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Topic: ***OCTOBER 2012 Wishlist Multiples***

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Subject: ***OCTOBER 2012 Wishlist Multiples***
Date Posted: 9/29/2012 4:20 PM ET
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We’ve been given permission by the Team to have a recurring thread for sending out WL books in bundles. Please read ALL the rules and updates so you can be sure you are complying with the guidelines layed out by the Team.

READ AND FOLLOW THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD (One of us will PM you if we see that you're not following the rules):

~ This will be a monthly thread (meaning a new thread will be started at the beginning of each month). Any books you have remaining from the month before that you still want to offer will be YOUR responsibility to transfer to the new thread. There is to only be ONE Wishlist Mutliples thread (this one) so that we can be assured people are following the rules. (4-27-11) Please do not create your own thread advertising WL Multiples and let Melanie, Kathy or me (Amanda) know if you see one of these before we do. :)

~ If you have questions about this thread, please contact me (Amanda). If you don’t get an answer from Amanda within 24 hours, please contact  Melanie D. (melanied) (Bazaar Co-Czar). Neither of us (Melanie or I (Amanda)) are responsible for how transactions turn out. Please do things fairly and with honesty so that this thread will not be shut down.

NO ARC's may be offered here. There is a separate thread for these books here. If you have an ARC that is WL'd and is part of a series you have offered here in this thread, you can PM the person requesting them and let them know you have the ARC available and you two can work out the deal. If you offer one in your post, one of us will PM you asking you to remove it and list it in the ARC thread.

NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed in this thread. (7-1-11)


For the Sender

~ The goal is to send multiple books to the same home so you can save on shipping...this is NOT intended to bypass the FIFO system. You may combine your books listed here with books from your shelf to create your "multiples" package. However, you are NOT allowed to place requirements on your book orders in any other way than to state the obvious ("wanting to send out packages of 2 or more" or "orders of 3 or more only please"). It is NOT okay to require orders from your Bookshelf in conjunction to ordering these WL'd books. (It's about requiring it, rather than providing that as an option.) So long as you're sending out multiples, this thread is serving its purpose.

~ List what you have available. When some of your books are taken, come to your post and remove those choices. Don't just list them as "taken"...actually delete the text for that item. When all of your books are taken, come to your post and delete ALL remaining information. If you have more to offer later, you can edit that post OR you can create a new post. **PLEASE** keep your posts updated and current...if people ask you for a book that is no longer available it will be wasted time for you and frustrating for them.

~ You may not ask more than the standard “1 credit for 1 book” in your post.

~All books listed in this thread must be listed in a post. Meaning, you are not allowed to just link to a PBS list or Tagged List. ALL books listed MUST have an accompanying ISBN OR link to PBS to verify WL status (links to PBS are always helpful, since they will immediately tell a person when they look at it if that ISBN is on their WL). If you need help inserting links please ask us-we are happy to assist! (9-18-10)

  • It is *okay* to have links to other portions of PBS within your post so that people can see what you have to offer for deals. You can say something like: "May combine with orders from my Bookshelf, ARC list, and Unpostables list," and then include links to where those lists are located within PBS.

~Please add the number of wishers to each item on your list. (This part is not mandatory, but will certainly help your books move if you can do this and helps the other members when looking through your list.)

~ DO NOT list books that have "0 Wishers" for it.

~DO NOT list only ONE book in this thread…this thread is for multiples.

~ If you have a complete SET of books or several books in a series, and some are WL'd and some aren't, you can offer all of these here and offer a deal on them if you wish. It is perfectly understandable that you'd want to keep the set together! The only thing we ask is that a minimum of 2 books out of the series you are posting be WL'd. (This means that if there are only 2 books in the series, they must both be WL'd.)  And remember, none of them can be damaged and must all meet PBS Posting Criteria.

~ This thread does NOT give the go ahead to being requiring a "minimum order" on your normal PBS account. If you have a book posted, you are agreeing to send out that book when it is requested. This thread (where we have people asking for a 2 or 3 book order minimum) is okay ONLY because it is in the Book Bazaar!! This type of requirement is NOT okay within the general PBS bookshelves and orders.

