The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter by Mary Ellen Dennis
"And the highwayman came riding, riding, riding..." Elizabeth Wyndham is a rarity-a young lady who writes novels-bestsellers in fact. But with her sharp tongue and quick temper, she's nothing like her vapid, charming heroines. Rand Remington is an ex-soldier disillusioned...  more


Laura T.
The Angel in My Arms (Regency Rogues, Bk 2) by Stefanie Sloane
Injured in the line of duty, Young Corinthian agent Marcus Maxwell, the Earl of Weston, travels to his country estate to recover -- or so he believes.  His superior's request that he investigate a smuggling ring run by Napoleon sympathizers seems ridiculous at first, but then becomes...  more


Laura T.
A Tapestry of Dreams by Roberta Gellis
THEIRS WAS AN AGE OF PASSION AND PAGEANTRY The lovely Lady Audris, whose delicate fingers weave fables of the future into her tapestries, whose special gifts and radiant beauty set her apart in an enchanted age... and the knight they call Hugh Licorne.  In service to his king... a hero...  more


Laura T.
Mr. Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman by Maria Hamilton
When Elizabeth Bennet refuses his hand, Darcy is devastated and makes it his mission to change. By every civility in his power, Darcy slowly tries to win her affections, but Elizabeth is not easily swayed. Darcy vows to unlock the secrets that will make her his. He curses himself for his social...  more


Laura T.
The Truth about Mr. Darcy by Susan Adriani
In this hot tale, Mr. Darcy confesses the truth about George Wickham right from the start, warning Elizabeth and the rest of Meryton about Wickham's despicable character. Will his honesty change the way Elizabeth feels about him and his previous poor behavior? Will he still have to transform...  more


Laura T.
Everything and the Moon (Lyndon Sisters, Bk 1) (Large Print) by Julia Quinn
STARCROSSED It was indisputably love at first sight. But Victoria Lyndon was merely the teenaged daughter of a vicar. . .while Robert Kemble was the dashing young earl of Macclesfield. Surely what their meddlesome fathers insisted must have been true-that he was a reckless seducer determined to...  more


Laura T.
The Black Lyon by Jude Deveraux
Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, Ranulf de Warbrooke was the bold conqueror they called the Black Lyon. Feared by men and women alike, he had no match -- until he met Lady Lyonene, the green-eyed beauty whose fiery spirit matched his own. And she dared to love the man no woman could...  more


Laura T.
Fever Dreams by Nicole Jordan
Once again Nicole Jordan thrills and enchants with this fabulously seductive Regency romance, the next installment in the Paradise series. She is the woman of his dreams.. and he will pay any price to possess her. Fever Dreams Nicole Jordon From the moment he met the lovely Lady Eve,...  more


Laura T.
The Shy Duchess (Diamonds of Welbourne Manor) (Harlequin Historical, No 1032) by Aman...
The blushing bride's awakening... THAWING THE ICE PRINCESS... With her golden hair and dazzling emerald eyes, Lady Emily Carroll should have her pick of suitors.  Instead, her crippling shyness has earned her the nickname "Ice Princess." Nicholas, Duke of...  more


Laura T.
His Enemy's Daughter (Knights of Brittany, Bk 4) (Harlequin Historicals, No 1034) by ...
Soren Fitzrobert, ‘the Beautiful Bastard’, had been left for dead on the field after the Battle of Hastings and survived by sheer force of will . . .  and the need for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that he was. When the only one left bearing the name of his enemy...  more


Laura T.
Rivals in the Tudor Court (Tudor Court, Bk 2) by D. L. Bogdan
The death toll in Henry VIII's England can be counted in the thousands. No one was more aware of this than Thomas Howard, third duke of Norfolk. Relying on his indomitable force of will, cleverness, and sheer good fortune, Thomas Howard manages to be one of the king's only intimates to...  more


Laura T.
Nowhere Near Respectable (Lost Lords, Bk 3) by Mary Jo Putney
He’s a bastard and a gambler and society’s favorite reprobate. But to Lady Kiri Lawford he’s a hero—braver than the smugglers whom he rescues her from, more honorable than any lord she’s ever met, and far more attractive than any man has a right to be. How can she...  more


Laura T.
Touch of a Thief (Touch of Seduction, Bk 1) by Mia Marlowe
Every seduction begins with a touch... LONDON'S MOST TALENTED CRIMINAL IS ABOUT TO BE FINGERED... Lady Viola Preston can relieve a gentleman of the studs at his wrists without his being any the wiser and pick any lock devised by man in less than a minute.  But she's careful to...  more


Laura T.
Angelique and the Ghosts (Book 9) by Sergeanne Golon
No description available.


