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Topic: ***October 2013 Wishlist Multiples***

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Subject: ***October 2013 Wishlist Multiples***
Date Posted: 9/30/2013 7:13 PM ET
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We’ve been given permission by the Team to have a recurring thread for sending out WL books in bundles. Please read ALL the rules and updates so you can be sure you are complying with the guidelines layed out by the Team.


PLEASE do NOT create "place holder" posts with no books listed.  This has become a trend the last couple of months for various reasons and needs to not happen.  Either list your books or don't...but please don't just create a post to hold your place on the thread.


READ AND FOLLOW THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD (One of us will PM you if we see that you're not following the rules):

~ This will be a monthly thread (meaning a new thread will be started at the beginning of each month). Any books you have remaining from the month before that you still want to offer will be YOUR responsibility to transfer to the new thread. There is to only be ONE Wishlist Mutliples thread (this one) so that we can be assured people are following the rules. (4-27-11) Please do not create your own thread advertising WL Multiples and let Melanie, Kathy or me (Amanda) know if you see one of these before we do. :)

~ If you have questions about this thread, please contact me (Amanda). If you don’t get an answer from Amanda within 24 hours, please contact  Melanie D. (melanied) (Bazaar Co-Czar). Neither of us (Melanie or I (Amanda)) are responsible for how transactions turn out. Please do things fairly and with honesty so that this thread will not be shut down.

NO ARC's may be offered here. There is a separate thread for these books here. If you have an ARC that is WL'd and is part of a series you have offered here in this thread, you can PM the person requesting them and let them know you have the ARC available and you two can work out the deal. If you offer one in your post, one of us will PM you asking you to remove it and list it in the ARC thread.

NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed in this thread. (7-1-11)


For the Sender

~ The goal is to send multiple books to the same home so you can save on shipping...this is NOT intended to bypass the FIFO system. You may combine your books listed here with books from your shelf to create your "multiples" package. However, you are NOT allowed to place requirements on your book orders in any other way than to state the obvious ("wanting to send out packages of 2 or more" or "orders of 3 or more only please"). It is NOT okay to require orders from your Bookshelf in conjunction to ordering these WL'd books. (It's about requiring it, rather than providing that as an option.) So long as you're sending out multiples, this thread is serving its purpose.

~ List what you have available. When some of your books are taken, come to your post and remove those choices. Don't just list them as "taken"...actually delete the text for that item. When all of your books are taken, come to your post and delete ALL remaining information. If you have more to offer later, you can edit that post OR you can create a new post. **PLEASE** keep your posts updated and current...if people ask you for a book that is no longer available it will be wasted time for you and frustrating for them.

~ You may not ask more than the standard “1 credit for 1 book” in your post.

~All books listed in this thread must be listed in a post. Meaning, you are not allowed to just link to a PBS list or Tagged List. ALL books listed MUST have an accompanying ISBN OR link to PBS to verify WL status (links to PBS are always helpful, since they will immediately tell a person when they look at it if that ISBN is on their WL). If you need help inserting links please ask us-we are happy to assist! (9-18-10)

  • It is *okay* to have links to other portions of PBS within your post so that people can see what you have to offer for deals. You can say something like: "May combine with orders from my Bookshelf, ARC list, and Unpostables list," and then include links to where those lists are located within PBS.

~Please add the number of wishers to each item on your list. (This part is not mandatory, but will certainly help your books move if you can do this and helps the other members when looking through your list.)

~ DO NOT list books that have "0 Wishers" for it.

~DO NOT list only ONE book in this thread…this thread is for multiples.

~ If you have a complete SET of books or several books in a series, and some are WL'd and some aren't, you can offer all of these here and offer a deal on them if you wish. It is perfectly understandable that you'd want to keep the set together! The only thing we ask is that a minimum of 2 books out of the series you are posting be WL'd. (This means that if there are only 2 books in the series, they must both be WL'd.)  And remember, none of them can be damaged and must all meet PBS Posting Criteria.

~ This thread does NOT give the go ahead to being requiring a "minimum order" on your normal PBS account. If you have a book posted, you are agreeing to send out that book when it is requested. This thread (where we have people asking for a 2 or 3 book order minimum) is okay ONLY because it is in the Book Bazaar!! This type of requirement is NOT okay within the general PBS bookshelves and orders.