~ Books MUST meet PBS guidelines in order to be listed there for credit. NO DAMAGED books are allowed to be listed.

~ If someone asks you to only send one book, please know that you are not obligated to accept this request. If you, as the sender, would like to keep the package as a multiple, you have the right to decline this request (nicely!). (Please do not ignore a PM asking for this, though....a simply "no, but thanks" in a reply PM is all that is needed.)

~One tip (but not required!): several people still have dial-up, which makes viewing threads with images a very slow process. It would be nice (for those members) if you didn't put images in your posts when you're listing your books. Just having a link and the number of wishers makes it easier for these members. If you are putting images, you may be losing orders and/or causing lost orders for other members in this thread.

Link Your Post for Updates

Each month just create one post and keep it updated. When you do update your post, link to it and post a reply to the thread stating you’ve updated your original post. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. 1. Go to your My Profile page, click on the blue link under Forum Posts.
  2. 2. Find your specific post for your list of books here and click "View Inline"
  3. 3. Once at that page, right click and copy the link for it. Then come here to paste that link into a new post. (if you need further help on creating links, please ask! :))

For the Requestor

~ Please be aware that if you have Requestor Conditions on your account, you and the person offering the deal need to work that out *before* the book is posted to your Wish List, so that you can remove your RC's if needed!! If the book is declined due to RC's, it is then passed on to the next person in line for that WL book through the FIFO system...thus making that book no longer eligible for a "multiples" deal.

~ Be sure that in your Settings (under Privacy Controls) you click to allow your Wish List to be public. This will allow the person who is listing these books to be able to post books directly to your Wishlist. If you don't do this, it will make it harder for people to do things with you.

~You are allowed to ask (nicely!) if the person offering the books is willing to just send out 1 book (instead of multiples). But the sender has the right to decline this request.

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Date Posted: 9/29/2012 4:27 PM ET
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Please order 2 or more, may combine with my shelf.

Magic in the Shadows - Devon Monk (17 Wishing)

Yours for Eternity - Hannah Howell, Alexandra Ivy, Kaitlin O'Riley (35 Wishing)

Moon Cursed - Lori Handeland (15 Wishing)

Ascension - Caris Roane (22 Wishing)

I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith (5 Wishing)

The Mistaken Wife A Novel - Rose Melikan (1 Wishing)

Lord of the Vampires - Royal House of Shadows - Gena Showalter (2 Wishing)

Night of the Soul Stealer - Last Apprentice - Joseph Delaney (8 Wishing)

The Lance Thrower - Camulod Chronicles, Bk 8 - Jack Whyte (5 Wishing)

Black Horses For The King  - Anne McCaffrey (3 Wishing)

The Maxwell Leadership Bible Lessons in Leadership from the Word of God -  John C. Maxwell (19 Wishing)

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John C. Maxwell (2 Wishing)




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Date Posted: 9/29/2012 4:28 PM ET
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I would like orders of 3 or more and can be combined with orders from bookshelf. Please send me PM if interested.

Please have book on auto request and no RC's. Non smoking household.

QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter     1 W

Beyond Fear   22 W

I'd Rather Teach Peace  2 W

The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying   2 W

The Quickening Maze   6 W

The Dark Room Audio Book 1 W

Mrs. Pollifax and The Second Thief Audio Book 1 W

In Search of the Lost Feminine: Decoding the Myths That Radically Reshaped Civilization 4 W

The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughs To Change Your Life and the World 49 W

Busting Loose From The Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can't Win 15W

People of the Whale 5 W

Crow Dog: Four Generations of Sioux Medicene Men 2W

Open Mind, Open Heart: The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel 2W

The Mater and Margarita 40 W

Air Guitar: Essays on Art and Democracy 9W

The Waves 3W

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdon of the Bicameral Mind  4W

Anticancer a New Way of Life  66W

Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation  2W

Soul of Nowhere Traversing Grace in a Rugged Land 4 W

The Whole Woman  2W

The Blue Sky A Novel   2W

Crossing into Medicine Country: A Journey in Native American Healing  2W

Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian and Vedic Traditions  8W