Laura T.
Mad About the Duke (Large Print) by Elizabeth Boyle
NEVER JUDGE A DUKE BY IT'S COVER ... Level-headed Lady Elinor Standon will not allow her greedy stepfather to wed her younger sister to the highest bidder! The only way to stop this evil plan is for Elinor to to gain control of her sister’s guardianship, but to do that she needs to...  more


Laura T.
Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed (Thorndike Press Large Print Romance Series) by Trace...
No description available.


Laura T.
The Border Vixen (Border Chronicles, Bk 5) (Large Print) by Bertrice Small
Aware of the covetous interest in his land, the laird of Brae Aisir announces that any man who can outrun, outride, and outfight his headstrong granddaughter "Mad Maggie" will have her as a wife -- along with her inheritance. His proposition causes more chaos than resolution,...  more


Laura T.
An Affair Without End (Willowmere, Bk 3) by Candace Camp
If a sophisticated beauty proposes a clandestine affair, could even the most proper gentleman resist? New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp concludes her scintillating Willowmere series with a seductive tale of an alluring lady who dares to break the rules. . . . When Oliver, Earl...  more


Laura T.
The Soldier (Duke's Obsession, Bk 2) by Grace Burrowes
Even in the quiet countryside he can find no peace... His idyllic estate is falling down from neglect and nightmares of war give him no rest. Then Devlin St. Just meets his new neighbor... Until his beautiful neighbor ignites his imagination... With her confident manner hiding a...  more


Laura T.
Bride of the MacHugh by Jan Cox Speas
Desire reigned, daring ruled, and love was the prize of valor! Her love was rebellion against family and rank, and his was a sword made reckless by desire! Although her hand was bartered for gold, Elspeth's heart was drawn to MacHugh, the sworn enemy of her clan. The fire in...  more


Laura T.
The Rest Falls Away (Gardella Vampire Chronicles, Bk 1) by Colleen Gleason
Vampires have always lived among them, quietly attacking unsuspecting debutantes and dandified lords as well as hackney drivers and Bond Street milliners.  If not for the vampire slayers of the Gardella family, these immortal creatures would have long taken over the world. In every...  more


Laura T.
Lady Lochinvar (Signet Regency Romance) by Barbara Hazard
LOVE'S DANGEROUS DREAM From the moment that lovely young Lady Catherine Cahill set eyes on Lionel Eden, Viscount Benning, she knew that he was the only man she could ever love. What matter if this lord was society's most handsome, sought-after gallant? What matter if...  more


Laura T.
Ss United States: The Story of America's Greatest Ocean Liner by William H. Miller
No description available.


Laura T.
Highlander's Curse (Daughters of the Glen, Bk 8) by Melissa Mayhue
The magic of one woman's love could save him... or destroy him. When COLIN MacALISTER is cursed by the Faerie Queen and ends up in the bed of a twenty-first-century woman -- who also happens to be the most beautiful creature he's ever laid eyes on -- he's torn between anger and...  more


Laura T.
The Naked King (Naked Nobility, Bk 7) by Sally MacKenzie
Lady Anne Marston, now 27, is considered a spinster, but secretly, she hasn't given up on finding 'the one'. Despite her disregard for London society, she joins her younger half-sister, Evie, for a visit, in which Evie plans to find a husband. Instead, it's Anne who crosses paths...  more


Laura T.
Mistaken Identity (Men in Uniform) by Merline Lovelace
Marsh Henderson's mission:  find the lone witness to a drive-by shooting.  He had a description and a name.  The description -- long-legged, sensuous, beautiful -- fit the woman he found.  But the name... The woman in front of him claimed to be Lauren, not Becky,...  more