~ Books MUST meet PBS guidelines in order to be listed there for credit. NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed.

~ If someone asks you to only send one book, please know that you are not obligated to accept this request. If you, as the sender, would like to keep the package as a multiple, you have the right to decline this request (nicely!). (Please do not ignore a PM asking for this, though....a simply "no, but thanks" in a reply PM is all that is needed.)

~One tip (but not required!): several people still have dial-up, which makes viewing threads with images a very slow process. It would be nice (for those members) if you didn't put images in your posts when you're listing your books. Just having a link and the number of wishers makes it easier for these members. If you are putting images, you may be losing orders and/or causing lost orders for other members in this thread.

Link Your Post for Updates

Each month just create one post and keep it updated. When you do update your post, link to it and post a reply to the thread stating you’ve updated your original post. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. 1. Go to your My Profile page, click on the blue link under Forum Posts.
  2. 2. Find your specific post for your list of books here and click "View Inline"
  3. 3. Once at that page, right click and copy the link for it. Then come here to paste that link into a new post. (if you need further help on creating links, please ask! :))

For the Requestor

~ Please be aware that if you have Requestor Conditions on your account, you and the person offering the deal need to work that out *before* the book is posted to your Wish List, so that you can remove your RC's if needed!! If the book is declined due to RC's, it is then passed on to the next person in line for that WL book through the FIFO system...thus making that book no longer eligible for a "multiples" deal.

~ Be sure that in your Settings (under Privacy Controls) you click to allow your Wish List to be public. This will allow the person who is listing these books to be able to post books directly to your Wishlist. If you don't do this, it will make it harder for people to do things with you.

~You are allowed to ask (nicely!) if the person offering the books is willing to just send out 1 book (instead of multiples). But the sender has the right to decline this request.

Alexis L. - ,
Date Posted: 9/30/2013 7:15 PM ET
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I would prefer orders of 3 or more and larger order may be given preference.  May be combined with my BookshelfWishlisted Unpostables or Zero Copies / Zero Wishers list.  May also be combined with my SwapADVD Wishlist Multiple list or Tower.  Please have your selections on auto request with any requestor conditions turned off.  Books come from a smoke free home with cats.


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Date Posted: 9/30/2013 7:28 PM ET
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Orders of 2 or more please. Please take a look at my bookshelf- WL and bookshelf books can be combined to meet order minimum.

We are a non-smoking household but do have one cat and use a woodstove for heating for those with allergies.

Family Acts by Louise Schafferhttp://www.paperbackswap.com/Family-Acts-Louise-Shaffer/book/140006063X/ (WL 9)

How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman http://www.paperbackswap.com/How-Scots-Invented-Arthur-Herman/book/0609809997/ (WL 8)

Bones of a Feather by Carolyn Haines http://www.paperbackswap.com/Bones-Feather-Sarah-Carolyn-Haines/book/1250005884/ (WL 4)

"Then Belichick Said to Brady..." by Jim Donaldson http://www.paperbackswap.com/Belichick-Brady-Best-Jim-Donaldson/book/1600782396/ (WL 1)

A Life in Stitches (Knitting My Way Through Love, Loss and Laughter by Rachel Herron http://www.paperbackswap.com/Life-Stitches-Knitting-Rachael-Herron/book/1452100535/ (WL 24)

Bargain Junkie by Annie Korzen http://www.paperbackswap.com/Bargain-Junkie-Living-Annie-Korzen/book/0740785338/ (WL 4)

The Search For WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi http://www.paperbackswap.com/Search-WondLa-Tony-DiTerlizzi/book/1416983104/ (WL 19)

Endangered Minds-Why Children Don't Think and What We Can Do About It by Jane M Healy, PhD http://www.paperbackswap.com/Endangered-Minds-Why-Jane-M-Healy/book/0684856204/ (WL4)

The Worried Child- Recognizing Anxiety in Children and Helping Them Heal by Paul Foxman PhD http://www.paperbackswap.com/Worried-Child-Recognizing-Ph-D-Paul-Foxman/book/0897934202/ (WL 9)

The Out of Sync Child (Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder) By Carol Stock Kranowitz MA http://www.paperbackswap.com/Out-Sync-Child-Carol-Stock-Kranowitz/book/0399531653/ (WL 40)