The Tree of Yoga  8W

The Divine Milieu: An Essay on the Interior Life  2W

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind 1W

Flow the Psychology of Optimal Experience  6W

The Longing for Home Reflections at Midlife  13W

This Cold Heaven  2W

I Quit But Forgot to Tell You 2W

36 Yalta Boulevard 4 W

The Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises and What We Can Do About It  23W

Big Bad Love 2W

The Box Man 3W

Ella Minnow Pea A Novel in Letters 4W

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, and the Secret History of the Last Fifty Years  19W

Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters  2W

How Writers Work : Finding a Process That Works for You  5W

I Thought You Were Dead  6W

Margin Restoring Emotional Physical Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives  14W

Northwest Exposures: A Geologic Study of the Northwest  1W

The Rainbow Stories 4W

A Reading Diary 2W

A Short History of Women 8W

A Stay Against Confusion  1W

Strange as This Weather Has Been 6W

Teaching to Change Lives Seven Proven Ways to Make Your Teaching Come Alive  1W

Woken Furies  17W


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Tammy K. (tk942) - ,
Date Posted: 9/29/2012 4:44 PM ET
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Orders of 3 or more, may be conbimed with my shelf or my Zero Copies/Zero Wishers List if you'd prefer. Please have WL books on your WL on auto before ordering. Ours is a non-smoking home with 3 cats. All hardback books listed below come with a dust jacket unless noted otherwise.



Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changelings #3) by Nalini Singh (6 wishers)

Golden (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey (7 wishers)

Golden Compass Deluxe Edition (His Dark Materials #1) by Philip Pullman (6 wishers)

Kisses From Hell by Noel/Armstrong/Mead/Cast Block (116 wishers)

The Light Fantastic (Discworld #2) by Terry Pratchett (1 wisher)

Total Eclipse (Weather Warden #9) by Rachel Caine (61 wishers)

Tun Coat (Dresden Files #11) by Jim Butcher (28 wishers)

Warrior Rising (Goddess Rising, BK 6) by PC Cast (61 wishers)



The Alpine Vengeance (Emma Lord Mystery) by Mary Daheim (13 wishers)

Due or Die (Library Lover's #2) by Jenn McKinlay (119 wishers)

The Last Word (Books by the Bay #3) by Ellery Adams (37 wishers)

A Mourning Wedding (Daisy Dalrymple) by Carola Dunn (3 wishers) Hardcover - Former library book with library markings, but in good condition otherwise.



Alluring Tales, Volume 1: Awaken the Fantasy by Day/Jones/Devlin/Anna/Fox/Jackson/White (25 wishers)

Highland Surrender by Dawn Halliday (2 wishers)

Lessons in Seduction by Swann/Thompson (10 wishers)

Man After Midnight by Devyn Quinn (6 wishers)

Sensual Bites by Dahlia Rose (1 wisher)


Other Romance:

Highland Stone by Sloan McBride (2 wishers)

The Pirate Hunter by Jennifer Ashley (2 wishers)



Anime Mania: How to Draw Characters for Japanese Animation by Christopher Hart (5 wishers)

The Desperate Housewives Cookbook: Juicy Dishes & Saucy Bits by Christopher Styler & Scott S. Tobis (4 wishers)

Frommers 500 Places to See Before They Disappear by Holly Hughes (26 wishers) 

Holman Quicksource Bible Atlas (2 wishers)

The Ignatius Bible: Revised Standard Version - Second Catholic Edition (9 wishers) - This was a textbook for my religion class & it has a few highlighted passages.

Invitation to Psychology (3rd Edition) by Carole Wade & Carol Tavris (1 wisher) - Some Highlighting

Young People's Story of Architecture: 3,000 BC  to the Gothic Period by VM Hillyer & EG Huey (1 wisher)

Young People's Story of Fine Art: 15,000 BC to 1800 AD by VM Hillyer & EG Huey (4 wishers)

Young People's Story of Fine Art: The Last 200 Years by VM Hillyer & EG Huey (1 wisher)

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Sherry -
Subject: Wishlisted memoirs available
Date Posted: 9/29/2012 4:50 PM ET
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Please order 3 or more (can be combined with books from my shelf) and have them on your wishlist on auto, RCs turned off.  Thanks for looking!  Click on my link 'wishist books available' at the bottom of this post for the most recent list - there may be some listed there that have not been added to this post yet :)