Laura T.
Secrets to Seducing a Scot (Highland Knaves, Bk 1) by Michelle Marcos
Meet the Highland Knaves, an infamous clan of outcast Scots who live for justice, lust for freedom, and long for lovers bold enough to tame them.... A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH Torn from a pampered life of luxury and thrust into the midst of a Scottish revolution, Serena Marsh is shocked to...  more


Laura T.
Hollow Footsteps by Karen Reid
The killing of Robert the Bruce's adversary, John Comyn a Balloi supporter and rival claimant to the crown, cleared Robert's way to the throne in 1306. But King Robert's family paid a steep price after he took the crown. No mercy was shown to anyone who supported him, even women. Something which...  more


Laura T.
The Widowed Bride (Brides, Bk 4) ( Harlequin Historical, No 1031) by Elizabeth Lane
Ruby Denby Rumford endured her monstrous husband's abuse until death -- by self-defense -- did them part. Now she and her daughters seek a new beginning in Dutchman's Creek, Colorado, but will her dark past stay buried? With an obligation to uphold the laws of prohibition and an...  more


Laura T.
Secrets of a Proper Countess by Lecia Cornwall
Cinderella meets the Scarlet Pimpernel... If Lady Isobel Maitland is caught even speaking to an incorrigible rogue like the Marquess of Blackwood, she stands to lose everything she holds dear. Strict rules in her husband's will ensure that if she remarries or even forms friendships her...  more


Laura T.
The Bride Raffle (Harlequin Historical, No 1035) by Lisa Plumley
WILL HE CLAIM HIS PRIZE? Famous home-keeping expert Daisy Walsh is overwhelmed by the warm welcome she receives in Morrow Creek, and then she realizes she's the star prize in the town raffle! She can bet the lucky winner's not expecting a pregnant woman who needs a place to...  more


Laura T.
Bought: The Penniless Lady (Gentlemen of Fortune, Bk 2) (Harlequin Historical, No 103...
Gentlemen of Fortune: Three men with money, power and success...  Looking to share life with the right woman. FORCED TO WED... Desperate to safeguard the future of her precious nephew, penniless Lady Artemis Dearing will do anything -- even marry the man whose brother ruined her...  more


Laura T.
Regency Rumours (The Regency Collection 2011) by Juliet Landon
No description available.


Laura T.
Knight's Ardor by Teresa Swift
Twelfth-century England is an untamed land of medieval strongholds, forests, and feudalism. In a country where a battle over the throne leaves the nobles of the land free to fight amongst themselves for power, Rosamund Galleia, daughter of a lesser nobleman, is sent to become a lady-in-waiting...  more


Laura T.
The Ebb and Flow by Edwards David
No description available.


Laura T.
Delectably Undone! (Harlequin Historical, No 1036) by Marguerite Kaye & Michelle ...
A collection of five sensual stories. History has never been so hot! A Scandalous Liaison by Elizabeth Rolls Viscount St. Austell has never forgotten the illicit night he shared with Loveday Trehearne. Now, as mystery surrounds her, he's going to rediscover all her sensuous...  more


Laura T.
The Sheriff's Sweetheart (Brides of Simpson Creek, Bk 3) (Love Inspired Historical) b...
He needs to turn his life around… And Simpson Creek, Texas, is the perfect place to do it. On the run from his dangerous past, Sam Bishop is happy to find a town seeking "marriage-minded bachelors." A wealthy wife is just what he needs to make his gambling problems disappear....  more


Laura T.
A Lady's Lesson in Scandal by Meredith Duran
When Nell Whitby breaks into an earl’s house on a midnight quest for revenge, she finds her pistol pointed at the wrong man. Pity the handsome devil is a lunatic. He thinks her a missing heiress, but more to the point, he’ll help her escape the slums and get a bit of justice, too....  more


Laura T.
At the Captain's Command (Love Inspired Historical, No 85) by Louise M. Gouge
WHEN LOYALTIES DIVIDE, CAN LOVE UNITE? Duty and career -- Captain Thomas Moberly of His Majesty's Navy prizes them above all.  So why is he tempted to relinquish both for Dinah Templeton?  Though Dinah seems sweet and charming, the difference in station between an East Florida...  more