A Secret Kept by Tatiana de Rosnay http://www.paperbackswap.com/Secret-Kept/book/1611298024/ (WL 3)

Skinnytinis-All the Fun for Half the Calories by Teresa Marie Howes http://www.paperbackswap.com/SkinnyTinis-Fun-Half-Teresa-Marie-Howes/book/0470447060/ (WL 4)

Wild Turkeys-Hunting and Watching by John J Mettler Jr http://www.paperbackswap.com/Wild-Turkeys-Hunting-John-J-Mettler/book/1580170692/ (WL 2)

The Gravedigger's Ball by Solomon Jones http://www.paperbackswap.com/Gravediggers-Ball-Coletti-Solomon-Jones/book/0312580819/ (WL4)

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger http://www.paperbackswap.com/Strange-Case-Origami-Tom-Angleberger/book/0810996502/ (WL3)

Life Without Parole by Clare O'Donohue http://www.paperbackswap.com/Life-Parole-Kate-Clare-ODonohue/book/0452297826/ (WL 24)

Eat This Not That (Best and Worst Food in America!) http://www.paperbackswap.com/Eat-Best-Worst-Foods-America/book/1605294616/ (WL 94)

Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne http://www.paperbackswap.com/Around-World-80-Jules-Verne/book/014036711X/ (WL 6)

Emily & Einstein by Linda Francis Lee http://www.paperbackswap.com/Emily-Einstein-Novel-Linda-Francis-Lee/book/0312382197/ (WL 3)

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan http://www.paperbackswap.com/Lost-Hero-Heroes-Rick-Riordan/book/1423113462/ (WL 60)

The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo http://www.paperbackswap.com/Magicians-Elephant-Kate-DiCamillo/book/0763652989/ (WL 7)

God Machine by J.G. Sandom http://www.paperbackswap.com/God-Machine-J-G-Sandom/book/0553589970/ (WL 5)

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin http://www.paperbackswap.com/Game-Thrones-Song-George-R-R-Martin/book/0553573403/ (WL 30)

50% Off Murder by Josie Belle http://www.paperbackswap.com/50-Murder-Good-Josie-Belle/book/0425247023/ (WL 33)

Poison Princess-The Arcana Chronicles by Kressley Cole http://www.paperbackswap.com/Poison-Princess-Arcana-Kresley-Cole/book/1442436654/ (WL 74)

The Carb Lovers Diet by Ellen Kunes & Frances Largeman-Roth http://www.paperbackswap.com/CarbLovers-Diet-Eat-What-Love/book/0848735390/ (WL 2)

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Orders of at least three...Selections from my bookshelf may also be used along with selections from this list:  http://www.paperbackswap.com/Posted/list/15652/.    I also have a couple of books available in the WISHLIST UNPOSTABLES thread of the Book Bazaar.  Non-Smoking Home.

Please have Auto Request ON with Requestor Conditions OFF.  Thanks!


High Risk by Vivian Arend  (WL20)

Virtue and Vice by Megan Hart   (WL43)


Reaper's Justice by Sarah McCarty   (WL48)


Make it Last by Kimberly Kaye Terry  (WL30)


Tarzan & Janine by Elle James and Delilah Devlin  (WL2)


Always on my Mind by Jill Shalvis (WL 164)


Merry and Bright by Jill Shalvis (WL122)



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Please order 3 or more and may combine with my bookshelf. One free book from my bookshelf with any order. Wishlist the books you want and have AR on, then pm me with your request.

Thank you



The Singing (Pellinor, Bk 4) by Alison Croggon (wl 14) ISBN 9780763648046
Afterlife (an Evernight novel) by Claudia Gray HB (wl 43) ISBN 9780061284427

Romance/ Erotica

The Mane Event (Pride, Bk 1) by Shelly Laurenston (wl 15) ISBN 9780758234858

Shades of Gray (KGI, Bk 6) by Maya Banks (wl 43) ISBN 9780425251126

To Serve and Protect by Hart, Tunstall, Michaels, and Devlin (wl 4) ISBN 9781439131541

Leaping Hearts by J.R. Ward as Jessica Bird (wl 18) ISBN 9780451230867

Beneath the Skin (de La Vega Cats, Bk 3) by Lauren Dane (wl 36) ISBN 9781609289331