(Books with a line through them are pending)

Dirty Sugar Cookies : Culinary Observations, Questionable Taste  Author: Ayun Halliday  

Malled My Unintentional Career in Retail   Author: Caitlin Kelly 

The Bill from My Father : A Memoir by Bernard Cooper 

The Hunger A Story of Food Desire and Ambition    Author: John Delucie  

The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crime : The Biggest and Best Collection of Unsolved Murder and Mystery Cases   Author: Roger Wilkes

Farm City The Education of an Urban Farmer  Author: Novella Carpenter

In-N-Out Burger A Behind-the-Counter Look at the Fast-Food Chain that Breaks All the Rules  Author: Stacy Perman

How I Learned To Cook Culinary Educations from the World's Greatest Chefs  Author: Kimberly Witherspoon, Peter Meehan

Dogged Pursuit My Year of Competing Dusty the World's Least Likely Agility Dog  Author: Robert Rodi

We'll Be Here For the Rest of Our Lives A Swingin' Show-biz Saga  Author: Paul ShafferDavid Ritz

The Three of Us A Family Story  Author: Julia Blackburn

Theater Geek The Real Life Drama of a Summer at Stagedoor Manor the Famous Performing Arts Camp  Author: Mickey Rapkin

Half Baked The Story of My Nerves My Newborn and How We Both Learned to Breathe  Author: Alexa Stevenson

Bizarro Among the Savages A Relatively Famous Guy's Experiences on the Road and in the Homes of Strangers  Author: Dan Piraro

Going Hungry Writers on Desire Self-Denial and Overcoming Anorexia  Author: Kate M. Taylor


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I have the following WL books. I'd like to save on shipping by sending 3 or more.  Can include my  bookshelf and 0 available/ 0 wishers

I have a terrible sense of smell so please remove all RC's having to do with odor.

Leaving (Bailey Flanigan, Bk 1) :: Karen Kingsbury  Members Wishing: 2

Destiny of the Wolf (Previously titled Don't Cry Wolf) :: Terry Spear  Members Wishing: 3

Dragonforge (Bitterwood, Bk 2) :: James Maxey  Members Wishing: 2

The Other Side of Ethel Mertz : The Life Story of Vivian Vance :: Frank Castelluccio, Alvin Walker  Members Wishing: 14

Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue :: Wendy Shalit  Members Wishing: 9

Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society :: Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Michael Jan Friedman   Members Wishing: 18

Legacy of Stone (Les Gargouillen, Bk 3) :: Vickie Taylor   Members Wishing: 15

Myka Finds Her Way (A Stepping Stone Book(TM)) :: Gail Herman   Members Wishing: 1

Stargate SG-1: Valhalla: SG1-14 :: Tim Waggoner   Members Wishing: 13

Seaflower: A Kydd Sea Adventure (Kydd Sea Adventures) :: Julian Stockwin  Members Wishing: 2

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane (Underland Chronicles, Bk 2) :: Suzanne Collins   Members Wishing: 8

No Time to Die: : Living with Ovarian Cancer :: Liz Tilberis  Members Wishing: 2

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Cartoons for Teachers (Canfield, Jack) :: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, John McPherson  wl 3

SHINING KING, THE :: Peter Danielson      Members Wishing: 6

Inversions :: Iain M. Banks  Members Wishing:

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Tammy K. (tk942) - ,
Date Posted: 9/29/2012 9:06 PM ET
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Updated my list (3rd from the top).

Date Posted: 9/29/2012 9:08 PM ET
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Hi! One cat, non-smoking household. Please request multiples (may combine with shelf orders) and have them on auto-WL. Happy reading. :-) Always looking for new “friends” gold key or not, my friends list is on auto accept :-).