Laura T.
Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress (Gentlemen of Fortune, Bk 3) (Harlequin Historical, No 10...
Gentlemen of Fortune: Three men with money, power and success...  Looking to share life with the right woman. An unexpected delivery... HE ASKED FOR A MISTRESS Betrayed by his first wife, Simon Grimshaw won't marry again.  But sultry nights in Singapore can be lonely...  more


Laura T.
The Perfect Mistress (Mistress, Bk 1) (Large Print) by Victoria Alexander
Widowed Julia, Lady Winterset, has inherited a book -- a very shocking book -- that every gentleman in London seems to want.  For a charismatic businessman, it's a chance to build an empire.  For a dashing novelist, it could guarantee fame.  But to a proud, domineering earl,...  more


Laura T.
The Return of Black Douglas (Mackinnon-Douglas, Bk 2) by Elaine Coffman
He'll help a woman in need, no matter where she came from... Alysandir Mackinnon rules his clan with a fair but iron fist. He has no time for softness or, as he sees it, weakness. But when he encounters a bewitching young beauty who may or may not be a dangerous spy, but is surely in...  more


Laura T.
More than a Mistress / No Man's Mistress by Mary Balogh
MORE THAN A MISTRESS Hired to serve as nursemaid to the wounded Duke of Tresham, Jane Ingleby tries to pretend it’s strictly a business arrangement. Surely there could be nothing more perilous than being the lover of such a man. Yet when she gets past his devilish façade and sees...  more


Laura T.
Touch If You Dare (Soulfire, Bk 2) by Stephanie Rowe
He's just about the hottest warrior she's ever seen... Reina Fleming really appreciates a man who's on a mission -- especially when he's a bad-ass warrior doing his best to impress her. And Jarvis Swain is charmed by the way Reina's magic touch can soothe his dark...  more


Laura T.
The Making of a Rogue by Shana Galen
Revenge should be sweet, but it may cost him everything... The Marquis de Valère escaped certain death in the French Revolution and is now an infamous privateer. Out to avenge the death of his mentor, Bastien discovers himself astonishingly out of his depth when confronted with a...  more


Laura T.
A Tale of Two Lovers by Maya Rodale
He is notorious. Lord Simon Roxbury is a godsend to gossip columnists everywhere. this notorious rake has recently been caught in an extremely compromising position by none other than The London Weekly’s Lady of Distinction. Rumor also has it that Lord R received an ultimatum: be wed...  more


Laura T.
When Tempting a Rogue (Victorian Soap Opera, Bk 3) by Kathryn Smith
A lady must always guard her heart…when tempting a rogue. In the glittering ballroom of London’s most exclusive gentleman’s club no one is more powerful than its mysterious proprietress, Vienne La Rieux. A shrewd businesswoman, Vienne treasures her hard-won independence...  more


Laura T.
The Brat by Lynsay Sands
WHO WOULD MARRY... All the knights had heard tales of Lady Murie, King Edward III's goddaughter and much feted favorite. It was said she was stunningly beautiful, with bright blue eyes, golden hair and a sweet smile. It was also said that the king had doted on the girl and spoiled her...  more


Laura T.
The Chase (Deed, Bk 3) by Lynsay Sands
GET ME TAE A NUNNERY! It wasn't her first choice, for Seonaid Dunbar had, like her brother, been trained as a Scottish warrior at her father's knee; but fleeing to an abbey was clearly preferable to whacking on Blake Sherwell with her sword -- which she'd happily do before...  more


Laura T.
The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands
She hopes he groom is partial to cherries... For that's what Avelyn fears she will resemble at their wedding feast: too round, too red, in the scarlet gown she barely fits into...and perhaps too tart for his taste? Her groom now doubt wants a sweet, biddable bride, tiny and trim, as...  more


Laura T.
What She Wants by Lynsay Sands
A formidable Scottish knight used to getting his way, Earl Hugh Dulonget of Hillcrest has gotten himself into a bind. His uncle's will clearly states that Hugh must marry--yet he has just insulted his would-be bide by calling her a peasant! Now he must do whatever it takes to win back the...  more