The Distressing Damsel (Dragon Kin, Bk. 2) by Shelly Laurenston (wl 90) ISBN 9781599982205
Good Things Come in Threes by Walker, Springer, Bast (wl 3) ISBN 9781439102947
Midnight (Dark Age Dawning, Bk. 2) by Ellen Connor (wl 24) ISBN 9780425242995
Brazen by Maya Banks (wl 36) ISBN 9781599988146


The Value of Learning:The Story of Marie Curie by Ann Donegan Johnson HB (wl 3) ISBN 091639218x


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Date Posted: 9/30/2013 9:29 PM ET
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Minimum order 2 - Can be combined with my shelf

NIGHT'S MISTRESS   Amanda Ashley   9781420130416    14 Wishers     TAKEN

REACH FOR THE STARS   Serge Bloch    9781402771293   1 Wisher

RAVISH - THE AWAKENING OF SLEEPING BEAUTY  Cathy Yardley   9780061376085   1 Wisher

TIMMY FAILURE; MISTAKES WERE MADE  Stephan Pastis   9780763660505  17 Wishers

PERSONAL DEMON   Susan Sizemore   9780425254721   2 Wishers

STYGIAN'S HONOR, Breeds 27  Lora Leigh   9780425246078   10 Wishers

THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE  Editor Trisha Telep  9780762437818   20 Wishers

THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2  Editor Trisha Telep  9780762437962   41 Wishers

THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS  Jeaniene Frost; Lynsay Sands   9780062088666   53 Wishers      TAKEN

FEVER, Leopard's Book 1   Christine Feehan   042520751X    34 Wishers           TAKEN

THE VAMPIRE WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO  Kerrelyn Sparks  9780062107732  76 Wishers       TAKEN

TEMPTING THE BEAST, Breeds Book 1, Ellora's Cave    Lora Leigh    9781843607243   278 Wishers        TAKEN

ONE LUCKY VAMPIRE, Bk19  Lynsay Sands    9780062078148   149 Wishers               TAKEN

Any questions, PM me.

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Orders of 3 or more to save on shipping.  Can be combined with books on my shelf.

Marathon Man: A True Life Rocky/Forrest Gump story   1 wisher
Author: Charles Robbins
ISBN-13: 9780595388042 - ISBN-10: 0595388043
Heart of Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon, Bk 8)  100 wishers
Author: Alyssa Day
ISBN-13: 9780425245774 - ISBN-10: 0425245772
Tempting Danger (World of the Lupi, Bk 1)  7 wishers
Author: Eileen Wilks
ISBN-13: 9780425198780 - ISBN-10: 0425198782
Chosen (Anna Strong, Bk 6)   34 wishers
Author: Jeanne C. Stein
ISBN-13: 9780441019175 - ISBN-10: 044101917X
Blood Magic (Lupi, Bk 6)  43 wishers
Author: Eileen Wilks
ISBN-13: 9780425233054 - ISBN-10: 0425233057


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Please order at least two books. The WL books below may be combined with books from my shelf to complete an order.

I smoke and recently had a cat. Please turn off any RCs regarding those before ordering and please have any WL books on your WL and on auto-request.


Catching Fire (Hunger Games, Bk 2)
Author: Suzanne Collins

Sharp Teeth
Author: Toby Barlow

Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (Jennifer Scales, Bk 1)
Author: MaryJanice Davidson, Anthony Alongi

A New World: Taken
Author: John O'Brien

Princeps' Fury (Codex Alera, Bk 5)
Author: Jim Butcher

The Passage (Passage, Bk 1)
Author: Justin Cronin

Reaper's Justice (Shadow Reapers, Bk 1)
Author: Sarah McCarty

Ancestor: A Novel
Author: Scott Sigler


Honey West: A Kiss For a Killer (Honey West)
Author: G.G. Fickling

The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose (Darling Dahlias, Bk 3)
Author: Susan Wittig Albert

Button Holed (Button Box, Bk 1)
Author: Kylie Logan

A Fitting End (Magical Dressmaking, Bk 2)
Author: Melissa Bourbon

Deadly Patterns (Magical Dressmaking, Bk 3)
Author: Melissa Bourbon

It Takes a Witch (Wishcraft, Bk 1)
Author: Heather Blake

Shades of Grey (Shades of Grey, Bk 1)
Author: Jasper Fforde


Whoever Fights Monsters : My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBI (St. Martin's True Crime Library)
Author: Robert K. Ressler, Thomas Schachtman

Tail-End Charlies: The Last Battles of the Bomber War, 1944--45
Author: Tony Rennell, John Nichol

American Women and World War II (History of Women in America)
Author: Doris Weatherford

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(Posted new)

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I appreciate orders of 2-3 credits. May be combined with books from my shelf, WL under different ISBN or 0 WL books, WL unpostables, or my deals. See my links in my signature line and my book lists on my profile.  Thank you!