Fantasy/Sci Fi/Seafaring/Paranormal

Relentless Pursuit, Alexander Kent

King’s Captain, Dewey Lambdin

The Laurentine Spy, Emily Gee

The Tide of War, Seth Hunter

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, David Gaider

Dragon Age: The Calling, David Gaider

The Infinity Gate, Sara Douglass


The Seven Year Bitch,Jennifer Belle

Fratire 3, Darren W. Bryce (have 1 and 2 on bookshelf)

Fratire 4, Darren W. Bryce

Hello Kitty Must Die, Angela S. Choi

Super Sad True Love Story, Gary Shteyngart

In the Shadows of Paris: A Victor Legris Mystery, Claude Izner

Beautiful Ugly, Shelia E. Lipsey

Bi-Curious, Natalie Weber

A Shore Thing, Nicole (SNOOKI) Polizzi

Enlightenment for Idiots, Anne Cushman

Sugar and Spice, Lauren Conrad

Beverly Hills Adjacent, Jennifer Steinhauer

Chaser, Miasha

Burn Notice (TV Show) The Giveaway: Tod Goldberg

Perfectly Dateless, Kristin Billerbeck

Bad Heiress Day,Allie Pleiter

The Guy I’m Not Dating, Trish Perry

Turning the Paige, Laura Jensen Walker

Men and Dogs (Large Print), Katie Crouch

Once Upon a Nervous Breakdown, Patrick Sanchez

Utu, Caryl Ferey

The Understudy, David Nicholls


Portrait of the Addict as a Young Man, Bill Clegg

The Journal of Helene Barr, Helene Barr

Consider the Lobster, David Foster Wallace (RIP)

I Remember Nothing,Nora Ephron (RIP)

90-Day Geisha: My Time as a Tokyo Hostess,Chelsea Haywood

Dread: How Fear and Fantasy Have Fueled Epidemics, Philip Alcabes

Fraud, David Rakoff (RIP)

The Bedwetter, Sarah Silverman

Church of Lies (large print), Flora Jessop

I Love You, Let’s Meet, Virginia Vizthum

The Beautiful People, Simon Doonan

Real Housewives Get Personal

“Half Empty”,David Rakoff

My Queer War,James Lord

The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture, Ellen Ruppel Shell

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2 or more books, please check out my bookshelf too



The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique Body Chemistry :: William Linz Wolcott, Trish Fahey

Jumping for Health : A Guide to Rebounding Aerobics :: Morton Walker

Euclid's Window : The Story of Geometry from Parallel Lines to Hyperspace :: Leonard Mlodinow

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!: Adventures of a Curious Character :: Richard P. Feynman, Ralph Leighton

The Wealth of Nations :: Adam Smith

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience :: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Climbing Mount Improbable :: Richard Dawkins

The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design :: Richard Dawkins

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk :: Peter L. Bernstein

Being Peace :: Mayumi Oda, Thich Nhat Hanh

The World Without Us :: Alan Weisman

Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth :: J.E. Lovelock

How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine: A Primer on the Life-Giving Biodynamic/French Intensive :: J. Jeavous, John Jeavons, J. Jeavons

The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine :: Ted J. Kaptchuk

The Mother Tongue: English and How It Got That Way :: Bill Bryson

Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution :: Michael J. Behe

In Search of Schrodinger's Cat: Quantum Physics And Reality :: John Gribbin

The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique Body Chemistry :: William Linz Wolcott, Trish Fahey

The Rosedale Diet :: Ron Rosedale, Carol Colman



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I need to save on postage, so please request a minimum of 3 - preference may be given to larger orders.  Can be combined with shelf books (and I added a bunch of those this am (9/30) as well - many only copies in the system.. Please have RCs OFF (smoking home and a non-reading feline) and books on WL auto. Thanks for looking! I'm removing books that have been taken rather than crossing them out to save on space, and periodically adding new..,the newest are always at the top - at least for a while until I sort them into their categories



The Four Agreements Special Edition with Companion  Don Miguel Ruiz WL 10 

Beyond Fear: The Toltec Guide to Freedom and Joy Don Miguel Ruiz, WL 20

Great Cards and Tags - Ideas, Tips & Techniques Leslie Carola WL 5 

Making Soaps & Scents-Soaps, Shampoos, Perfumes & Splashes You Can Make at Home Catherine Bardey WL 4

The DIY Bride 40 Fun Projects for your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding Khris Cochran WL 1