Laura T.
Claimed by the Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan, Bk 1) (Harlequin Historical, No 104...
Scotland, 1305 Bram MacKinloch has spent seven long, torturous years in captivity with only three things to keep him alive -- pure brute strength, a thirst for revenge and the memory of his pretty wife’s face. Shock is only one of the emotions coursing through Nairna’s body...  more


Laura T.
Scandalous Innocent (Harlequin Historical, No 1044) by Juliet Landon
Two women, generations apart, both on the bring of scandal... Phoebe shared more than her unruly dark curls with her ancestor whose portrait graced the walls of the Earl of Dysart's country home. Impatient of convention, both women had retreated from the excesses of London...  more


Laura T.
Midnight's Wild Passion by Anna Campbell
London's most notorious seducer, Nicholas Challoner lives solely for revenge . . . The dashing, licentious Marquess of Ranelaw can never forgive Godfrey Demarest for ruining his sister -- now the time has come to repay the villain in the same coin. But one formidably intriguing...  more


Laura T.
Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart (Love By Numbers, Bk 3) by Sarah MacLe...
SHE LIVES FOR PASSION Bold, impulsive, and a magnet for trouble, Juliana Fiori is no simpering English miss. She refuses to play by society's rules: she speaks her mind, cares nothing for the approval of the ton, and can throw a punch with remarkable accuracy. Her scandalous nature makes...  more


Laura T.
The Reluctant Viking by Sandra Hill
Picture yourself floating out of your body - floating...floating...floating... The hypnotic voice on the self-motivation tape was suppose to help Ruby Jordan solve her problems, not create new ones.  Instead, she was lulled from a failing marriage to an era of hard-bodied warriors and...  more


Laura T.
A Gentleman Never Tells (Rogues' Dynasty, Bk 4) by Amelia Grey
A stolen kiss from a stranger... As if from a dream, Lady Gabrielle walked from the mist and into Viscount Brentwood's arms. Within moments, he's embroiled in more scandal than he ever thought possible... Can sink even a perfect gentleman... Beautiful, clever, and courageous,...  more


Laura T.
Lord Langley Is Back in Town (Widows of Standon, Bk 3) (Bachelor Chronicles, Bk 8) by...
Minerva Sterling swore she'd never marry again. So why is she suddenly engaged to the most notorious rake in London? A diplomat and a spy, the dashing Lord Langley is happy to be home after years spent abroad, though less so to discover the ladies he so callously loved and left have been...  more


Laura T.
Too Wicked to Love (Brides of Nevarton Chase, Bk 2) by Debra Mullins
Too wicked to love . . . but too tempting to resist! Having already been deceived by a heartless fiance, Genevieve Wallington-Willis knows better than to trust any man -- which is why her attraction to John Ready is so very disturbing. Though devilishly handsome, he is far too mysterious --...  more


Laura T.
The Outlaw Viking (Viking I, Bk 2) by Sandra Hill
As tall and striking as the Valkyries of legend, Dr. Rain Jordan was proud of her Norse ancestors despite their warlike ways.  But she couldn't believe her eyes when a blow to the head transported her to a nightmarish battlefield and she had to save the barbarian of her dreams....  more


Laura T.
Seduction & Scandal (Brethren Guardians, Bk 1) by Charlotte Featherstone
With the scandalous nature of her birth to live down, Isabella Fairmont dreams of a proper marriage -- even if a passionless one. She saves her deepest desires for the novel she dares to pen, wherein a handsome lord with dark powers seduces her. But then her courtship with an appropriate suitor...  more


Laura T.
Nearly a Lady by Alissa Johnson
The woman makes the man… Winnefred Blythe learned at a young age to make do with very little.  After the death of her father, she taught herself to live on a pauper’s allowance—until a charming visitor promises her the funds that had been stolen from her through the...  more