The Legacies (I Am Number Four: The Lost Files, Bk 2) by Pittacus Lore - 41 Wishing

A Path and a Practice: Using Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching as a Guide to an Awakened Spiritual Life by William Martin - 2 Wishing

bff: a girlfriend book u write 2gether by Lauren Myracle - 2 Wishing

Greeks (Usborne Internet-Linked Reference Books) by Susan Peach and Anne Millard - 1 Wishing

Chloe Doe by Suzanne Phillips - 1 Wishing

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) by J.K. Rowling - 31 Wishing


Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders & How They Changed America 1789-1989 (Abridged CD) by Michael Beschloss - 1 Wishing

Heaven is for Real (Unabridged Audio CD) by Todd Burpo - 12 Wishing

The Classic Clark Collection (Abridged Audio CD) by Mary Higgins Clark - 1 Wishing (4 books in 1)

Smokin' Seventeen (Stephanie Plum, Bk 17) by Janet Evanovich - 1 Wishing

Love You More (D. D. Warren, Bk 5) (Unabridged Audio CD) by Lisa Gardner - 2 Wishing

Ellen Foster (Unabridged Audio CD) by Kaye Gibbons - 1 Wishing

The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Man in the World (Abridged Audio CD) by A.J. Jacobs - 2 Wishing

Cry of the Halidon (Abridged Audio CD) by Robert Ludlum - 2 Wishing

I am the New Black (Abridged Audio CD) by Tracy Morgan - 1 Wishing

Ghetto Cowboy (Unabridged Audio CD) by G. Neri - 2 Wishing

The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles, Bk 2) (Unabridged Audio CD) by Rick Riordan - 8 Wishing (brand new - still sealed)

Homecoming (Unabridged Audio CD) by Bernhard Schlink - 1 Wishing

When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead (Unabridged Audio CD) by Jerry Weintraub - 3 Wishing

A Matter of Trust (Mia Quinn Mystery, Bk 1) (Unabridged Audio CD) by Lis Wiehl - 3 Wishing

Down the Mysterly River (Unabridged Audio CD) by Bill Willingham - 3 Wishing

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I added Touch of Fire by Maria Zannini (wl 3) ISBN 9781605041605 to my post above.

Thank you,


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Please order at least 2.  Preference is given to larger orders.   Thanks! Paper Towns Author: John Green ISBN-13: 9780142414934 - ISBN-10: 014241493X


Summerland: A Novel
Author: Elin Hilderbrand
ISBN-13: 9780316099837 - ISBN-10: 031609983X(133 wishers) no dustjacket
Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men (Jane Jameson, Bk 2)
Author: Molly Harper
ISBN-13: 9781416589433 - ISBN-10: 1416589430 (9 wishers) small corner of cover and back torn)
Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson, Bk 1)
Author: Molly Harper
ISBN-13: 9781416589426 - ISBN-10: 1416589422 (4 wishers)
Bloody Valentine (Blue Bloods)
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
ISBN-13: 9781423134497 - ISBN-10: 1423134494 (54 wishers)
Then Came You
Author: Jennifer Weiner
ISBN-13: 9781451617733 - ISBN-10: 1451617739 (54 wishers)
Lone Wolf
Author: Jodi Picoult
ISBN-13: 9781439102756 - ISBN-10: 1439102759 (7 wishers)
Shadow of the Moon (Dark Guardian, Bk 4)
Author: Rachel Hawthorne
ISBN-13: 9780061962905 - ISBN-10: 0061962902 (18 wishers)
Ruthless (Pretty Little Liars, Bk 10)
Author: Sara Shepard
ISBN-13: 9780062081865 - ISBN-10: 0062081861 (72 wishers)