The Physics of Nascar-The Science Behind the Speed  Diandra Leslie-Pelecky WL 4

The Five Love Languages- How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate Gary Chapman (WL 1) 

The Farmstead Book 1 The Soil, The Workshop, The Woods WL 1

Witta an Irish Pagan Tradition Edain McCoy WL 1

Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! - Complete Guide to Quiltmaking Diana McClun Laura Nownes WL 2

Perfect Blocks in Minutes (Quilting) Anita Grossman Solomon WL 1



The Burning Bridge (Ranger's Apprentice, Bk 3) John Flanagan WL 3

Mandie and theTornado (Mandie Books) Lois Gladys Leppard WL 3

My First Word Word Board Book Angela Wilkes WL 1

Goodnight Moon (Board Book) Margaret Wise Brown WL 3

Because I Love You (Board Book) Max Lucado WL 1

Hippos Go Berserk (Board Book) Sandra Boynton WL 8

What's the Opposite, PiggyWiggy? (Board Book) Christyan and Diane Fox WL 1


The Path of Razors (Vampire Babylon, Bk 5) Chris Marie Green WL 35

Tooth and Claw Jo Walton WL 30

NoTime to Wave Goodbye Jacquelyn Mitchard WL 4

The Trouble with the Pears - An An Intimate Portrait of Erzsebet Bathory Gia Bathory, Al Babel WL 5 pending

Peculiar Treasures (Katie Weldon, Bk 1) Robin Jones Gunn WL 13

Magical Seduction-Web of Desire / Solo Tu / Tempted By Two (Ellora's Cave) WL 1


 Let's Play Dead (Museum Mystery,Bk 2) Sheila Connolly WL 44 

Bury Your Dead (Chief Inspector Gamache, Bk 6) Louise Penny WL 72

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Flavia DeLuca, Bk 1) WL 2

The Raven in the Foregate (Brother Cadfael) Ellis Peters WL 1

Mr. Monk on the Road (Monk, Bk 8) Lee Goldberg WL 8

The Agency 1 - A Spy in the House Y.S. Lee WL 34 (young adult or adult - good!)

Inspector Singh Investigates a Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder Shamini Flint WL 6

Demons are a Ghouls Best Friend (Ghost Hunter, Bk 2) (Large Print) Victoria Laurie WL 1

Miss Julia Strikes Back (Miss Julia, Bk 2) (Unabridged Audio CD) Ann Ross WL 2

Revenge of theSpellmans (Izzy Spellman, Bk 3) Lisa Lutz WL 1

Biggie and the Quincy Ghost (Biggie Weatherford, Bk 5) Nancy Bell WL 7

Mrs. Jeffries Dusts for Clues (Mrs. Jefferies, Bk 2) Emily Brightwell WL 2

The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next, Bk 3) Jasper Fford WL 3

Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum, Bk 18) Janet Evanovich WL 89

Boston Noir Dennis Lehane (Editor), multiple authors WL 1


The Rebel (An Essay on Man in Revolt) Albert Camus WL 1



A Night to Surrender (Spindle Cove, Bk 1) Tessa Dare WL 10

Lawe's Justice (Breeds, Bk 26) Lora Leigh WL 4


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Orders of two or more, please. The WL books below may be combined with books from my shelf to complete an order.

I smoke and have a cat, so please turn off any RCs regarding those before ordering. Please have them on your WL on auto-request.



Directive 51 (Daybreak, Bk 1)
Author: John Barnes

Daybreak Zero (Daybreak, Bk 2)
John Barnes

First Grave On The Right (Charley Davidson, Bk 1)

Author: Darynda Jones

The Eleventh Plague
Author: Jeff Hirsch



Run: A Subject Seven Novel
Author: James A. Moore

The Book of Taltos (Vlad Taltos, Bks 4-5)
Author: Steven Brust

Author: Karen Koehler

Dark Flame (Immortals, Bk 4)
Author: Alyson Noel

Handling the Undead
Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist


Jitterbug Perfume
Author: Tom Robbins

The Great Gatsby
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Mozart Conspiracy: A Novel
Author: Scott Mariani

Murder in Plain Sight (Amish Suspense, Bk 1)