Laura T.
Whisper of a Scandal (MIRA) by Nicola Cornick
One whisper of scandal and a reputation dies...London, May 1811. Widow Lady Joanna Ware has no desire to wed again but that doesn't stop the flurry of suitors knocking on her door. Desperate to thwart another proposal, Joanna brazenly kisses Arctic explorer Alex, Lord Grant. Unable to deny the...  more


Laura T.
Just One Season in London by Leigh Michaels
Meet the Ryecrofts...the family that courts together. RYE -- Viscount Ryecroft is a young man with a problem. Make that two problems: He has a beautiful sister to marry off -- but no money to fund a London Season for her. Perhaps he needs to find an heiress for himself first? SOPHIE --...  more


Laura T.
A Wife for Mr. Darcy by Mary Lydon Simonsen
A GENTLEMAN should always render an APOLOGY When Mr. Darcy realizes he insulted Miss Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly, he feels duty bound to seek her out and apologize... When he has INSULTED a LADY But instead of meekly accepting his apology, Elizabeth stands up to him,...  more


Laura T.
The Surrender of Lady Jane by Marissa Day
Giving in to pleasure may be her undoing...or her greatest triumph. Centuries ago, Sir Thomas Lynne was seduced by the faery queen Tatiana. He does her bidding while Tatiana's magic keeps him young. Now she orders him to gain entrance to Kensington Palace, where he's to seize an...  more


Laura T.
Notorious (Scandalous Women of the Ton, Bk 4) by Nicola Cornick
WHEN THE TON'S MOST NOTORIOUS HEARTBREAKER... Dangerously seductive and sinfully beautiful, Susanna Burney is society's most sought after matchbreaker.  Paid by wealthy parents to part unsuitable couples, she's never yet failed to accomplish her mission of diverting a...  more


Laura T.
Arizona Caress by Bobbi Smith
HE WANTED NO PART OF HER Chance Broderick had little use for the uncivilized Arizona Territory. He only agreed to make the trip out there because his younger brother needed his help -- desperadoes were aiming to rob him of the precious gold he'd taken from his mining stake in the...  more


Laura T.
The Highlander's Heart (Highlander, Bk 2) by Amanda Forester
She's nobody's prisoner. . . Lady Isabelle Tynsdale's flight over the Scottish border would have been the perfect escape, if only she hadn't run straight into the arms of a gorgeous Highland laird. Whether his plan is ransom or seduction, her only hope is to outwit him, or...  more


Laura T.
The Lady of the Storm (Elven Lords, Bk 2) by Kathryne Kennedy
There's a thin line between duty and desire... Giles Beaumont is stuck in a role he never wanted, trying to safeguard a woman of incendiary powers who doesn't think she needs a protector. Cecily Sutton has no idea of the enormity of her true task and no inkling of the effect...  more


Laura T.
Catriona by Jeanette Baker
Kate Sutherland's arrival in the misty moors of her ancestral home in the Shetland Islands was supposed to cure her visions of danger, intrigue...and a sexy powerful Scottish border lord. Instead, she discovers that she's been living the tormented memories of Catriona Wells, a beautiful...  more


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Midnight Waltz by Jennifer Blake
No description available.


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Steam Powered Passion by Corinne Davies
Tori is dealt a terrible blow when she is given to a couple of pirates as insurance on a ship. But finding herself lifted up into an airship is only the first of many surprises. The second? Malcolm and Sean attacked her ship in order to get their hands on her. Malcolm and Sean both realize...  more


Laura T.
A Midnight Dance (Fiery Tales, Bk 3) by Lila DiPasqua
Inspired by the tale of Cinderella, Lila DiPasqua weaves a steamy historical romance that offers a glass slipper, a dangerous deception, and an impoverished beauty determined to find her handsome prince... and make him pay. Born into wealth, Sabine Laurent and her twin sister lived a life of...  more


Laura T.
Waking Up With the Duke (London's Greatest Lovers, Bk 3) by Lorraine Heath
THEY ARE MASTERS OF SEDUCTION, LONDON'S GREATEST LOVERS... Renowned for his bedchamber prowess, Ransom Seymour, the Duke of Ainsley, owes a debt to a friend.  But the payment expected is most shocking, even to an unrepentant rake -- for he's being asked to provide his...  more