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Adding to my list above-

Panty Hose, Hot Peppers, Tea Bags and more- for the Garden by  Yankee Magazines  http://www.paperbackswap.com/Yankee-Magazines-Panty-Hose-Hot/book/0899093949/ (WL 11)

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan http://www.paperbackswap.com/Lost-Hero-Heroes-Rick-Riordan/book/1423113462/ (WL 60)

The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo http://www.paperbackswap.com/Magicians-Elephant-Kate-DiCamillo/book/0763652989/ (WL 7)

God Machine by J.G. Sandom http://www.paperbackswap.com/God-Machine-J-G-Sandom/book/0553589970/ (WL 5)

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Orders of 3 or more please - may be combined with bookshelf.  Please have on auto request - RC's turned off.  Non-smoking home/no pets but I do not know the history of all the books.  All are postable and  in very good condition.

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale ~ Lynda Rutledge ~ 9780425261026 ~ 20 wishers (worn but postable)

These Girls ~ Sarah Pekkanen ~ 9781451612547 ~ 129 wishers

Skipping a Beat ~ Sarah Pekkanen ~ 9781451609820 ~ 16 wishers

Barbara Taylor Bradford ~ Secrets from the Past  ~ 9780312631666 ~ 20 wishers

Swimming in the Moon ~ Pamela Schoenewaldt ~ 9780062202239 ~ 16 wishers

Sauignon Secret ~ Ellen Crosby ~ Wine Country Mystery ~ 9781439163887 ~ 15 wishers

Viognier Vendetta ~ Ellen Crosby ~ Wine Country Mystery ~ 9781439163863 ~ 10 wishers 

Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons ~ 0836218833 ~ 2 wishers (Calvin and Hobbes Collection ~ Bill Watterson) 

Scientific Progress Goes "Boink" ~ 0836218787 ~ 3 wishers (Calvin and Hobbes Collection ~ Bill Watterson)

The Brightest Star in the Sky ~ Marian Keyes ~ 9780141028675 ~ 20 wishers

The Healing ~ Wanda E Brunstetter ~ 9781602606838 ~ 12 wishers

Best American Short Stories 2010 ~ Steven King, editor ~ 9780547055282 ~ 6 wishers

Betty Grable Paper Dolls ~ Tom Tierney ~ 9780486472485 ~ 2 wishers ~ new


Free with any order of 3 ~ The Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society ~ August Trobaugh ~ 0452287499 ~ 4 wishers ~there is a crease on the cover and a tear where spine meets the cover of about one inch from wear.  Please request through a PM

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Alexis L. - ,
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Added to my post above:

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Orders of 2 or more including books from my shelf. Please have on Auto request with RC's off.


The Scrambled States of America   by Laurie Keller.  3 wishers

Middle School:  Get Me Out of Here!   by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts.  42 wishers

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian   by Sherman Alexie.  32 wishers

Secrets of Eden   by Chris Bojalian.  4 wishers

The Tennis Partner   by Abraham Verghese  .  21 wishers



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Please order 2 or more - can be combined with my shelf and I just listed a lot of new books there. Non-smoking home. Please PM me if interested:

Many Bloody Returns :: Toni L. P. Kelner (Editor)Charlaine Harris (Editor)
ISBN-13: 9780441016754 - ISBN-10: 0441016758   WL-32

Dare to Love :: Jaci Burton

ISBN-13: 9781605042794 - ISBN-10: 160504279X   WL:17 
Soulless (Parasol Protectorate, Bk 1) :: Gail Carriger
ISBN-13: 9780316056632 - ISBN-10: 0316056634   WL-19
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Looking for someone who wants both:

Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett


Changes by Jim Butcher

PM me if you are interested.

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Orders of 2 or more. Please have on auto request with RC's turned off.

Please take a look at my bookshelf and ARC books.  Bookshelf and ARC books can be combined to meet order minimum.

Non-smoking home with 1 cat. All books are in very postable condition. PM with your requests.

Dark Predator (Dark, Bk 22) :: Christine Feehan
ISBN-13: 9780515151107  Members Wishing: 16

Evidence of Life :: Barbara Taylor Sissel
ISBN-13: 9780778315162  members Wishing: 23

Playing with Matches: A Novel :: Carolyn Wall
ISBN-13: 9780345525697  Members Wishing: 8

The Owl Keeper :: Christine Brodien-Jones
ISBN-13: 9780385738149   members Wishing: 3



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