Author: Marta Perry


The Soul of a Chef : The Journey Toward Perfection
Author: Michael Ruhlman

Rebel Private: Front and Rear : Memoirs of a Confederate Soldier
Author: William A. Fletcher

Rescue Warriors: The U.S. Coast Guard, America's Forgotten Heroes
Author: David Helvarg

Hogs in the Shadows: Combat Stories from Marine Snipers in Iraq
Author: Milo S. Afong


The Campaigns of Alexander
Author: Arrian

K Blows Top: A Cold War Comic Interlude, Starring Nikita Khrushchev, America's Most Unlikely Tourist
Author: Peter Carlson

The Assassin's Accomplice, movie tie-in: Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln
Author: Kate Clifford Larson

Muck: A Memoir
Author: Craig Sherborne

Jane Austen (Christian Encounters Series)

Author: Peter Leithart

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
Author: Jared Diamond

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Mimum of two, combine with shelf or other book lists. (PM first, please).

Await Your Reply: A Novel :: Dan Chaon 107 wishing 

Lolita :: Vladimir Nabokov 31 wishing
 I Capture the Castle :: Dodie Smith 2 wishing  

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Orders of 3 or more please. Preference will be given to larger orders. Please have on your WL on auto with RCs off. Can be combined with my bookshelf and ARC LIST PM me with your requests. Thanks!

I WILL KEEP THIS LIST UPDATED. SO IF IT'S HERE STILL IT IS AVAILABLE. Larger orders get preference, and after that I go by time the PM is received if there are multiple same-sized orders. I check my messages frequently.



NEW! The Fallen 2- Aerie and Reckoning by Thomas E. Sniegoski- 10 wishers

NEW! The People of Sparks, Ember Bk.2 by Jeanne Duprau- 7 wishers


Torment (Fallen, Bk 2) by Lauren Kate- 76 wishers


Specials (Uglies, Bk3) by Scott Westerfeld- 1 wisher


Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson- 15 wishers


The SIlver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause- 1 wisher


Kiss of Death (Morganville Vampires Bk 8) by Rachel Caine- 1 wishers



Other Genres


NEW! Iron Crowned (Dark Swan, Bk 3) by Richelle Mead- 49 wishers



Between You and Me by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus (authors of The Nanny Diaries)- 34 wishers


The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Bacon- 17 wishers


I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman (ex-library copy)-174 wishers

Buy, Buy Baby-How Consumer Culture Manipulates Parents and Harms Young Minds by Susan Gregory Thomas- 8 wishers


Oh the Places He Went- A story about Dr. Seuss-Theodor Seuss Geisel by Maryann N. Weidt- 1 wisher




Again, orders of 3 or more and larger orders get preference. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my bookshelf. New books just added. :)

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Reposted on page 3 - with more books added

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 Multiples, please.  Please have the Auto-Request on and RC off. 

Hidden Away: :Maya Banks: 9780425240175: :21 wishers (This book is worn & smell musky)

Whisper in the Dark: :Maya Banks: :978042246108: : 31 wishers

Blood Sacrifice: :Maria Lima: :9781451612691: : 28  wishers ( I have Matters of the Blood,  Blood Bargain and Blood Kin)

Red Handed: : Gena Showalter : :9781416532248 : : 106 wishers

Blacklisted: : Gena Showalter : : 9781416532255 : : 81 wishers

On the Edge: :Ilona Andrews: :9780441017805: : 39 wishers

Bayou Moon: :Ilona Andrews: :9780441019458: :  72 wishers

Chosen by Fate: :Virna DePaul: :9780425243992: :  40 wishers

Chosen by Blood: :Virna DePaul: :97804252411547: : 2 wishers

Shades of Temptation: :Virna DePaul: :9780373776740: : 16 wishers

Night Myst: :Yasmine Galenorn: :9780515148145: : 1 wishers

Night Veil: :Yasmine Galenorn: :9780425242049: : 57 wishers

Play of Passion: : Nalini Singh: :9780425237739: : 19 wishers

Mortal Ties:  Eileen Wilks: :9780425254929: :91 wishers

Whisper Kiss: :Deborah Cooke: :9780451230928: :21 wishers

Into the Mist: : Maya Banks: :1605040150: : 102wishers (This book' has a smoke smell)

Please PM me your request.  One free unpostable with order.

Also, I am having a deal on my bookshelf.

Non-smoking househould.

Thank you.

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Order 3 or more please (can be combined with anything on my bookshelf):
Food Rules An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan, 546 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780143116387     ISBN-10: 014311638X
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race by Jon Stewart, 248 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780446579223     ISBN-10: 044657922X
Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling, 18 wishers (ex-library book, covers have plastic)
ISBN-13: 9780451460417     ISBN-10: 0451460413
Buzz Boy And Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold, 5 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780545222747     ISBN-10: 0545222745
Hooray For Fly Guy! by Tedd Arnold, 4 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780545007245     ISBN-10: 0545007240
The Confusion  - The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 2 by Neal Stephenson, 6 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780060523862     ISBN-10: 0060523867
The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, 3 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780007182817     ISBN-10: 0007182813
Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster by Dana Thomas, 1 wisher
ISBN-13: 9780143113706     ISBN-10: 0143113704
Exodus by Julie Bertagna, 3 wishers (ex-library book)
ISBN-13: 9780802798268     ISBN-10: 0802798268
Freddy's Final Quest (Book 5 in the Golden Hamster Saga) by Dietlof Reiche, 1 wisher
ISBN-13: 9780439874144     ISBN-10: 0439874149
The Hellboy Companion - Hellboy Graphic Novels by Stephen Weiner, Jason Hall, Victoria Blake and Mike Mignola, 5 wishers
ISBN-13: 9781593076559     ISBN-10: 159307655X
If you're reading this, it's too late by Pseudonymous Bosch, 8 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780316113687     ISBN-10: 0316113689
Pocket Guide to Knots & Splices by Des Pawson, 5 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780785814467     ISBN-10: 0785814469
The Ultimate Babysitter's Handbook - So You Wanna Make Tons of Money? by Debra Mostow Zakarin, 3 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780843179361     ISBN-10: 0843179368
Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 7 wishers
ISBN-13: 9780440491798     ISBN-10: 0440491797
Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It by Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, 1 wisher
ISBN-13: 9781591842033     ISBN-10: 1591842034
Wizardology The Book of the Secrets of Merlin by Dugald Steer, 1 wisher
ISBN-13: 9780763628956     ISBN-10: 0763628956

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Please order 3 or more and may combine with my bookshelf. Wishlist the books you want and have AR on, then pm me with your request.

Thank you


Bloody Valentine (Blue Bloods) by Melissa De La Cruz  HB (125 wl) ISBN 9781423134497

Hourglass (Evernight Bk 3) By Cladia Gray HB (53wl) ISBN 9780061284410


Coming Undone by Lauren Dane (wl 94) ISBN 9780425232705 

The Eternal Rose (One Rose, Bk 3) by Gail Dayton (10wl) ISBN 9780809571659

Lunewulf: In Her Nature by Lorie O'Clare (27wl) ISBN 1419951742


Great Place High School by Naduki Koujima (4wl) ISBN 1569707472

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Here is my list orders of two or more unless stated as a group I want to mail together. Can be combined with my shelf. Send me a PM please. I also have 3 cats, no dogs, and a smoke free house. 


Brisingr (Inheritance, Bk 3)

Author: Christopher Paolini
ISBN-13: 9780375826726 - ISBN-10: 0375826726

112 wishers


Fallen Angel

Heather Terrell

ISBN-13: 9780061965708
ISBN-10: 0061965707

20 wishers


By The Time You Read This I'll Be Dead
Author: Julie Anne Peters

ISBN-13: 9781423130215
ISBN-10: 1423130219

14 Wishers

DIY Design Deck Cards

ISBN-13: 9780811859448

ISBN-10: 0811859444

4 wishers

Whatcha Mean, What's a Zine?

Author: Esther Pearl Watson 


4 wishers


Like to mail these together (also have the 1st book on my shelf):

Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives, Vol 2
Author: Ellen Schreiber
ISBN-13: 9780061340826 - ISBN-10: 0061340820

10 wishers

Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives, Vol 3
Author: Ellen Schreiber
ISBN-13: 9780061340833 - ISBN-10: 0061340839

17 wishers

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